Friday, May 30, 2008

Freakn' Friday - TGIF!!

Okay, so I am moving a bit slow today. NOT super slow, but slow none the less.

I left the bar last night around mid-night and got home by 12:20 (not bad). I laughed so hard last night that my face still hurts today. My tummy hurts and I don't know if it is from the drinks or the laughing (perhaps a bit of both).

Last night was good for my was a great time, up until the band started. My extended family was less than impressed with the band.....they should have stayed a bit longer, the second set was much better. Either that or the drinks started setting in -ha!

I would explain the evening and the topics of conversation, but they were a bit rated R or more like triple XXX. Bottom line, keep it lean and clean down-stairs ladies - and as we found out last night, there are some of us that STILL think o'natural is OKAY. um, not so much.

Enough said.


Did I mention that I was not even home 15 minutes and Pyper woke up?? I crawl in bed, tell Lance I had a rockn' time and then I hear 'Hey, mama...hey...mama.'

I shuffle out of bed, stroke her hair, kiss her cheek - and she is back asleep (for about an hour).


My weekend is not too full. Tonight Lance and Rylan will track down to the ball-game, while Pyper and I veg out. We will hang out with out a lot of stress or activities. Hopefully, we don't fight either (but I am not holding my breath).

Tomorrow morning I am getting up bright and early to go to a subdivision sale. I LUV to yard sale, so I cannot wait.

Speaking of sales, I went to a church sale during lunch and bought a lady bug sand box for Pyper. She will love it.

But other than that, we don't have ANY weekend plans. That makes me HAPPY.


Below is a photo from an email sent to me by my Aunt Di - with a caption 'this is why men aren't allowed to take messages'. I hope you have a great weekend as well.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dirty Thursday??? House of Rock - anyone?

It is not very often I get a FREE night, but tonight is FREE.
What does this mean, exactly?
Well, I am planning on going out after work - happy hour. Then going out after that....
That means not going home until - um, bar closing time (perhaps?).

Why, you may ask....even if not, I will tell you.
Tonight the local PD is going to be bus-boys at Tuckers Steak House in West Co., for the Special Olympics. I always attend this event - hence the happy-hour.
Well, it just happens to ALSO be Dirty Thursday at the house of Rock (S. County). This means that Joe Dirt and the Dirty Boys Band will be playing. Although they are not my favorite, they have proven to be a good time. What will make this time even better?? FAMILY.
My sister, my mother, my two aunts a few friends and we have a PARTY. It seems like they have all made arrangements to attend Dirty Thursday as well.

So, Lance decided that it would be best if I didn't come home between work and planned activities. *Don't tell him, but I didn't plan on it anyway.
But he decided that it would just put Pyper in a funk if I showed up for an hour, to get ready and then left. So, in an effort to help his night go smooth, he asked that I just not come home - until I was ready. What a novel idea!
I loaded my car full of stuff this morning - 5 changes of clothes, make-up, shoes - who knows what I will feel like wearing; and since I cannot go home - I must be prepared.
I am looking forward to tonight. Lance asked 'will you be home by midnight?' My answer 'I don't know. Prob not, if we are having a good time, then I will stay until the end and suffer tomorrow.'
*mind you he has baseball tickets for tomorrow, so he has a 'free' night tomorrow.
My sister in law called me last night, and I have yet to return her call. Pyper had a MAJOR melt-down last night. A two hour melt down - because I would not give her a sippy cup. I am making her drink out of a regular cup (a kid cup). A cup with out a nipple or a top. She threw a FIT. Therefore I did not take or make any phone calls for fear that child services would be called due to the screaming the back-round. She threw the cup, dumped the water all over the floor, followed me around and hit me, had time out more times than I can count. And after two hours she sat down and drank out of a cup. She drank out of a cup this morning. FIT over, and we are moving on. But damn, that girl is stubborn. There is not enough booze or ear-plugs in my house.
Follow-up to a few questions:
Which movies did I watch over the weekend?
Juno (cute) ; Charlie Wilson's War (not bad); Charlotte's Web; a scary move I forgot the name of. Plus I watched my TiVo versions of Grey, and my DVD collection of Sex In the City.

Have I called the Sleep Specialist for Pyper?
Yes and No.
Yes, I called and I left a message.
Have I followed up, no. I keep thinking I can manage this situation as well. Her big girl bed is helping - she is sleeping longer and more comfortable. But she got up twice last night. My downfall, is that I get up to comfort her and I end up falling asleep right next to her. UGH.
If anyone cares to joins us the evening at House of Rock and/or Tuckers we would love to see you!
I must admit I am a bit freaked out about have a FREE night. It is weird, but I am going to take full advantage of it!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monday again?

So, Pyper was sick the ENTIRE holiday weekend. I rented 4 movies on Friday and watched all 4 of them (one I actually watched twice). Yesterday, around 3pm she began to actually feel like a 'real' person. We missed out on a graduation party, the river, and a BBQ - because she was sick. Lance and Rylan went to represent the family - who knows what stories will be told?
Saturday night, I ended up keeping my sisters kids - they came over around 6pm. We ate, went for a short walk, then settled in to watch Charlotte's Web. Pyper was happy to see the kids. It was around 8pm, the little ones were in bed, it was just me, Paige (8) and Payton (6) up watching TV. Paige looks at me and states, 'Why do they call it the Boston Tea Party, a tea party? Didn't they throw all of the tea over the boat? ' I smiled and not prepared to answer a witty 8 yr old I threw this answer out 'Yeah, they threw the tea over-board. It must have been a boy version of a tea know, boys don't know how to hold real tea parties.' She smiled and seems satisfied with the answer. Whew.
We are back at work this morning and cringing at the fact that I am going to need gas. Has anyone seen the price of GAS. Holly, HELL!!! What are people really going to do if it reaches $5.00 or $7.00 a gallon?
Lance stated this morning that his truck was making a 'funny' sound. That is code for something going wrong, and money coming out of our account at a rate of speed that we cannot keep up with. I mentioned to him that our washer was ALSO making a funny sound, you know the one (cha-ching, cha-ching$$$). He has not had a full week of work in 4 weeks. If something doesn't change in the near future, he will have to re-think his move to this latest company.
I know it is Tuesday, but it feels like MONDAY and that sucks.
That is all that I have.
Okay, I lied - one final thing. We took down Pyper's crib, no more baby stuff in our house. I had to take a moment as I removed the Winnie the Pooh bumper set. She is now in a big girl bed, and seems to like it just fine. She is sleeping better, not great, but better. It is too early to tell, about the transition, due to the fact that she has been sick. We have left the baby stage behind and are moving forward, it is strange. When we were going thru it, it seemed like it would take FOREVER to get her out of her crib. And now that she is out, I wonder where did the time go.......
Her smile is back, along with her attitude.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sick child..

I had high hopes of getting things done today....needless to say, I had to cancel everything.

Pyper is really sick today, and I am afraid IF I cannot get her to keep anything down by early evening then I will pack her up and take her to urgent care - just to make sure she is not dehydrated. I kept her with me yesterday, she had a mild fever and a loose stool. I didn't figure any of the other parents at the child care would appreciate any of their kids being around a kid that 'might' be sick. So early yesterday, Rylan had an Ortho appt, so I packed up the two kids and headed down by the Galleria (which is a MESS). Pyper semi-puked before we even hit 270. So I pulled over at the gas-station and changed her clothes, and we moved on.
The next 4 hours she seemed okay. I took her to work with me, we went to the pool area, which is to open this week. I met with the managers, trained them on the credit card machine, and walked around the park with Pyper.
We made our way back to my office where I fed her lunch and settled in for a conference call. Pyper fell asleep in my lap while I held two conference calls and completed two reports. I keep a blanket, pillow and crafts at my work - just in case. The pillow and cover came in handy yesterday. Her fever subsided early evening yesterday, and she kept dinner down. I figured we were on the up-hill swing. I figured wrong. This morning she looked fine, no fever and was ready to get dressed and go. So we did.

*I got ready for a FULL day of meetings, conference calls etc. My day was jameed packed of what I figured to be important work stuff.

I got a call at 10am - you know the one that makes your heart drop. As soon as I saw the caller ID, I knew.

So I packed up what I could, canceled what I could, rescheduled what I could and left the rest to deal with later. Pyper had puked 3 times at the sitters and had two messy diapers - between 7:30 and 10am. I was there by 10:30 and since we have been home (2 +hours) she has thrown up everything she has tried to eat / drink. Her eyes are sinking into her sockets, and her color is not great. She is asleep right now, as I continue to monitor her. She has a bug that is kicking her butt and making me feel bad for even trying to send her today. I know it was a boarder line call this morning, but I really thought she was on the up hill swing.

Nothing will make you feel more helpless than not being able to make your child feel better.
She is clingy, so I let her be. She has puked me, the couch and 4 covers thus far - but my patience will not wear thin - it is just part of the process today.

It is not a day to care about wearing suite or what shoes to wear, it is a day to be a mom in a t-shirt and boxers with a soothing voice, open arms, and a warm chest to lie against. She will fall asleep to the sound of my heart beat, and I will spend my time caressing her face taking in the fact that she still fits in my lap. For tomorrow she will be 13 sick in her bed, not wanting me to be around. But today, I get to be a source of comfort and a mom.

Everything else will have to wait....tomorrow is another day. Pyper won't remember if I closed a deal, finished an important project or won an award. She will remember if I held her when she was sick, showed up at her games, helped her shop for prom and was around. I maybe a working mom, and I struggle with that from time to time - but I am a mom, and my kids come first.
I pray she feels better soon, today I miss her smile the most.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Country for sure...

Here are some shots from this weekend in the country...

All dressed up and no place to go, but the court house.

Rylan getting ready to race in the sack race.
The Tractor Parade, and a local kid.

My mother. Yes, MY REAL mom. When I tell you she is crazy, you should believe me!!

Here are the girls.......getting ready at my mom's to go to the courthouse. My mother has been gathering outfits from local yard sales etc. The girls Luv'd getting dressed up.

* During my walk this afternoon with Pyper we see a woman in her yard with her dog. Pyper in her little two year old voice yells 'Hi!! Hi Dog.'
The lady looks up and smiles, and waves. Pyper waves back and says 'Hi cow.'
I walked a little faster.....and will no longer go that route.

Weekend update...

Whew, I am GLAD this weekend is over.
It is a bit of a blurr...I have a TON of photos to share later (I have to find the damn camera cable to go into the computer).
Anyway, we packed up and went to the country to attend the Ozark Mountain Music Festival and watch the tractor parade. Yes, it was a parade of tractors (if you can believe that).
On top of it all my sister came down with her kids and all of the kids (girls mainly) got gussied up in old time clothes. They wore big dresses, gloves, hats - the whole nine yards. I PROMISE to post photos soon.
They had a good time, walking around looking at booths...which included the deer head booth, the cowboy hat booth, the root-beer stand (sold in a wine bottle), the John Deer booth, and of course all the crafts and quilts your little heart could desire.
It was a wonderful weekend to spread out some blankets on the court house lawn, and watch the kids play. We ate from the local booths, and my only grip is that they were lacking the funnel cake...grrr.
The sunshine and family were good for my soul. Did I mention that my mother also got dressed up - I know photo's to come soon. I on the other hand settled for my tank top, jeans (not wranglers ) and flip-flops.
My sister brought down a girl friend of hers who I caught asking ' people REALLY do have court-house festivals and tractor parades?' My sister laughed - 'yeah. and this is the only parade that you won't find 50 horses bringing up the end of the parade.'
My son continued to receive stares, as he walked around in his flame shirt and his mo-hawk. But he 'spanked' the pants off all the kids during the sack races, so he was glowing with small time pride. He raced three times and beat them all by a long shot. Then he spent the rest of the afternoon driving his grandpa's lawn-mower around. Yeap - Hoosier!
Last night we were at dinner and Rylan asked ' mom, what kind of foods do you NOT like?'
Me -' Onions, Tomatoes, and green olives.
Rylan 'What kind of foods do you like, what is your favorite food - steak?'
Me 'No, I eat alot of steak, because that is what your dad makes. But I would prefer chicken or fish. What about you, what is your favorite food?'
Rylan without hesitation ' Paper!'.
Me, I almost fall over ' WHAT, did you just say Paper?'
Rylan 'Yeah, paper then steak.'
I look horrified at Lance ' Paper, when do you eat paper?'
Rylan 'Well, I have never actually eaten it, but it looks good.'
I laugh out loud. Then inform him ' don't eat paper or glue - it is bad for your stomach.'
Paper - this kids never ceases to amaze me.
Lance and I got into a MAJOR fight over the weekend. I am sleeping in the guest room until he bucks up and apologizes. We stayed with his father over the weekend, and I am totally frustrated with the lack of responsibility Lance and his family are taking. His father needs HELP, with his house, his yard, his medicine etc. Plus, Lance's brother irks the living CRAP out of me. I cannot keep it in any we had a blow up, at grandpa's house (for which I feel bad). I mowed grandpa's lawn this weekend, it took me 2 hours ; then I did 6 loads of laundry, changed all 4 beds, swept floors, mopped floors and cleaned windows. Not that I mind, but Lance's brother lives next door - why is he not helping? Grandpa is 77 almost 78 years old, get him a house cleaner and a lawn boy. I don't mind helping him, I love him - but for godssake, he has 6 kids who need to make some decisions.
I would never let my dad or mom live like that, and I cannot believe that they are.... he had eggs in fridge since March, and sour cream with mold, and cheese with mold and mouse dropping in his bread box. He cannot see them, so he eats it. He was even trying to do his own medication when we arrived. STOP the MADNESS.
So prior to the fight with lance my weekend went well.
We are expected to go back down this weekend to attend a graduation ceremony. I told Lance this morning that I was not going IF we did not get things straightened out, and if things did not change for Grandpa. He nodded. (I don't think he nodded in agreement, I think he was just recognizing that I was speaking to him).
We will see. One thing that is very clear about me, there really is no gray area - I am a wide open book, and I am a stubborn BITCH when I need to be. I am not going to meet half way on this one.
Enjoy ...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Random Thursday...

Getting ready to head out the door. The kids are ready to go!

'Me and Pyper this morning! SMILE. Photo by Rylan, who loves the camera

************************************************************************************* FLASH......this is Pyper before leaving in the morning. She WAS dressed - and when I turn my back, she is unclothed. Nudist in the making...

Yellow is BRIGHT....
My husband has had the last 3 days off work, and he decided to paint. He choose YELLOW and here are the results.

It was a nice bathroom blue, very soothing. He is very proud of himself, so I am going to tolerate it. Now, when I get up to get a show, I wear sunglasses. ;O)


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Work News...

Okay so this may not really interest Anyone, other than myself.
But i got this email today.....

Dear Susan:
Michelle DePew, Director of Finance for the City of XXXXXXX, Missouri has been selected as the recipient of the 2008 AGFI Scholarship as provided through the Missouri State Chapter of GFOA.
It is my understanding that Michelle has already applied and has been accepted to attend this year's AGFI.
Please send the AGFI registration invoice to my attention and I will forward it to our MGFOA treasurer for payment.
I am sending to you via regular mail a copy of Michelle's scholarship application and award letter.

Okay, so this means I am a DORK -but I am an excited dork.
First, I had to apply for a national spot to even attend this event - I was accepted last month. That in itself was big news. I had to compete with private and public people. NATIONAL!

Then I found out that our state organization funds a scholarship (so I can go for FREE), and I was awarded the scholarship for this week long training program. They called to tell me that I was selected today. They had 25 applicants......YEAH.
I find it hard to believe that they actually choose me - the picking must have been slim or i was a really good with providing a line or two of b.s. Either way I am going.

*Downfall - it is for one full week and in Madison; but major plus - it is FREE, and great for

Duh, mom

Duh, mom is still ringing in my ears from this morning.
That was the moment I realized that I am turning into a 'mother' and just not COOL, and I SO don't get it.
He is 7, and he is telling me - duh, mom. With this total look of discontent on his face, I giggle at how grown-up he seems, then it dawns on me I am so NOT cool. That is a big blow to my early 30 ego.

Here is what prompted this one...

There we, are it is 7:15am I am in the drivers seat, the kids are in the back buckled to go to the sitters. I run thru the list of necessary items.

Kids buckled - check!
Coffee in travel mug - check!
Purse / phone - Check!
Kids - (just to be sure) - Check!
Book bag with folder - check!
Folder for school has been signed by parent- check!
Sweaters, and umbrellas - check.
Whew, we are good to go....... then I hear 'NO! No! '

Lance is home today, and the kids MUST tell him good-bye once again. I honk the horn (this is code for get your butt out in the garage). He pokes his head out the door - I feverishly wave him to Rylan's side of the car. Lance slowly makes his way (dear god, get a move on).
Rylan rolls down his window and they kiss and hug (once again!!). Pyper starts whining, she wants one too (of course). I eyeball Lance, with the crazy stare that says move it!

*He makes his way to the other side of the car, as he is passing behind the trailbazer I have a brief moment where I feel like putting it in reverse and running him over. It was a fleeting thought, but COME ON!! Unlike you, this morning, I am on a time schedule.

I start to back out. I begin making light conversation with Rylan.
Me - "Hey, buddy how is your new chapter book?'
Rylan -'Good'.
Me 'What Chapter are you on?'
Rylan - Chapter 6, and I have only had it for two days.'
Me -'How many chapters does the book have?'
Rylan - now he is annoyed with me ' One! You know mom, it is one book, so it has one big story with places to stop and put my book-mark.'
Me - I look back at him clearly confused - 'so, tell me again how many chapters does it have?'
Rylan - 'one, with a lot of little ones too. Duh, mom'
Me - I still look confused.
Rylan - his hands are waving around, as if to show an imaginary book. 'Don't you get it? One book, one story, one chapter with a lot of little chapters too.'
Me - 'oh.' I said flatly.
Rylan -' Don't you read books? Don't you know?'
Me - 'yes, I read books, and I think I get it now.'
Rylan 'well, it sure took you a long time.'

Yes, my learning curve is steep this morning.

Side-barr * the root-canal went fine. The shots were the worst, the drilling, scrapping had me trembling. But, no worse for the wear. I went home afterwards and took a long nap, a few aspirin and I am good to go. Note to self - after the dentist don't try to drink any water. My mouth would not close and I drooled water all down my shirt. Lance laughed.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Okay, so I have to go get a root-canal today. I am TERRIFIED!! Luckily, Lance does not have any work today, so he is off. Therefore I have instructed him that he will drive me. He will go back and hold my hand - not joking. I would ask my dad, if I though he would make the drive.

The lady in the office said, it should be no big deal - 'you can even go back to work, afterwards'. IS she crazy? I have never had a root-canal. I have had plenty of dental work, pulled teeth, wisdom teeth, 4 yrs of braces etc. I have terrible childhood memories, and wish they would just knock me out.

The scraping, the drilling makes my skin crawl. Makes my head spin. Lance thinks it is funny that I get so wound up. I have made my sick most of the morning with the anticipation.

And by the way - office staff - it does not help when you share your 'horror' stories with me. It is not comforting. Please, shut your PIE HOLE.

It is sort of like talking to a woman about to give birth, and telling her how 'terrible' your labor was. NOT HELPFUL. Then you follow up with the b.s. line of 'well, you know everyone is different, yours might be okay.' Thanks for the insight jack-off.

Clearly, I am wound-up. Tight as drum. I don't even know why I came to the office, I am not getting anything done. *Oh. that's right, I came to put 4 hours in today, so I don't have to a full day of sick time. Office JERKS.

I have visions of that movie 'little shop of Horror's' - remember the dentist (Steve Martin). ugh!!! You can click on the title FEAR and see the video. Good times at the dentist.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Word to my mutha....on her day

Mom holding Pyper at the hospital.

At the pumpkin patch - my mother in the back in the green shirt! My sister is also in the photo.

Well in lieu of Mothers Day, I decided to dedicate this post to my mother...imagine that.
First, let me start of saying, to those of you who have lost your mother - I extend my deepest sympathy. (Jen, you continue to be in our thoughts and prayers).
My mother is alot of things alot of the times, but mostly she is emotionally complicated (aka - crackhead!). I love her to pieces, and at the same time she drives me completely NUTS, I mean bonkers. She taught me my love for Pasty Cline, Elvis, family tradition, friends and how to notice the small things. When I was a child, I thought she was the prettiest woman I had ever seen, and even today, she can get gussied up with the best of them. I hope my features hold up as well as her's have.

As a child we would travel to up-state New York to visit her grandparents, my great-grandparents. They came over on the boat, arrived at Ellis Island and made their way up state. They set up a barber shop and became part of the mafia. My mother spent most of her summers with her grandparents and keeps a soft spot in her heart for them. They instilled old values, tradition and the value of love. My great-grandfather was full Italian, and my great-grandmother was full Irish. Back in those days and Italian man did not marry an Irish woman - it was just not heard of, the were sworn enemies. But my great-grandfather loved my great-grandmother with a level of passion that could not wavered. My point is that my mother is part Irish / Italian - which would explain her compassion, fierce believes, blind love and stubbornness.
My mother was an eccentric mother by small town standards, over protective, outspoken and loving. She grew up out East and had for the most part a privileged catholic childhood. She meet my dad when she was in her teens. He was the bad boy, and she was the catholic school girl with a defiant streak. My parents had my brother when my mom was 17, my father joined the Marines - without telling my mother.
My father was 19 and shipped off to CA for boot camp, my mother pregnant followed him. When she was 7 mths pregnant living off base, making her way into her apt a man followed her into her apt and brutally raped her. This explains alot about her, and the way she raised her children. Her overprotective standard was fueled by several events. We are lucky my mother and brother survived. In high-school my sister and I had a stalker - this event haunted my mother / father for several months. My mother and her fierce love for her children, and knowing how 'bad' people can be was willing to put a bullet in this man. My father beat the crap out of him, and my mother cheered him all the way. She will be damned if anyone will hurt her children or grandchildren. She will walk thru the fiery dooms of hell to protect you.
I know that is really pretty deep, but explains alot about my mother and why even though I am a grow adult, she still feels the need to protect us, coddle us and even at times suffocate us.

Example: last weekend we were walking down at the loop, I was window shopping falling behind the family pack. My mother came behind me, pushed me along and said -'I stay in the back, to make sure everyone is still here.' This struck me as funny ' what do you think I do when you are not around. I walk alone.'
Or when we were in Blueberry hill, and someone has to go to the bathroom. She refuses to let anyone go alone. I mean grown women cannot go alone. I ask her 'what are you going to do -wipe for me?' She finds my tone aggravating, for she really does mean well. But dear god, it is not as if she can really protect anyone. But it makes her feel better.
Did I mention that my mother was a crack head? Here is why. Last weekend, she made it very clear to my sister and I that she did not want to see us for at least two weeks. She was BUSY, stressed and seemed overwhelmed. Fine by us...we would just mail a card and be done with it.
We should have known it could not be that easy. She called yesterday, half in tears...'Michelle, I have decided that I want to get the 'kids' (all 6 of them) for the weekend.'
I laugh out loud -'are you okay? Are you having a break-down? Didn't you JUST tell me that you didn't want to see us?' I am laughing out loud.
My mom ' yes, that was a few days ago. But I have gotten alot of work done, and I really miss the kids. I want them, and I wanted to run it by you first to see what you thought?'
Me 'I think, you are a crackhead! I don't really care, but only if you are up to it. I don't need anyone to take my kids'.
Mom ' No, I WANT them. I need them in my house, playing out side and close to me.'
Me ' okay, let me know what Misty says - and we will work it out. BUT are you sure you don't just want to take some YOU time.'
Mom 'no. I really want to see the kids, my heart needs it.'
*Oh, this I understand. Her body and soul is fueled by her sense of family, the kids and being surrounded by those that she loves. The kids make her smile, provide her with undivided attention, love and support.

So, even with all of her crackhead qualities, she is still the most dedicated, lovely person I know. I am probably her most difficult child, we are the most alike. I am stubborn, outspoken, blunt, loving and fierce when I need to be. I have no shame in admitting failure, losing everything I have because I know that at all times I can go home. She has created a family structure that is strong (fractured at times), dysfunctional, loving, and loyal.
She is not always the best, not always sane, not always logical - but she is always trying, always loving, and always willing to be there. Thank you mom, for a wonderful childhood, never dull family and for never wavering when times got tough. I love you more than words can describe, and thank god that you are in my life. There are times when you drive me crazy, but I know that you always mean well, and are trying your best.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Feeling the pinch...

I am stressed - as usual.
It seems to be a state-of-mind for me. But today here is why - where is the relief?
I don't know about the rest of you but DAMN prices everywhere are out of control.
Milk, break, milk products, meat, chicken, gas etc.

I am about to lose my mind. We shop, and we shop cheap, I buy off brands (for most things) and use coupons. How did a bag of chicken get up to 8.00 a bag - it is not even 'real' chicken (I think it says rib-meat). We go thru 4 to 5 gallons of milk a week at approx. $4.00 a pop. The diapers, the babysitter, the gas - we are finding it more and more difficult to make ends meet. This does not include any extra activities.
Plus, my husband works construction and the summer is his slow time - which translates into less money, because he will not work full weeks. If, he works at all. Normally, we have a good 3 weeks during the summer with out a paycheck. Normally, I have enough foresight to plan for this - but this year, I have had to dip into that safeguard just to make ends meet.

Plus, the unexpected expense(s) or the birthdays - all of this crap is taking a toll on us.
For example last week one of those guys that drives around the neighborhood with a cooler of meat in the back of his truck was parked at my house. I am walking down the hill w/ my kids, just getting back from out daily walk and I see Lance hanging on the tailgate speaking with this guy. I begin to shake my head, before Lance can even get a word out I spit 'NO, the answer is No - whatever it is.' Lance looks at me and states, 'but Michelle, it is buy one get one free'.
*you see my husband is a sales man's dream - FREE makes him go crazy and sign on the dotted line. He was sold before the guy threw in the other box o'meat, but now he is GONE.
He follows me into the house, to get the checkbook explain that the guy wants $400.00. I about fall over. Hey IDIOT, we just spent $400.00 on your son at the Orthodontist (unexpected).
He continues, but Michelle we won't have to buy meat for the rest of the year. It is really worth it. UGH. Since you put it that way - fine. I give in so in one fail swoop there goes and unexpected $800.00 - dear god, I could choke.

I don't do ANY of the cooking - he does it all. I am not a domestic goddess, so in this area I have to value his opinion. But still feel the pinch. I see him write the check, I want to puke - and I go inside to transfer money from the savings to the checking to cover this. The transfer makes me cringe. It seems like I am make the transfer from savings to checking on a more frequent basis, and that PISSES me off.
We have planted a small garden, mainly for Rylan - but I am beginning wonder if we shouldn't really plant a few things to actually grow and eat? I have even thought about buying a chicken for eggs - it was a fleeting thought, but there none the less. We go through a carton of eggs a week - Pyper loves her eggs and milk. How could we not feed them to her - they are great for her.
We don't drink soda, or alot of junk. Soda is prob cheaper, along with a lot of other junk. But I cannot bring myself to skimp on the 'good' stuff. So I have decided to give up my Starbucks as a way to help save money - one Starbucks is basically one gallon of gas. And I need gas to get back to work more than I need my snobby coffee. I bring my lunch most days, but now unless it is a business lunch, I am not going out. I will go for a walk instead.
We will travel less to the country - due to the fact that it will cost us a full tank of gas just to get there and back. Around $100.00 just to show up. UGH.
IT is not that we cannot do this, but I just don't see how the inflation can REALLY be so high? The gas guys are still making a healthy profit - every quarter. They are not suffering - so why are the Americans taking the punch at the pump. The gas guys are not filing for bankruptcy, they are sitting back and getting FAT off of us having to use the product. They are not even taking any kind of a loss, that seems really upside down to me, and it makes me MAD.

I am not a single mom, I make decent money and we will be fine. But I grew up with a mom who was single for a number of years, and there were days when things were not fine. What are those people who make minimum wage doing, what about the single moms / dads with infants and kids. How can the possibly be okay by my math they cannot. I fear we are headed for disaster as a nation, and it seems senseless to me. Perhaps ethanol is not the answer - but there has to be one out there. I remember when we as a nation switched from Leaded gas to Unleaded - there has to be some compromise, so why is not on the table.

In the mean time we will make whatever changes are necessary - travel less, less entertaining, and attempt to keep the high level of insurance that we carry. We may need to trade in Lance's truck and my trailblazer - fine by me; I am not defined by what I drive or what I live in.
But once again - it seems un-necessary when the top dogs are not feeling the pinch. They are ROLLING IN THE dough.

Okay, I am done - enough of my soap box.
*I guess I just want to know - if you are feeling the pinch?
*If so, what if any changes are you making?
Perhaps I will cancel our land-line phone as well - we all have cell phone. Why have both?
Looking for savings anyway I can find them.
*Let me know what you are doing????

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Witty.....handsome are you out there?

So my son keeps asking for an animal....we have had a dog and a cat (years ago).

When my son was born we had a cat - Samson. He was awsome! Him and Rylan connected from the start. When Rylan would come home from surgery, Samson would lay at his feet, keeping close eye on him at all times. When Rylan learned to crawl, he would make his way to Samsons bowl and par-take in the cat food. Samson shared, and even let Rylan feed him - no problem. When we moved from our apt to our home 5 years ago, Samson wanted to be outside, and two weeks later he never came home. I have been heartbroken ever sense, so I won't go get another cat.

When Rylan was almost three I demanded a dog. I told Lance, either you pick one out - and go get it; or I will show up one day with one. Lance, knowing me oohh to well - knew I was not joking. He was afraid of what I might actually bring home, therefore he got off his butt and found Henry in the local paper. Him and Rylan took a day and drove to BFE to look at Henry, and brought him home to us when he was 6 weeks old. Henry was an old English Bulldog. He fit in just fine - he was lazy, snored and tore up my furntiure. We bought a bigger car, so we could fit Henry in the back seat with Rylan. He was part of our family. Here he is all dressed up for Halloween.

Anyway, bottom line over christmas we lost Henry. He was at my mom's farm, and ran onto HWY 21 and was hit by a car. We were devestated. Lance has been brokenhearted ever since, therefore we have not replaced Henry.

Rylan (7 yrs old), keeps drawing photo's at school of a house, family members and all of his drawings include Samson and Henry. He keeps asking for a pet, he wants SOMETHING.

I asked 'what about fish?'
Rylan 'naw'.
Me 'what about crabs?'
Rylan 'naw, how about a hamster or a gunie pig. We can name it Handsome, a combination of Samson and Henry.'

I had to smile - how witty. I am on the prowl for a Handsome....I don't know what it is just yet, but I need to get something as a pet. And he shall be deemed Handsome.

Monday, May 5, 2008

It's Monday..

He didn't like the casserole
And he didn't like my cake.
He said my biscuits were too hard...
Not like his mother used to make.
I didn't perk the coffee right
He didn't like the stew,
I didn't mend his socks
The way his mother used to do.
I pondered for an answer
I was looking for a clue.
Then I turned around and smacked the shit out of him...
Like his mother used to do.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Random Friday...

Rylan, yesterday getting ready for first he is rockn' out - to the voices in his head (no music was playing). Second, he is checking his folder to make sure his papers have been signed off on by mom and/or dad. Luckily, we do our job and we do homework every night for approx an hour, and we sign off that we read a book, did math and practiced spelling words.

A side view of Pyper's belly. I couldn't help myself. Last night, as usual the kid took her clothes off and she was standing beside the fridge, playing hide-n-seek with her dad. You could not see her face from the side of the fridge, but her belly stuck out past the side. It makes me giggle, it is soft, round and full - just the way we like'em. Nice and Happy.

Here she is trying to give me a kiss, before leaving for the babysitters. This is one of our better mornings. Hugs-n-Snugs.


This Saturday I am going to accompany my mother, aunt, sister and niece (12 yrs old) to the My Chemical Romance concert at the Pageant. That should be interesting......they are driving up from down past Farmington. I am sure they are in for a bit of a culture shock, but it should be fun none the less. I am not a major fan of the group....awww, the things you do for the kids (even if they are not your own).

*Maybe I will get another tattoo while down in the loop. We all got our tattoos while in the loop over 10 yrs ago - me, my sister, my mother and my aunt. We all have a tattoo on our big toe - it sounds corny, but they are rather cute.


Nieces & Nephews and Kids...