Friday, August 29, 2008

Thought of the day....

Thought for the day
Handle every situation like a dog .

If you can't Eat it or Screw it.
Piss on it and Walk Away.


I have a long list of blogs in my favorites, I look at them everyday....okay, sometimes twice a day. Because there are days when I really need a distraction.
Then while reading a blog, I glance over at 'their' blog roll - I figure these people must be reading some pretty witty stuff as well. Before I know it I am overwhelmed with trying to keep up with every one's lives or stories. It can be very overwhelming. And at the same time, very creepy. I feel as if I am peeping tom - peering in to a small window of these peoples lives. It is weird, I feel close to them without even knowing them. I feel bonded to them just by their words. I find that very weird, but addictive non-the-less.

Then there is the whole process of writing your own blog. Well, for some it is a process. Apparently, people blog for an audience. I did not get that memo during blogger 101. Oh, that's right, I did not take blogger 101. I started this blog, for me...just little ol'me, and my hair-brain stories, neortice non-sense, and dysfunction but loving family. I am sure you have notice, that my post are pretty much all over the place, a lot like how I talk and think. I do not think about what to post, if there is a flow, if my punctuation is okay or if my spelling is correct. *as I am sure most of you have noticed. I do not feel pressure to post everyday. I do not temper my post wondering who might be reading it. (well, maybe just once or twice - when I was writing about my sister). I do not take the comments to heart, or get all jazzed if I have 5 comments or none.

But apparently some do. Who knew? It seems like a alot of work to me. Work that some people luv. um...not me, not so much. Apparently, there are some bloggers out there who actually make money at this.....what a great gig. But not for me. I am not a writer, as you can tell. I write for my sake, sanity and release. I never knew i would find it so therapeutic and meet some really cool people along the way.

What i have noticed along the way is that some of my blog favorites are either shutting down, posting less, or moving to 'private'. They feel beat-up, less inspired, or have started curving the way the write due to comments they have heard in real life. Dude, frankly, that sucks. What will I do with my time? Something productive? I really felt reading about everyone was productive. It helps me feel less alone in this journey of being a working mom of two. Misery loves company and a glass of wine.

I am not going anywhere, and I hope I never reach the point where this small little glimpse into my life feels like a chore rather than a release. I beg you people keep posting, I will keep reading. Stop counting new traffic and feed the friends you have...we need the coffee and cake along with the back-packs and kid drama. It feeds my soul. I am so surprised at how much it feeds my soul. I read about new mom's, family's with children all grown up, divorced women, a few dads, young mom's, working professionals, college students, - the post are endless. I hope I never reach the point where I feel less important due to the amount of traffic my site gets. I guess when you never set out to do anything other than just be around, it is pretty hard to fail. I am not going anywhere anytime soon. I have grown to luv this gig, and everyone elses.
Here are a few I totally dig daily:

Bun - I have met her in real life. She post about everything from family, friends, work. She is a must read.

Debbie - who has over-cooked her family. She has a site that is inspired by cooking, family and friends. My mother would like her ( I think).

Jeannettee - I luv her photo's, music and quirky post.

Dana from Mamlogues - basically the goddess of blogging. She is a wonderful writer. A must read everyday.

Midwestern mommy - she has a softness, and warmness about her blog post. She welcomes you with open arms, and shares her moments with such class.

My favorite snarky blogger. LUV her in real-life and via the blog. Her ex SUCKS, her daughter rocks and her parents drive her nuts. Could it get any more exciting?

This mommy recently lost her two children. A state trooper was driving to fast and killer her girls. She is picking up the pieces, one day at a time, one event at a time and taking us along for the journey.

This women ROCKS. She works at Target and sells sex toys on the side. She is blunt, witty, snarky. She takes you along on her emotional journey, and provides sex tips along the way. If she lived close to STL, her and my mother would be best friends.

A mom all of us can relate to, or hope to be one day. For real she just posted about stair sliding with her kids. She drives them to school in her pj's and lets into her life one post at a time.

The Wise old black women. She is a poet, baker, mom, wife, and photographer. View the site, read the post and become part of her life, it is well worth the time.

This is a small sample of what I enjoy reading. I have 20 more that I view, but ran out of time. Get your coffee, comfy chair and enjoy the ride. Rocking the world one blog post at a time. These thoughts may not be important in the whole scope of life, they keep me going one day at a time.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Girls and Shoes...

Okay so it starts early. I mean really early. I was born with the 'i need shoes' gene. I don't need expensive shoes, but I do need alot of them. There are different colors of black, different styles etc. I could come home with 4 pairs of shoes all the 'same' color. *now we know they are not the same color, but my husband 'thinks' that black, is black, is black. Oh' on the contray. I correct him. You can get shiny black, flat black, dull black, worn black, scuff free black, black/gray etc. He walks away when I start with this nonsense.

And with alot of shoes, you get alot of foot issues. Because I have been known to cram my foot into the narrow ends of the shoes, place ban-aids along the side of my toes (just in case), and wear shoes around my house for hours 'breaking them in' prior to actually attempting to wear them for an event.

By all means crazy,I know. I have worn some strappy number that would have my piggy's bleeding and swallow by the end of the night - all for the sake of looking good.

I am getting a bit more practical in my old age. I am over 30 for god's sake. I have started putting inserts in my pretty little shoes, and cutting down on the heal size and making sure my foot actually fits in the shoe rather than acting like Cinderella's ugly step sister and shove my foot into a glass slipper two sizes two small. I am trying to keep my foot from taking on that strange curve that seems to happen when people wear shoes too small for them. I am on a be nice to my feet kick, because I will probably need them get me through the next 20 years or so. Here is my downfall, I hate tennis shoes. I am not a keds person. God bless you, if you are. Me, um....not so much.

So, I cannot wonder where my daughter gets it from. Last night she insisted on wearing her red strappy shoes to her brothers 2 hour football practice. I tried to get her to put on her socks and sneakers like a normal kids. She refused. She luv's her pretty red shoes. She felt so pretty in them that she was twirling out the door. Well, those pretty red shoes, turned in to the devil an hour into practice. Those pretty little shoes rubbed the back of her heels raw, and left raw spots on the side of her foot. *Aww my pretties you must go in the trash. Because you SUCK. Now since i am the mom, I did pack her a second pair of shoes and socks. I expected her to want to change shoes.

I did not expect her foot to almost fall off prior to her making her decision to remove the pretty red shoes. I did not expect her to act as if her legs were broken and she could not walk, I did not expect her to wail loudly for the second hour because her heels hurt. I should probably mention that she got in the bath and howled like a stripper who's john forgot to pay her. Plus she laid in the tub with her feet lifted out of the water. *oh, the drama. Still refusing to walk, I carried her to the couch where I got her dressed and attempted to put her to bed. Well, being in bed would require that your feet be down and under the covers. No, not tonight the feet went up on the wall, so as not to touch the bed. And the crying continued. *dear heavens I am going to slit my wrist.

8 hour later...................................

I get her up this morning, and she STILL cannot walk. The damn kid did not forget about her feet, they were still the topic of crying and wailing this morning. So, as a matter of sanity, I am throwing away all shoes that are not comfortable. Gone are the pretty little things, and they will be replaced with nurses shoes or croc's (ha!!). Not really. I get to keep my shoes, but her red shoes will be burned out back as I as drink a toast to their demise. They have been the angst of my existence for the last 24 hours.

So as I stated it earlier, it starts early. They reel us in with the pretty colors, the shiny straps, and the glitter. And my two year old was enthralled, basically in love. It has all ended so bitterly.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sensible solutions?

This weekend 'we' attempted a few sensible solutions for our 'football' time issue.
I made banana bread and zucchini bread. I know stand back, gasp and grab your chest. Let a small 'what?' escape your lips, I REALLY did bake bread. I found the 'easy' recipes from and whipped em' up. Who knew, it was not too bad and my kids really enjoyed helping.

Pyper would stand next too the bowl saying 'I kook. I kook.' Then she would turn on the beater and let it lie on the table. *Even Lance said how good they were. I informed him that he should just stop right there, before he screwed up the compliment. He smiled and shoved his face full of bread. Normally, I burn anything I cook or forget an ingredient and most of my stuff turns out suckie. We are taking small strides and getting our kids involved. Plus, it put my almost rotten bananas to good use.

Lance got on board with the idea of fixing some items a head of time.
So here we go, our first week of trying to have a few meals ready.
1) Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes. Burgers are already grilled and covered in the mushroom sauce, the potatoes are already mashed. Just heat and eat. We will have this tonight.
2) Taco meat. Shredded cheese, salsa. Wednesday we will have tacos or any version of taco meat you would like. I prefer to have a taco salad.
3) Pig-'n'-a-Blanket. Hotdogs, biscuits, green beans. *I hate hot-dogs, so I will eat something left over or a quick sandwich. We will have these on Thursday.
Friday is a free day and we will put our pointer finger to good use and call for delivery.
Here's to praying this week is better than last!
Any quick meals you can recommend would be highly welcome.....we are winging it.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Note to hubby: Shut your pie hole!

Well, he did it again! We saw the Mayor over the weekend at a work function and my dear hubby made a fool out of me, and as usual he does not see anything wrong with what he said.
That is it, I am NOT going to take him with me to any more functions.
I am going to call my gay friend Jacob, I know he can behave like a normal human being. Well, maybe not too normal, but he can fake it for an hour or two.

My work had a family picnic this past Friday, we closed City Hall at 3pm and kept the pool area open until 10pm. We were encouraged to bring our families for the activities. I left work, went home packed a cooler, the kids and the hubby. We arrived around 5pm, and settled into one of picnic tables. My son gathered with the other children and began playing with the balloons, my daughter found a little tent they had set up, and my husband made small talk with the random people he knew.
While I chased Pyper around the pavilion, I see Lance speaking with the Mayor. They are in the center of the pavilion and seem pretty chummy. I thought about breaking them up, but then decided that after the Chinese chicken episode, Lance knew better than to act a fool. I continued to chase Pyper, we spent another 3 hours at the picnic - playing, swimming, eating etc.

On the way home, I look over at Lance and casually state:'I saw you and the mayor talking, you two looked pretty chummy.'
Lance 'yeah. did you know he was leaving for Florida?'
Me 'Yeah, he was leaving the picnic and heading to Kentucky tonight.'
Lance 'Yeah, I told him they had nice titty-bars in Florida.'
*my head is spinning, I feel faint. Did her REALLY just say titty-bars in a sentence?
Me ' YOU did not!'
Lance ' Yeah, he said was headed to his time-share. He was meeting other retirees from 3M. And that they would play golf and stuff while the wives went shopping.'
Me ' How did you get from golf and shopping to porn?'
Lance ' Michelle, it was just general conversation. No big deal. He agreed, that they had some nice ones.'
Me 'What did you expect him to do? Will you never learn? He probably thinks I am married to the biggest Hoosier. He probably thinks we are either swingers, porn stars or that you beat me. WhY would you....I mean really the word titty-bars. UGH.'
Lance 'get over it. You are making it a bigger deal than it really is.'
Me ' Just once, cannot you have a normal conversation. Like - how's your golf game, been enjoying the weather, or nice shirt. But NO! I get the husband that uses words like cocksucker and titty-bars. Classy. We are C.L.A.S.S.Y.'

Friday, August 22, 2008

In the rain?

Well, it is Friday, and all of my days seem to run together.
I HATE it when that happens. I have had something to do every day/night this week, and it will roll into our weekend as well.
It has gotten so bad that last night our son is in bed telling his father that 'I just want a day off. I want a down day to do nothing.' *his nothing is code: for play video games. But his words continue to ring in my head today. I too want a day off, a day take a breath and not rush around. I don't see any of those days in the near future. *sigh.
Even when we schedule fun things to do, it is still a chore sticking to the schedule. Like this evening. Work is having an employee picnic; we all get off at 3pm rather than 4:30. They have opened the pool for employees and their families and they will feed us well. But in order to get there I have to run home, change, get my kids, pack them a few items (half the house), load up and return back to work. And after last night, our 4th day in a row of having plans, I am spent!

A brief glimpse into events last night:
Prior to departing for football practice last night I watched the weather, and checked for updates on the web-site like a teenage boy eyeballing a centerfold. You could not keep me away. Where in the hell is the damn storm warning, I kept saying under my breath. I just KNEW they would cancel practice. Boy was I wrong. We parked in the mud, we walked thru the mud, only to sit in the sporadic rain. These football people are HARD CORE. While walking thru the mud pit, I glanced over at another mom, and stated ' I really thought they would cancel tonight.'
She smirked (with that oh, you silly girl smirk) 'They never cancel. N.E.V.E.R'
Football last night was awful. Lance could not go because he worked two shifts, which is good for us, since he missed two days this week, but BAD for mamma because she had to do football practice all by her self. OHHH the DRAMA. Only this time the drama was not from little ms. drama queen, it was from my normally well mannered son. He was blubbering like an idiot, he was stomping around, not going on to the field and finding any small thing to complain about. I even had to pull out the 'I am calling your dad' card. *This normally works like a charm, but not last night. He called my bluff, so I called Lance and he got an earful of the 7 yr old blubbering idiot. I get the phone back to be informed that we should just leave.
This was music to my son's ears. He so wanted to leave.
I dug my heels in and first started out angry, half ass yelling at my already crying son. (I am a classy parent at times). I got a few of the 'looks' from the nearby parents. Then I changed my strategy, I bribed him. I told him IF he played then I would get him ice-cream, actually two ice-creams. Once he calmed down he was agreeable. Twenty minutes later he was not only agreeable, he was having a great time at practice. I kept my end of the bargin and drove thru dairy queen explaining to our son another life lesson. 'Sometimes we have to do things even when we don't want too.'
His response to me ' mom, I get enough lessons at school, so you should just stop trying on your end.'
I looked in the rear view mirror and smiled. That damn kid, even when I want to ring his neck, he makes me smile and laugh. Tell me that he'gets enough lessons at school'. *hump, little do you know little man, you are just beginning.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

GenX ?

The office senior staff is swirling, our night meetings have turned into a circus and all 7 of our bosses are at odds. What does all of this mean, to break it all down - NOTHING is getting done. People are making decisions based on emotions rather than common sense.

Here is alittle known fact, I work for a local city, I am a dept head for this little city.
I am also 15 yrs younger than all other dept heads. Plus I am fairly attractive and have not been overcome by the flat bottom syndrome, and side bulge that seems to have taken over the bodies of the other female department heads. It is apparent that they have let themselves go, and they are not keen on the fact that I have not, nor do I plan too.
I have heard snide comments about alot of my out-fits.
Once I wore a tailored skirt, button up shirt and knee high boots - apparently they did not find the boots to be acceptable, and I was spoken too by the City Admin. The Mayor (who is OLD) also finds some of my attire a bit testy. I am not old and dead, I am also not pushing the limits of the dress code. I am an avid Gen Xer, I like clothes, and I wear my clothes well. Shoot me, but don't think for one moment that I am going to dress down or OLD because that is what you are use to seeing.
I have body shapers, I wear slips, I don't show my panties, my shirts don't provide a peek-a-boo. I wear heels with no hose, I wear boots with skirts and dresses. I luv my boots, I feel comfortable in my boots. They are not hooker boots up to my thighs, they are nice dress boots.
Anyhoo...I got off track......with the attire issue.
Being in leadership role, does not make you a leader. Sort of like having a kid does not automatially make you a good mom. Being a good leader is a learning curve, and somewhere among it all you must not lose yourself.

I was beginning to lose myself, and question my ultimate intentions.
Here is my motto ' I would rather lose my job than lose my integrity.'
But here is my struggle, sometimes the lines between my integrity and my personal opinion provide a grey area. I am an emotionally driven person, I wear my heart and expressions on my sleeve. I smile, frown, and gasp openly during City meetings. I am by no mean vanilla. I am trying to take my time and make good decisions rather than hasty, emotional decisions.

I treat my employees with respect, and value them. The other department heads frown upon this practice. They run their departments with fear. How 1950's. I am not sure where i am going with all of this. I just needed to get it off my chest. I have a lot of things weighing me down, and would love to enter an environment that is progressive and utilizing leadership tools of the 21st century.

*Are there really places like that out there? Or is it just a pipe-dream?
I refuse to believe that I cannot have it all......a good family, and a job I really like to go to.

Here is the kicker, I love my job. I love what it entails, I am good at it.....I totally dig the numbers, the statements, the problems, the investments, the audits and the ever changing rules. Would it be easier if I looked the role, and acted like a hard-ass - perhaps.

But, then I would be a sell-out, and non-too happy. So, the saga continues...................for another day, another dollar, and another fight.

Monday, August 18, 2008

From the weekend...

This weekend we spent at home.
We did not run around like chickens with our heads cut off, we actually laid pretty low, and it was nice.
While on the back porch relaxing Rylan and I have the following conversation:
Rylan 'Hey mom.'
Me ' yeah.
R - 'Was I a good baby, like you?'
Me - I ponder this for a moment. He was not a good baby, he cried alot - but he had issues. 'You were as good as you could be given your clefting.'
R - 'Yeah, I bet I was pretty good. And I bet you talked alot as a kid'.
And with that he was done, and walked away.
I sat there mouth wide open, wanting to talk more. Imagine that!!!

This week is super busy at our home, and work current sucks. I have to admit I 'tired' of this particular job, and am seriously thinking about looking. It is hard to have 6 bosses, and hard to meander thru the egos, emotions and junk they find important.

As a side note, Pyper pooped on my couch. Regression in the works. That child was doing great potty training, but now has decided that number 2 needs to happen in her pants rather than on the potty. ICK.

Friday, August 15, 2008!

Oh MY GOD football has thrown my family into a fit these days. The past two weeks we have had 6 hours of practice a week. We meet three days a week for two hours at a time 6-8pm.

Our normal routine cannot stay in place. Try telling that to my husband. We have fought every night of practice this week. WHY? Because he refuses to give up his routine. I am about to lose my mind. I about to sock him, I am about have a knock out - drag-out fight with this man. I looked at him last night, on the way to practice and said 'this is not fun. No one in our family is having fun with this, and I am ready for it to stop.'

His response to me' then maybe you should just stay home.'

*mind you all the while Pyper is in the back seat crying (about god knows what?), Rylan has fallen asleep (because he is TIRED), and we are fighting.

I was too livid to even respond. I shot him the hairy-eyeball, gave him the shoulder shrug and let him know we would talk later.


Last night I get home at 5pm, we are expected to leave at 5:30. Lance has the table set, and has made steak, potatoes & spinach.

This is his expectation of what should happen in a 1/2 hours time:

We should all eat

I should clean the table

Put the dishes in the washer

Bath Pyper

Make sure homework is done

Get Rylan's gear on - He has a TON of gear

Get Pyper a bag packed (toys, diapers, ect)

Pack a cooler of drinks for the practice

Let me tell you what really happens in a 1/2 hour.

I immediately change my clothes (I am wearing a a skirt and heals - I AM changing).

I sit down and try to eat. I get maybe 15 minutes

I start to clean the table around everyone STILL eating

Luckily, Rylan does not have homework - but what if he did??

I clean up Lance's kitchen mess (which sucks!). This alone could take 15 minutes.

And we start to scramble to get out the door.

Pyper does NOT get a bath, but I change her diaper

Rylan loads up, but forgets his pads and mouth piece.

We drive off and forget the cooler.

And we fought the whole time.

Does anyone else see the issue???????????????

So on the drive I make the following recommendation:

'perhaps you should plan a few meals over the weekend. meals that we can just heat up and run. Secondly, any reason we cannot just have sandwiches and chips like everyone else?'

He is pissed off ' What you didn't like dinner?'

Me 'It is not that I didn't like it, but it was not enjoyable. No one got to eat, and you are sticking to our normal schedule like a damn Nazi. We cannot be expected to actually sit down all together and eat a 3 course meal on a practice night'

Him ' Hail Hitler'.


So there you have it folks, football sucks. Last night Lance was upset that Rylan forgot half of his gear. I looked at Lance and said 'he is 7, you cannot expect him to really be responsible for all of his pads and stuff. That is our job.'

Rylan chimes in ' I didn't forget all of it, I got my cup.'

I smile ' of course you do!'

So here is where I am at. The schedule MUST change, and Lance must let it all go. Or else we will not play football this year. And if Rylan's school work does suffer, then I am pulling plug on the sport as well.

*Dear god, how do parents really do this?????? We are about to kill each other. Plus Rylan is beat, he does not want to get up the next day, and Pyper well she sucks as usual. But we have totally thrown them off - and for what? So, Lance can live a pipe-dream?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

House Guest...

Well, we have a new house guest.
My sister has gone to Arkansas for the week and left her dog with us.
Sydney has made herself more than comfortable at our humble abode.

My children are enamored with her. Last night after football practice Lance laid of the floor with her and tried to use her as pillow. He quickly got up when she passed gas (ha!). It has been a long time since we have had dog farts, and dear god they can clear a room.
It is nice to have a dog in our home again, I 'think' my husband will get dog fever after Sydney goes home and perhaps let us get a new one. Our family has been sad since the death of our last dog last Christmas.
Like most people our dogs are not our pet's, they are part of our family. And when we lost Henry we lost a major part of our family. Well, it appears as if the presence of Sydney has helped us get over our sadness, and realize how much our family would enjoy the presence of a dog again. (keep our fingers crossed).

Those of you that have dogs know the following. The downside of having a dog in the house.
2) FARTS that can clear a room
3) Shedding, the hair is everywhere.
The upside -
1) my kids love her
2) my husband loves her
3) She is SO SWEET.
4) She is lazy and thinks she is a lap dog.
We welcome our new house guest with open arms.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Two events - one day??

Okay so we have two events on the same day on a weekend in Sept, both events require that we RSVP (soon). One is a wedding (which we should attend) and one is a float trip (that I TOTALLY want to go on).

Last night Lance totally nixed the float trip, due to the fact that we got the wedding invitation. His step-niece is getting married and he wants to go. It is not that I don't want to go, but I would rather go floating.

I have yet to remove my RSVP from the float trip.....I keep hoping I can finagle a way to go floating and skip the wedding. Is that bad? Perhaps.

But this is how wedding go, especially if Lance wants to attend.
Option 1:
The kids show up for the dinner and two dances. If I don't find the sitter than I will take them back home and sit with them until I need to go pick Lance up and drive him home.
Option 2:
I find a sitter prior to the event, and let them come to the dinner / 2 dances. The bring them to the sitter. Either way Lance will need a ride home and it is up to me to figure it all out.

So then I thought - Perhaps.
He could go to the wedding and I could go floating.
That went over like a dead weight. *silence on the end of the phone.

This is me being deflated and acting like a child. *and I wonder where Pyper got it from (duh!).

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Keep going.......

That motto keeps ringing in my mind these days....
Get out of bed - keep going
Go to work - keep going
Get up in the middle of the night - keep going
Go to Football practice - keep going
Get 7 yr old braces - keep going
Chiropractor wants you to agree to pay $1,000 up front - keep going (out the door).
I am about out of steam these days.

I am grateful for my job, my family and my life. But DAMN I feel stretched.
I have a suite case that has not been unpacked since my NYC trip, which I took in JULY. My suite case from Madison sits in the floor, on top of my NYC suite case. I have no idea what is in our fridge, what we need or when we will have time to go and get it. We replaced our vacuum only to have our washer making a funny noise. It does not sound too healthy, but I am going to push it until it dies.

Gas has fallen to $3.55 and my husband is singing the happy go lucky song. Are you kidding me? Wouldn't we prefer to see gas under $2.00. It is a sad day when were are happy for $3.55.

Lance is on my last every lovn' nerve. He went to the baseball game Tuesday night, he left at 6:30pm, he came home at 2am. How do I know that? I was up changing Pyper on the couch, because she had peed thru her diaper and I was changing her Pj's and diaper. As I have her butt in the air, diaper about on, my front door opens. In walks a man SURPRISED to see his wife on the couch eye-balling him. From the driveway I hear 'Hi, Beanie' - it is my dad and brother-in-law dropping off my husband. I don't bother to say hi. I get Pyper done and head off to bed.
Lance does, whatever it is he does and made his way to bed.

I woke him up at 7:30 am - to go to the dentist with me and Rylan. Rylan got braces yesterday in preparation for his bone graph. Lance was hung over and should have just stayed home. We got back home at 11 am, I ran Rylan to the sitters and headed off to work.

Lance walked over the couch and lied down. He said he was just going to sleep until noon. Well, apparently he NEVER got up to go to work around noon. His boss called him at 2:30 wondering where he was.
Rule #1 about going out.

*this is not Lance, but it is a good idea............- Don't go if you cannot get your ass up the next day and go to work!

* I am still giving him the cold shoulder. His boss said it was okay, but we all know that it is not. And of course last night I am ready for bed at 10pm, guess who is not. That' s right, Mr. I get to NAP all day.

My last grip for the day....well just for this post, I am sure I will find something else to grip about later. My son starts the 2nd grade, they start next Thursday. OMG. When did school start so early. August 14th, and school starts. I welcome the structured schedule that school provides, but the kid in me thinks that is a bummed deal for my son.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Team Sports...

Well, it is official, my son is going to play football.
It is SO official. How come? He was able to buy his first cup.
*giggle, giggle

Saturday we stand in line, to pick up his equipment. And by 'we', I mean all of us. We get issued a helmet, shoulder pads, leg pads and pants. I figured we were done. They did not issue a uniform list. You know a list of must have items, therefore in my female mind I figured we were done.

In the car on the way to the country the conversation between father & son.
*note son has put on his foot ball pants and decides to ride in them.

Son - "Hey, dad..that was pretty cool. uh.'
Dad - 'Yeah, bud you have most of your stuff to get ready to play.'
Son - ' Yeah, I need cleats and a cup'.
* mom suddenly looks cross-eyed. WTF? I am thinking a 'water cup' - not a protection cup.
Dear god, he is ONLY 7.

Dad - ' right on. We will go Monday and pick up your shoes, a cup and a mouth piece.
Son - sits back and smiles.
Two minutes later...............
Son - 'Hey mom'
Mom ' What buddy.'
Son - 'Isn't it cool I get a cup. My first one too.'
Mom - 'Yeah, really cool.'
Before I really put any thought into the question I posed the following question to my husband
Me - 'Why didn't they just issue him a cup and a mouth piece?'

HS - ' GROSS, are you kidding me.'
Me- thinking to self - you men are all no, not really kidding.
Tonight is our FIRST football practice. This is not tag and/ or flag football. As a mother I am stressed out. As a competitor, I hope he kicks butt and likes it.
Let's hope it has enough going on to keep Pyper's attention, otherwise I will be running up and down the field chasing my two year old.
Who, by the way, is potty training. Ahh, the wine money I will have when I don't have to buy diapers. *joking.


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