Monday, September 9, 2013

Eyebrows, and more

So even thought I think about writing everyday, I stray far away from it all and then wonder what in the hell was I doing NOT putting it down.
Like I lost the memories and the moments. GRRR.
Its my own damn doing but Grrr none the less.

So here is the funny for the weekend. The midget who is now 7 was in the bathroom, WAY too long. And yes, even now when she is quite, you had better beware - she is up to no good. Whether it be cutting her hair, putting on make-up, spraying some gawd awful perfurm and now plucking her eyebrows. Yes folks, this 7 yr old child, decided to pluck her eyebrows. Now she looks like she has the mange on her face. She has for the most part pretty thick eyebrows, she is dark haired, brown eyed girl that takes after her father - so the eyebrows are unruly.
And now, they are spotty.
If she wasnt so darn funny, I swear I would kill her. She was already so upset when she finally realized what she had accomplished so I did not laugh out loud (which was a feat!) and I did not punish her; walking around with those eyebrows is gonna be punishment enough.
The right one she plucked the far tip on top and on bottom so the part which is next to her eye is thick and good. The left one did not fair so well, she plucked this one in the thick part and make it mostly bare.
First off, what child PLUCKS? For the record, I wax! I barely pluck. And this child, so damn determined, sat down, bathroom door closed, I am assuming she sat in the sink. She has seen me do it a thousand times before. So im sure she plooped her little butt in the sink, got in the white cabinet, which I am sure was speaking to her saying ' look in the cabinet and see what things are in here.' So rather than grabbing the scissors she went for the pretty pink tweezers and went to town. One or two plucks and my eyes are watering and I am OUT. Hell not this determined child, she did both eyes! Determination and sass will apparently get you just about anywhere.
So today for 2nd grade I sat her down and tried to pencile in her eyebrows. haha!
And with it being 101 degrees today, I am sure her face melted off on the playground.
So dear midget, I am glad no one made fun of you today, and tonight as we said prayers and you prayed that your eyebrows grow back, I pray the same and that next time you look in the cabinet you just grab the floss!

This past weekend Ry the 12 yr old had his first football game. Its like I have gumby and the midget in my house. He continues to grow at a rate that suprises even me. He is all arms, leggs and feet. He has that soft glow about him that makes you smile and feel warm, where as his sister has this smile that will light up a room and her presence will make you want to be in her space because you just know what ever she decides to do, it will be BIG. Ry on the other hand will suprise you with his shyness and then turn fierce. To this day the fact that he plays football amazes me, the fact that he plays well takes my breath away. This past weekend he made a touchdown and I screamed and clapped like crazy person I can be. I watched him play offsense and defense and never get taken off the field, not once. He encouraged kids, patted their backs, helped them up and encouraged them when a play did not go right. He is by far a better person than I was at that age and even now at 38, he makes me want to be kind with a splash of grace. I watch him and I cry, you know those silent tears and let just one or two slip away.
As he enters the 7th grade I pray things don't jade him, I pray he keeps his kindness and grace. He will trip and fall and he will make mistakes. Hell there are times when he is sassy as hell and as he attempts to deal with 12 yr old hormoans, school, girls, and parents that are seperated. I know he will fail here and there. But I am amazed that so far for the last 12 years, we have made it basically unharmed. Hopefully not too scarred. He still smiles, still kisses me, still walks up to me in the kitchen and huggs me and tells me he loves me. I am soaking it up with a straw and praying as things change in his little life he has enough of a foundation to keep his wisdom and grace. Hell he is gonne need it to try to goat rope his sister! I pray they are the best of friends. YOu know that kind that its okay if thy don't like each other, its okay if they want to talk bad about each other - but NO one else better because they turn fierce in defending each other. A trait that is a common thread in every aspect of their life.

As we enter in to the latter part of 2013 I am still trying to remain positive. Trying do personal growth and have faith that it is all going to come together. Damit I am tired of being alone. I've tried that damn and it made my skin crawl. I am not sure anymore how to meet anyone. I am also not sure that my work environment leads its self to making it easy for guys to approach me and get the first hello. Hell, some guy called me the other day at work, wrong number. He said ' hey, you sound cute..whats your name." I just hung up. When did it get this hard to meet people? I guess because like me - for 11 years, they are married with kids. Anyway, am staying prayed up, reading each and every night and wishing like hell that I would keep committed to this blog.
So for right here, right now we are good. We are blessed, we are healthy and we are smiling...and when we look at the midget we smile a bit bigger.


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