Friday, August 8, 2008

Two events - one day??

Okay so we have two events on the same day on a weekend in Sept, both events require that we RSVP (soon). One is a wedding (which we should attend) and one is a float trip (that I TOTALLY want to go on).

Last night Lance totally nixed the float trip, due to the fact that we got the wedding invitation. His step-niece is getting married and he wants to go. It is not that I don't want to go, but I would rather go floating.

I have yet to remove my RSVP from the float trip.....I keep hoping I can finagle a way to go floating and skip the wedding. Is that bad? Perhaps.

But this is how wedding go, especially if Lance wants to attend.
Option 1:
The kids show up for the dinner and two dances. If I don't find the sitter than I will take them back home and sit with them until I need to go pick Lance up and drive him home.
Option 2:
I find a sitter prior to the event, and let them come to the dinner / 2 dances. The bring them to the sitter. Either way Lance will need a ride home and it is up to me to figure it all out.

So then I thought - Perhaps.
He could go to the wedding and I could go floating.
That went over like a dead weight. *silence on the end of the phone.

This is me being deflated and acting like a child. *and I wonder where Pyper got it from (duh!).

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