Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Princess and a Dress.

Okay so I bought this pretty green dress for Pyper - she turns 2 in about a week. To say she hated the dress is putting lightly, the moment I put the dress on her, she began to cry. I tried to bribe her with fruit snacks, a lolly pop, candy - ANYTHING. Just wear the damn dress.

During the far right photo, she got her thumb stuck in the bow of the dress. This sent her into a FIT. Long story short, I took alot of photo's of her crying in the dress - you would think it was on fire burning her butt the way she acted. We took the dress off burned it in the front yard and decided to finger paint as a reward (distraction), for just putting the damn thing on. *I am trying to imagine what she would have done if I had pulled out the tights.

So here she is 5 minutes later 1/2 naked and finger painting. Notice how HAPPY she is. She can find her fit emotion in a second, and turn it on in no time flat. *Damn, she's good at being a drama queen. I should probably take notes.

After finger-painting her butt went in the bath (sink). And as you can tell every PRINCESS must have a crown (compliments of my mother). And of course they need to wear it in the bath. That way her servant (mother) knows who is the boss.

Her brother also has a March Birthday.....here he is sitting quietly in his room...while his sister was crying. He found her shenanigans funny.

*Note to self: Even if the dress is cute and on sale at the re-sale shop; find the strength to let it stay in the shop for someone else to buy. Someone who might actually wear it and enjoy it. Spend your money on something that you will actually get use out of, like a tank of gas or ear plugs.

She actually found the dress hanging on the door knob and placed it in the trash. Thank god she is cute and makes me laugh, that seems to be her only saving grace these days.

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