Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bobbing for apples or something like that...

I feel like I keep sticking my head in a big bucket of water bobbing for apples. Why because I luv feeling as if I am underwater trying to reach the impossible apple in my mouth.
You know the deal, you get close to one and then it bobs around in the water and moves at just the right moment and well you missed it. Or perhaps you got just a small chunk - you know the chunk that makes you feel like 'maybe' just maybe you are really gonna get one.

Work is good and bad. Since the lady has left there has been a total atmosphere change, like a toxic has left the building, but the WORK, omg the WORK. It seems to never stop.
So I did my first payroll and out of 145 checks I had 1 mistake. Hello, please let me take a moment to pat myself on the back. Job well done. Well that moment was short lived.
Because just as soon as that happy horse shit is done, I am back at only this time to enter payroll hell for the next cycle. These folks here get all sorts of crazy crackhead crap on their check.
Check the FLSA cycle and anyone who worked over 212 hours get half time . Don't be fooled folks that is not time n' half like a normal person would thing. NO it some other formula of nonsense. Ohh and they can get the hours even if they don't work because they are allowed to do trade time - yeah, you trade with me and I owe you one but I get the log the hours as hours worked.
Did I mention this payroll also needs to include their uniform reimbursement - duh. Because why not just add one more monkey item to the list of things to remember on this cycle.
Holy Hell if I survive this I deserve a damn vacation.
A REAL vacation. And since hubby STILL is not working he is totally up my butt.
"you work too much, your never home, your kids miss u" OMG. Totally dude - get back to work!!! I luv you but you are totally driving me nuts. Nuts! And if I do get some down time, god forbid IF I don't want to spend it with my hubby or kids. Ohhh the shame!
Well, folks sometimes they suck the life out of me too.....sometimes I like the girl time, without any drama or strings.
There is no balance at the moment, but then again I have a job and we are able to pay our bills.
That my friends is the silver lining of this story. So many of our friends don't have jobs, cannot find jobs. I ready to grab that damn apple with my hands and shove it in my mouth - I don't like the whole bobbing game. Plus it ruins my make-up-ha!
This may seem random, which is fine - I am a bit all over the place these days. If only I could clone myself to be two places at once - that would be helpful. gotta run Work to do!


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