Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lighter note:

Okay, so even I cannot stand to read my damn depressing do I sound.

Today I am taking a new approach....if you read this I hope you smile.
My grandma, who sends me alot of email sent these to me - it made me smile and provided a light note to my day.

*I will be an ugly wretch tomorrow.
PS - if you have kids and like the Cardinals they have a kids club.
Over the weekend Rylan and I went to the Hockey Kids Club game, and he had a blast. Plus he got a ton of stuff from the club (a blues duffel bag, a blues hat, a squirt bottle, an art set) etc.
I suspect the Cardinals to a great job with their kids club as well. It does cost $20.00 per kid - so don't be shocked.

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