Friday, February 29, 2008

Call your doctor.

I have been swamped at work, I know I keep saying that but it is beyond true.

Trying to get adequate health insurance for employees is HARD, and very difficult. The process has sent my office into overdrive. Not to mention I think 'broker's are heartless, liers and scam artist. (am I bitter, yeah - just a little bit).

Here is a glimpse into my day- it started at 5am with Pyper in my bed, trying to find a strand of my hair so she could play (torture me) with it. She tried to find the side of my neck, which was nuzzled by my arm and her little finger made it's way into my ever so pleasant arm-pit. She dug her little finger around in my arm pit, for oh - 3 seconds and proclaimed - 'ICK'.

I shouted back at her, ' you think that is bad, you should feel my legs. Now get away from me'.

We got out of bed and i made my way to the shower; where I located a razor ;)

I was schedule to see my OB today - it has been two years, I thought it might be time. Alias, I started and had to cancel. However, I still needed to speak with her about my semi-depression. So I phoned her office, explained my situation and asked if she still wanted me to come in - so we could talk. She called me over the phone and had a list of questions for me......I have been thru this drill before, and NO I do not want to harm myself or anyone else. Actually, it is worse than that - I just want to go away. She feels I could be depressed and sleep deprived. Very perceptive doc! Thanks, now please call Walgreen's and help a gal out.

Rylan woke up with morning with his eye matted shut. UGH. I was torn between something weird and pink eye. I sent him to school anyway, and called the nurse to 'warn' her. She called me back and let me know that it was irrigated, and looked strange, but she too didn't KNOW if it was pink eye. Hence, he stayed all day. We will see how things look tonight.

Speaking of tonight, I will be keeping my sisters 4 kids - while she goes out. I love to have all of the kids together. So no big deal. A total of 6 kids tonight, and we have decided to feed them spaghetti.

So last night I go to the store, in preparation of 6 kids to feed I pick up the necessities...milk, donuts, beer, Bailey's, sausage, eggs, noodles, sauce, popcorn etc. I go into the store with just my ATM card, and my keys. I am shopping in my sweats and flip-flops, it is 10 pm at night and it is the store what else do people wear?

I go to check out and the lady says' May I see your ID'. I laugh out loud and say 'are you kidding me?' Any other time I would be flattered, but tonight I just wanted to get home - with my Bailey's. I look at her and state ' look at my eyes, see the wrinkles, wanna see my thighs and butt- they have stretch marks from my kids, wanna see the gray hair too, it is from my husband. Please don't make me go out to my car to have to come back in here just to check out. I am WAY over 21.' She seems taken aback and just asked me to state my b-day.

*Clearly something is wrong with me when I am not even happy to be carded, please bring me my meds - at least for a little bit.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Princess and a Dress.

Okay so I bought this pretty green dress for Pyper - she turns 2 in about a week. To say she hated the dress is putting lightly, the moment I put the dress on her, she began to cry. I tried to bribe her with fruit snacks, a lolly pop, candy - ANYTHING. Just wear the damn dress.

During the far right photo, she got her thumb stuck in the bow of the dress. This sent her into a FIT. Long story short, I took alot of photo's of her crying in the dress - you would think it was on fire burning her butt the way she acted. We took the dress off burned it in the front yard and decided to finger paint as a reward (distraction), for just putting the damn thing on. *I am trying to imagine what she would have done if I had pulled out the tights.

So here she is 5 minutes later 1/2 naked and finger painting. Notice how HAPPY she is. She can find her fit emotion in a second, and turn it on in no time flat. *Damn, she's good at being a drama queen. I should probably take notes.

After finger-painting her butt went in the bath (sink). And as you can tell every PRINCESS must have a crown (compliments of my mother). And of course they need to wear it in the bath. That way her servant (mother) knows who is the boss.

Her brother also has a March he is sitting quietly in his room...while his sister was crying. He found her shenanigans funny.

*Note to self: Even if the dress is cute and on sale at the re-sale shop; find the strength to let it stay in the shop for someone else to buy. Someone who might actually wear it and enjoy it. Spend your money on something that you will actually get use out of, like a tank of gas or ear plugs.

She actually found the dress hanging on the door knob and placed it in the trash. Thank god she is cute and makes me laugh, that seems to be her only saving grace these days.

Jumping hurdles....

Dear god, if you can hear me please send me a vacation - a drink and a cabana boy.
I am trying REALLY hard crawl back in bed and pull the covers over my head.

Hurdle 1 and counting:
Around 4pm yesterday I get a phone call from Lance, which is not unusual. He usually calls to say he is on his way to pick up the kids and start dinner. Only this phone call was not typical, it started out with ' Michelle, I think I am broke down on the side of the road.'
Me - you think? What the hell does that mean, either you or you are not.

Lance 'Let me check things out and I will call you back, by the way I am at the Page extension. '
*(mind you we live by Fenton and it is 4pm, I work at 141 and Manchester - not Page extension). I sit by my phone trying not to take work phone calls for fear I will miss Lance's update. *sidebarr - prior to his call I was 'dealing' with the broker from work, about to lose my mind.

Lance calls back, I think I need a tow truck, the belt is off and I don't know what else is going on.
I start racking my brain, I tell him to sit tight and I will call him back with a number of a tow truck. Since I work for a city, that has a public works garage, I call them first.
For real, what the hell do I know about tow trucks - call someone who knows.

Hurdle #2 along with a headache.

They gave the number of a company, I call them only to find out that Page is out side of their AREA. Tow trucks have an AREA? ugh! I call the Dobbs by our house, hear the money leaving my bank account........Dobbs give me the number of another tow truck. I call Lance back AGAIN, and get him to call the tow truck.

In the mean time, I have words with the broker from work, pack up my stuff and head out to the Page extension at 4:10pm. Can we say RUSH Hour!

Hurdle #3 - kids
On the way to pick up Lance I call the baby sitter, we normally pick our kids up by 4pm- clearly, that will not be happening today. I am so lucky she is understanding and the kids can stay warm and safe while I drive around like a idiot.

Idiot man move #415,056, 503, 560, - but how is counting?

It must be noted the the several times I spoke with Lance I could hear people in the back round. Apparently a few people stopped to offer him help, which he declined. Several workers from his company stopped etc. Why would he decline? Why not hitch a ride to my work? That would be too easy, and we like to do things the hard way.

Hurdle #4 -Mr. Fix it (NOT).
I pick him up by 4:30, and mentally note that 270 is jammed packed. Lance calls to inform me that the tow truck will come, but it will be a few hours later. So he will just leave his truck on the side of the road and get a status check in the morning. He 'thinks his belt broke and his timing may be off. Okay, whatever (I think to myself), its not like you can fix it.

He says, 'perhaps I should have them tow the truck to our house.' I interject 'dear god NO. Tell me what happens when it arrives at 10pm and you cannot fix it. Then we will have to have a second guy tow the damn thing to a place that can really fix it. So lets cut out the middle guy (you) and just have it taken to Dobbs.' He half heartily agrees.

Weekend project #100 -gone wrong:

I remind him that our stove still does not work, so we may need to stop and pick up dinner.

We finally get off 270 and are headed to get our kids. We get home and scamper around like crazy people. Shower and baths, order dinner, attempt to do homework.

Hurdle #5 -the fat lip & video games

We are all in the kitchen when Pyper tripped on Lance's work boots and busted her bottom lip. Dear god! The screaming, the crying... Her lip bleeds, her heart is broken, and now she won't eat. Not that I blame her. I don't get to eat dinner because I am tending to a broken heart and a fat lip. Rylan gets up from dinner and request to play video games. I tell him no. It is too late. His 7 year old butt starts stomping and glaring at me. I tell him he has lost his video game privileges for tomorrow. Then he begins to cry. OMG. I get the mommy I am so sorry, please, please. I don't give in. We have a rule in our house, you can be mad, but you cannot be ugly!

And that was ugly. So now I have two kids crying, and I am starving. Did I mention PMS is creeping up on me. Everyone in my house should just run for cover.

Hurdle # 6 - If I cannot eat (no one should eat).
I am pushed over the edge to find Lance sitting at the table eating dinner. We have words. So now I have everyone in my house either crying or mad. Good times.

Hurdle #7 - alarm clock
Lance for the most part sleeps on the couch. He decides to make his way to bed at 3am. By this time Pyper is in my bed ( a whole different story). Lance starts messing with his alarm clock at 3am. (What the hell is wrong with people?) . Lance messes with his clock to the point that now he cannot turn the radio off. I tell him to turn the TV on, so he has a light and he can get the damn thing to go off. He turns the TV on, but the damn thing still will not shut off.

I grab it and throw it across the room. Hasty, I know - but it was 3am.

He gets up angry turns the light on to re-set his clock. Pyper wakes up disoriented and starts crying. (check mate). He sits quietly on the edge of the bed resetting the clock. Pyper is awake asking for milk. I tell her the milk is gone. She is hysterical at this point. She flips and flops until 4:15am. We are all up by 5:45am. I am cranky, bitchy and sleeply.

Hurdle #8 - whose damn keys are these?? (not mine)
Lance leaves at 6am, a co-w0rker picks him up. I get a phone call at 7am to inform me that he left his work keys at home. And he would like me to run to his work site today - past the Page Extension. Yes, of course dear - naw, those words never came out of my mouth. I a few choice 4 letter words and 1/2 a tank of gas later.

I have an appointment on Friday to see my doctor to discuss my stress, attitude and how to better cope. I have an idea - drinks and a cabna boy. My legs are tired from jumping the hurdles, and it is only 9:30. Who knows what the rest of the day will bring.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The kids table....

So we go out Saturday night, and prior to going out I am getting ready, trying on this backless shirt. Lance is excited, it thinks it is 'sexy', however my poor boobs look terrible in it. So I pull out these adhesive bras that you can buy at Target/Walmart etc. I put these things on that look like a band-aid on striods, Lance decides he likes the shirt better without anything underneth it. Me 'Of course you do, but I will not be comfortable'.

Lance ' well, those BIG band-aids look funny'.

As we are walking to the car, I sprint back in to my room and put on a normal shirt. I don't want to have boob drama all night long, so I opt for a v-neck shirt and a bra. And it is a good thing I did .

We arrive at the Steak House around 6:30, I didn't eat all day, because I was going to chow at dinner. We don't have a reservation, so we wait until a table has two available seats.

A BIG group walks in, a group with three couples and all of their kids, these kids range from 7 to 17. The couples get one big table and the kids sit at another table, and of course the kids table has two extra seats. The hostess tells us our table is ready, we round the corner and see our two seats are at the kids table. I laugh out loud...I tell Lance ' it feels like Christmas and there are not enough chairs at the adult table so we have to sit with the kids'.

He smiles, he doesn't mind. Don't get me wrong, it is not as if I 'really' mind....but if I had wanted to be surrounded by kids, I would have brought my own.

Secondly, I am thanking god that i changed my shirt, all I needed was to be sitting at the kid table either bra-less or with band-aids. ha!

Our big date night ended with us at home by 10pm.

I have decided that Lance and I go out differently...........I like to go to places, playing music with dancing. Lance prefers to sit and drink at a local hang out or at a place with video games. I had hoped we would do something else after dinner, but no such luck.

Therefore my urge to go out has not been tempered....I 'think' I may go out this week with my sister. I need to let off some steam, nothing a little booty shakn' won't cure.

Update on the stove.......

Lance spend all of yesterday working on switching out the stoves. He ran the gas line, cut more holes in my dry wall and the floor. We got prepared to move the new stove in, only to find out that the electrical outlet is not compatable. Dear god!! He assures me that he can switch that over, it is just a minor hurdle and as he reads his 'code' book, he assures me our home will still meet code. I have to find this funny, otherwise I would kill him.

So we will see if he can complete the project tonight, but for now we have two stoves and we cannot use either one of them.

Friday, February 22, 2008

What's in his pants???

Would you play this game?? Perhaps if I won....ha!

Note: I would be leery of watching this at work. There is no profanity, no nudity, but my work may consider it borderline.

Here is another laugh...
2008 IRS pencil sharpener...

So this weekend we are having 'date' night on Saturday night. My sister is keeping our kids and we are going to Tokyo Steak House - has anyone ever been?
I plan to unwind, and spend some quality time with hubby. Keeping my fingers crossed the weather allows us to make it to my sisters.
Keep safe.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Last night I asked Rylan to get in the shower....

I hear the water running and running and running. Seeping out from under the doorway is this cloud of white, as you get closer it sticks to the back of your throat.

I bang of the door ' Hey, what are you doing?'

Rylan ' aw nothing' You can hear him scramble from behind the door.

I roll my eyes thinking who knows what in the hell he is doing. I ask once again, now in my mom voice 'what are you doing?'

Rylan ' the door and look.'

I try the door it is locked (we have a rule around my house NO locked doors), I bang on the door and shout ' it is LOCKED.' I can hear him scramble to get to the door (mind you my bathroom is not that big). He swings the door open and proclaims 'Ta-da'

He must have seen the suprise on my face as I spat out ' what?' The bathroom is covered with babypowder, along with every part of his body. It is a mess.

He interjects ' I am a ghost'. All you can see are the whites and the green in his eyes.

Me ' of course you are.' I smile, half giggle and just close the door behind me.

I shout thru the closed door ' get in the shower already'.

Now we are out of baby poweder, but he did make a darn good ghost.
Thank god for the tender hearts of kids and the times when they make me smile even when I don't want to....

*Please be careful today, it is slicker than snot out there.
I made it to work, but I am leaving by noon ( If I last that long).

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lighter note:

Okay, so even I cannot stand to read my damn depressing do I sound.

Today I am taking a new approach....if you read this I hope you smile.
My grandma, who sends me alot of email sent these to me - it made me smile and provided a light note to my day.

*I will be an ugly wretch tomorrow.
PS - if you have kids and like the Cardinals they have a kids club.
Over the weekend Rylan and I went to the Hockey Kids Club game, and he had a blast. Plus he got a ton of stuff from the club (a blues duffel bag, a blues hat, a squirt bottle, an art set) etc.
I suspect the Cardinals to a great job with their kids club as well. It does cost $20.00 per kid - so don't be shocked.

Friday, February 15, 2008

In a FUNK....

I have been swamped at work dealing with urgent issues; therefore everything else in my life has suffered. This includes but is not limited to my thoughts, family, desk and emotions.

I know enough about myself to know when I am not good, and right now I am not in a good place. I am short tempered, stressed and testy - basically I suck.

I should wear a disclaimer across my forehead - speak at your own risk, cannot be held accountable for the words that fly out of my mouth. I am sorry, before I even begin.

On the flip side I ask that those close to me should give me a damn break.

HELLO - I am testy and give me a damn break!

Since I have recognized that I have an issue, I am also setting up an appt to speak with my doctor. I know I am off kilter....

Perhaps if we slowed down it might is a brief history of our weekend.

Work all day Friday - get home at 4:30 to pack up kids and head to the country (2hrs away). Arrive in the country with two cranky kids at 7:30pm. We are staying with Grandpa who is less tolerant of kids the passing of his dear wife Nancy. The kids and I are in bed by 10pm. I get up to pee at 3:15 and notice Lance is still up with this brother. They have entered 'drunk' talk. I inform him to get his butt to bed.
Saturday, I go see my mom (also in the country), get my taxes done, go to the bank and grab some lunch. We pack up around 1pm and head back home on Saturday (less than 24 hrs later). Because we have Monster truck tickets for Sat night. We are not taking the testy 2 yr old; she is going to my sisters. So we arrive home by 2:30(ish), to sh*t, shower and shave. We pack up at 4:30 and head to drop Pyper off; on our way we get a call that Misty's house has the flu. So we backtrack to drop off me & Pyper, because now I am staying home while the boys take in the event. The boys make it home by midnight.
Sunday, we go to church (which was like pulling teeth), go to lunch and by 3:10 Rylan and I are out the door to go to a hockey game. We go to the hockey a bunch of junk, watch a fight or two and head home.
Monday, we have a play date at Bounce U. Lance has work, I am off due to Presidents day and I am glutton for punishment. We spend over an hour at Bounce U....bouncing, climbing and sliding. I was in and out of every obstacle there at least 20 times. Pyper and Rylan LOVED it...afterwards we went to a friend’s house for lunch and then trucked on home. Once home we made Jell-O and a cake. Lance got home and asked 'where's dinner?' I responded ' I am not an overachiever - just cake'. Last night I was up listening to Lance cough, Pyper cry and pee thru her diaper and Rylan get up at 4am to pee and FINALLY we were all up at 5:30 this morning.
KILL me now.
Did I mention I have a meeting tonight - yeap. I am working all day, and then I go home for two hours. Bath my kids, do homework, have dinner and then come back to work. Only to be here bright and early tomorrow..........
To say that I am stressed is a bit of a stretch.
Did I mention Pyper turns 2 in two weeks, then Rylan turns 7 two weeks after that then, Lance has a b-day two weeks after that. Oh yeah, in between all of that I have an Audit at work and I am in the process of negotiating health insurance for the city staff.
Keep the good times rolling...........

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Weekend projects - half arse?

The weekend was rather productive.....I say rather because in true Lance form he started another project he cannot finish.
His two steps forward - he did help me move the rooms. Rylan is upstairs in his 'own' room. He is very excited to have his bed, dresser, desk and stuff in his own space. A space where he can close the door and do 7 yr old boy stuff. (scratch his butt, fart, burp, draw cars etc.)
Then we had to move the desk down stairs into the man lair. Now this room contains the desk, computer, a mini-fridge, a recliner a big screen TV, PS2, and a couch. It smells like feet and beer. Hence the man room.
We moved on to the guest bed, where we set up the bed, made the bed, only to have it covered with the clothes that needed to be put away. The clothes cannot be put away until we move the closets. It is Tuesday and the closets are still not organized. But the rooms are set up and more organized.
Lance's 5 steps BACK - while I packed up the kids and headed to church, Lance stayed home and found his destructive side. I walk in from church (which is only an hour), and find a piece of a wall on my kitchen table. The piece has markings (measurements) on it. I walk down stairs and Lance has decided to 'try' to run a gas line from the downstairs to the upstairs so he can install a gas stove.
*side barr - I bought Lance a gas stove at a yard sale this summer. A subdivision was bought out and the homeowners were selling everything. Lance always wanted a gas stove. I bought the stove after asking Lance if we had a gas line. He assured me that we did. He picked up the stove brought it in to the house only to discover 'viola' we don't have a gas line to the stove (only the dryer). Since summer he has been driving around with the stove in the back of his truck. Why, you may ask? It is a reminder of what a dumb-arse he is - ha!
So we have had this other stove for over 6 mths and NOW he decides that he is going to install it.
Back to Sunday......I go downstairs and find him surrounded by his saw a measuring tape and a beer. OMG. I ask him what is going on? He responds that he is going to install the gas line and hook up the stove. Two words that send me into a fright. Gas line and install. Lance works with wires, not gas. I tell him to call the gas company and have them do this install. He assures me that he CAN do this. He needs 6 ft of new line.
me - omg!
Then he will need to place a new value in the line blah, blah, blah. I have visions of us blowing up or inhaling gas and not being able to get out of our home. He assures me I am over-reacting.
So we stand there and talk long enough to decide we are both hungry and this project cannot be completed that afternoon. So once again two steps forward and five steps back. The rooms were moved, but now I have big hole in my laundry room. I can assure this hole will be here for the next 6 months, before he gets the urge to look at it again. He is classic for staring projects and never finishing them. This is why I don't have trim (we put down new floors), and I don't have thresholds (we put down new floors). We got the floors down but did not bother to finish the project.
Saturday I went to pick up movies, because it was cold on Sunday and I knew we would be huddled up inside. I picked up 3:10 to Yuma, thinking Lance and I could have movie night. I don't like westerns, but he does. After dinner we are watching the kid’s movie, and I ask Lance what does 3:10 to Yuma mean? What is this about? Before Lance can respond, my ever so smart 7 yr old - "310 is three 100's - duh mom. And 310 is just that 310.'
Lance and I glance at each other; half giggle and thank him for his insight. Duh!
Our movie night consisted of me listening to Lance snore while I watched a western. After the movie was over I informed him that I am no longer doing movie night with him...because he sucks. His response ' I saw the whole thing'. classic.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Flag at half staff..

In honor of Kirkwood, the city I work for has placed their flag at half staff.
This shooting hits really close to home. I was glued to the TV last night, and I have been fielding phone calls from family and loved ones.
I do not work for Kirkwood, I work for a city in West County. But the paramaters are the same. Every month I have to attend two nightly meetings, it is an open meeting with very few security safe-guards. This very easily could have been our city hall.
Given my position I work very closely with each department that helps support the a city - public works, park & recreation, police, administrative etc. I know alot of officers and their spouses. I go to happy hour with officers from surrounding cities, we have become friends. I know their wifes and children. I am heart wrenched over what happened last thoughts and prayers go out to the community, the staff, and the loved ones affected by the chain of events.
Our City is currently in a state of transition, we are in the middle of a new development. This development has an underground swelling of opposition. There have been outcries for it to stop. There has also been supports, who realize that a change is needed. Cars in the parking lot have been keyed, meetings have become heated, and tempers have flaired. For the most part our meetings are pretty tame, but from the looks of last night - it just takes one angry person.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Here is the headline in my house - Happily Married Man, found with a swimsuit mag. crammed down his throat. :)

For the last 3 years I have had swimsuit issues. Year 1, I was pregnant, Year 2 - just had a baby, Year 3 - this is year 3 and still carrying and extra 10lbs.
Don't get me wrong I had swimsuit issues prior to having kids, but my issues have gotten worse with each passing year. This year has been no different.
I ordered 3 suits and they arrived in the mail. I tried them on last week and allowed Lance to voice his opinion. Mind you, all 3 suits are now are their way back to the respective vendors. We are back at square one.
So last night, while Pyper is in the bathtub, I continue my search for the 'perfect' suit. I am flipping thru the pages, torn over whether or not to attempt a 2 piece. Whatever suit is chosen must contain padding - these boobs are sad these days. So sad that Lance has asked me 3 times now if I want a boob job. The answer is no. I don't mind my sad boobs, but I am beginning to wonder if he does. My mother & my sister both have new boobs. It is just not my 'thing', and after having to care for my sister after her boob job - you can count me out.

So I show Lance a few suits in the magazine and ask his opinion. This is his response
'I don't know Michelle - you know you don't look like those models. '
I look at him sideways. He continues - 'You know you use to look like that, and you could if you wanted too.'
*Gasp. *Gasp
um. Well clearly I have chosen wine, chips and chocolate over looking like THAT.
Guess what I am not giving up......

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Note to self & others:

Good Morning self -

Nice to see you made it to work. Even though your head is pounding a slight fever seems to be creeping up, and you are feeling groggy. Someone's sickness is taking over your body.

Your choices are really limited, since you don't venture out much these days. Work, Starbucks or home.
  • Everyone at home, seems to be feeling fine. We would like to keep it that way.
  • Work, well they are dropping like flies. 15% of the work-force is out sick. There is not enough Lysol in the world to stop this place from being infested.
  • Starbucks, um- you did touch the counter. But think, think - did you touch your face, eyes or mouth after that? You could be the culprit.

Dear Husband, if you don't find a better way to communicate with me I am going to cut your tongue out. Teasing me and making fun of the way I do things is not considered a productive conversation.

Dear Rylan - if you keep whining over Webkins I will throw them all away, and delete your account. And 'no' your webkin won't die if you don't get the opportunity to log back on and put him (Kevin the lion) to bed. Homework comes first. I know you are mad, you can be angry; but you are not allowed to be UGLY.

Dear Pyper - Thank you for sleeping better. You woke up once last night. I stuck to my guns, and did not pamper you. You screamed and cried for about 2 minutes then you sounded so sad. I lay in bed hearing you call for me ' Momma, plse, momma' With each 'momma' that escaped your lips your voice got smaller and smaller, until alais you were back asleep. It broke my heart to hear you ask for me, while I lay in bed less than 3 feet away. But the results are undisputed. My running to your side everytime you woke up, just encouraged your actions. Plus we have a new friend at our house, Mr. Time out Chair. He is working wonders with your sassy 2 yr old attitude.

Dear Work - I have fat fingers and some of my numbers have been transposed. I will pay better attention. I promise. Hey boss man- leave me alone, you may lose this one.

Dear Miss Red Wine - thank you for arriving at my house last night in full force. I welcome your presence anytime. You see that smile that crosses my face around 7:30pm everynight, it is induced by your presence :) Next time you show up, can you bring our good friend Chocolate, I miss him too.

Dear Mr. Household - we are coming after you this weekend. Lance has his orders, he is not very happy about them. We are changing rooms, getting organized and going to tackle you arse. I refuse to keep fighting the disorganized mess.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


*My grandmother send me this cartoon above. Enjoy!!

I was at the polls at 7:30 am voting. I am disappointed to report that the polls were less than busy. I walked right in and right out......I was not late to work, I did not get to chit-chat with other voters. Where is everybody?

Hello out there- we are allowed the opportunity to encourage CHANGE.
It is time for a CHANGE.
Democrate, Republican - I don't care.

Where are you?
Let your voice be heard.
I took Rylan with me to vote today. The process was painless, and in Jeff Co, it was a fill in the little circle process. Sort of like taking a test, only this one easy. No wrong answer.
People in other countries struggle to get the chance to make a change. I stood next to my car, after voting, and thanked god I got the chance to be a part of the process.

I thanked god that I get the chance to stand next to my car, as a women without having to cover up my face & body.
Smell the air, do you smell that - that is CHANGE! Go be a part of the process, go be a part of history.
Here is a poll from USA today, if you want to know which canidate is fighing for your personal opnions. Thanks to a buns life for putting up the link yesterday. Get informed and get your arse out to the polls.
BTW - your employeer MUST allow you time to go vote.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday at the office - enjoy. Watch the whole video

One eye open?

I am dragging today. Apparently I got dressed and it was either
a) dark
b) I was blind
c) I just didn't give a damn.
It is actually all three, which would explain why I am wearing mostly black my shoes are navy. go me. Secondly, it would explain why my black plants needed to be ironed, but are NOT, and they have several spots of fuzz. Apparently, somone (me) thru these particular pants in the wash with a towel or two.
*So if you see me walking down the street or the hall-way, save your pointing and laughing until I 'round the corner. Feel free to snicker, because the reality is I would laugh at you.
My lack of attention today is a clear indication of my weekend.

Friday was a snow day, well sort of. My children went to our care-giver and I drove my butt to work. My children had a blast playing in the snow, and for that I am grateful. Normally, we all play in the snow together. Technically, Lance plays in the snow, I watch thru the window switching out hats/gloves and offering up hot-coco.

Friday evening we packed up and headed to the country. Lance's brother was keeping our kids so we could par-take in the Mardi Gras event. We were at the party by 10am on Saturday. Our kids were safe in the country, and we were prepared to wade thru the streets of Soulard.

We bought our first drink at 10am - Idiot, that is what my body is saying to me today. IDIOT.
Okay, so I started drinking at 10am, I did pace my self, but I too old to party like a rock-star. Two important things, I do NOT flash ( they are not pretty, two kids later), I do not puke nor drink so much that I lose control. I am control a freak, therefore starting to drink at 10am was a bit shocking to my system. Even with out having to show the girls I caught a ton on beads. Why? Because I have the arms of a softball player and put my skills to good use ;)
Besides, if the mid-20's girl next to me was willing to give it up, in theory she could not continue to raise her shirt and catch the beads at the same time.
So being the good natured person that I am, I shared my loot with her. By the end of the day I am sure she looked like this

Luckily, we have friends in Soulard -so we had all of the warm makings of home. Early on Friday, Lance dropped off his Gumbo and a cooler of treats for us.

It was nice to have a place to go- get out of the cold, put our feet up and people watch. I am a people person, and I am amazed at how 'retarted' people start to act. Amazed and amused.
The people in the apartment were well beyond their 20's, so the apartment did not have alot of drama. Which was nice. But I was a bit shocked when one lady passed out on the bed and then two hours later her friend laid down next to her and puked on her. GROSS! Now that is true friendship....'hey, how about we share a drink and in a few hours I will puke on you.' ick.
Lance and I rented a room downtown, which was a good idea. We made our way to the room by 7:30, mainly because the tempture was beginning to drop. Another indication of me being old.

We made our way to the hotel bar ate and called it a night. Our big night ended by 9:30pm. We paced ourselves, and were up by 7am on Sunday.
We treked back down to the country (2hrs away), picked up our kids and made our way back to the city. The day after I always wonder if ALL of the driving was really worth it?

Our friends had a super-bowl party last night, so we made it home by 2pm only to be back out the door by 4pm. Lance rooted for the Giants and Rylan for the Patriots. Rylan was upset by the loss, but his emotions were tempered by the fact that it was a good game.
I can actually say it was a good game, because I watched most of it.

Step-back, I will say it again - I watched most of it. Who knew?
I wasn't the most enjoyable game, but the game was close enough to keep the viewers engaged. So I ate and watched football. We made it home by 9:30 and the kids were in bed by 10pm. this is past their bed time. This morning, everyone was dragging and my house looks like a tornado ran thru it. The house will have to wait until later this week. I am not an over-achiever, I know my limits. I should sleep first then clean.
Note to self: I should probably lay my clothes out for tomorrow, just to ensure I don't look like I do today.
Cheers to Mardi Gras and Superbowl.
Our next big weekend will be Monstertrucks on the 16th and the Blues game on the 17th. We should spend this coming weekend tending to our home.

Signing out Batman.


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