Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monday again?

So, Pyper was sick the ENTIRE holiday weekend. I rented 4 movies on Friday and watched all 4 of them (one I actually watched twice). Yesterday, around 3pm she began to actually feel like a 'real' person. We missed out on a graduation party, the river, and a BBQ - because she was sick. Lance and Rylan went to represent the family - who knows what stories will be told?
Saturday night, I ended up keeping my sisters kids - they came over around 6pm. We ate, went for a short walk, then settled in to watch Charlotte's Web. Pyper was happy to see the kids. It was around 8pm, the little ones were in bed, it was just me, Paige (8) and Payton (6) up watching TV. Paige looks at me and states, 'Why do they call it the Boston Tea Party, a tea party? Didn't they throw all of the tea over the boat? ' I smiled and not prepared to answer a witty 8 yr old I threw this answer out 'Yeah, they threw the tea over-board. It must have been a boy version of a tea party...you know, boys don't know how to hold real tea parties.' She smiled and seems satisfied with the answer. Whew.
We are back at work this morning and cringing at the fact that I am going to need gas. Has anyone seen the price of GAS. Holly, HELL!!! What are people really going to do if it reaches $5.00 or $7.00 a gallon?
Lance stated this morning that his truck was making a 'funny' sound. That is code for something going wrong, and money coming out of our account at a rate of speed that we cannot keep up with. I mentioned to him that our washer was ALSO making a funny sound, you know the one (cha-ching, cha-ching$$$). He has not had a full week of work in 4 weeks. If something doesn't change in the near future, he will have to re-think his move to this latest company.
I know it is Tuesday, but it feels like MONDAY and that sucks.
That is all that I have.
Okay, I lied - one final thing. We took down Pyper's crib, no more baby stuff in our house. I had to take a moment as I removed the Winnie the Pooh bumper set. She is now in a big girl bed, and seems to like it just fine. She is sleeping better, not great, but better. It is too early to tell, about the transition, due to the fact that she has been sick. We have left the baby stage behind and are moving forward, it is strange. When we were going thru it, it seemed like it would take FOREVER to get her out of her crib. And now that she is out, I wonder where did the time go.......
Her smile is back, along with her attitude.


A Buns Life said...

I'm sorry your weekend was a bummer too! I hope Pyper is officially better!

Olivia started doing much better when she got her big bed. She is in a full size bed and it seemed to make a huge difference getting her out of her crib/daybed/toddlerbed set up. did you call the sleep expert?

Farrell said...

I'm glad she's feeling better.

What movies did you watch?


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