Thursday, February 7, 2008


Here is the headline in my house - Happily Married Man, found with a swimsuit mag. crammed down his throat. :)

For the last 3 years I have had swimsuit issues. Year 1, I was pregnant, Year 2 - just had a baby, Year 3 - this is year 3 and still carrying and extra 10lbs.
Don't get me wrong I had swimsuit issues prior to having kids, but my issues have gotten worse with each passing year. This year has been no different.
I ordered 3 suits and they arrived in the mail. I tried them on last week and allowed Lance to voice his opinion. Mind you, all 3 suits are now are their way back to the respective vendors. We are back at square one.
So last night, while Pyper is in the bathtub, I continue my search for the 'perfect' suit. I am flipping thru the pages, torn over whether or not to attempt a 2 piece. Whatever suit is chosen must contain padding - these boobs are sad these days. So sad that Lance has asked me 3 times now if I want a boob job. The answer is no. I don't mind my sad boobs, but I am beginning to wonder if he does. My mother & my sister both have new boobs. It is just not my 'thing', and after having to care for my sister after her boob job - you can count me out.

So I show Lance a few suits in the magazine and ask his opinion. This is his response
'I don't know Michelle - you know you don't look like those models. '
I look at him sideways. He continues - 'You know you use to look like that, and you could if you wanted too.'
*Gasp. *Gasp
um. Well clearly I have chosen wine, chips and chocolate over looking like THAT.
Guess what I am not giving up......


A Buns Life said...

Yeah. They just don't get it. They try.....I am down to ~105 which sounds great, but I'm still flabby. My husband the other day said, as he grabbed my side then poked my belly, Wow, there's nothing there! If you did some sit-ups and stuff you could have a 6-pack! I've had two children and lost weight. I'm never going to have a 6-pack unless it's me drinking it.

Lisa said...

I bet I can guess what Lance just gave up when he said that stuff. Poor Lance, no more hot, wild, monkey sex for YOU!

Farrell said...

Those kind of comments make me really, REALLY angry. Esp. because I lived with a man who said shit like that to me ALL THE TIME.

Marriage-101 said...

Oh my! Yeah, I'm with Lisa. No love for you!

Jeannette E. Spaghetti said...

Glad to know I'm not alone!


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