Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sensible solutions?

This weekend 'we' attempted a few sensible solutions for our 'football' time issue.
I made banana bread and zucchini bread. I know stand back, gasp and grab your chest. Let a small 'what?' escape your lips, I REALLY did bake bread. I found the 'easy' recipes from food-network.com and whipped em' up. Who knew, it was not too bad and my kids really enjoyed helping.

Pyper would stand next too the bowl saying 'I kook. I kook.' Then she would turn on the beater and let it lie on the table. *Even Lance said how good they were. I informed him that he should just stop right there, before he screwed up the compliment. He smiled and shoved his face full of bread. Normally, I burn anything I cook or forget an ingredient and most of my stuff turns out suckie. We are taking small strides and getting our kids involved. Plus, it put my almost rotten bananas to good use.

Lance got on board with the idea of fixing some items a head of time.
So here we go, our first week of trying to have a few meals ready.
1) Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes. Burgers are already grilled and covered in the mushroom sauce, the potatoes are already mashed. Just heat and eat. We will have this tonight.
2) Taco meat. Shredded cheese, salsa. Wednesday we will have tacos or any version of taco meat you would like. I prefer to have a taco salad.
3) Pig-'n'-a-Blanket. Hotdogs, biscuits, green beans. *I hate hot-dogs, so I will eat something left over or a quick sandwich. We will have these on Thursday.
Friday is a free day and we will put our pointer finger to good use and call for delivery.
Here's to praying this week is better than last!
Any quick meals you can recommend would be highly welcome.....we are winging it.


Terra said...

I like making MANY MEALS all at ONCE. One of my favorite ways to do this is to make a pot roast, then the next day the pot roast is french dips, then the day after that we have some nice stew.

Second favorite is tacos (or however you want the meat) then chili (let me tell you taco meat gives chili the most awesome flavor.)

I guess for cook it first meals I have done to many to get into those, basically anything can be done that way. I used those portion cheap plates from Walmart, and then just covered them with wrap until it was time to eat...


Farrell said...

Sounds good - let me know how it works out. And pass some of that bread my way, would ya'? They are both my FAVORITE!!

Maeve's Mom said...

Pot roast in a crock-pot. Roast, potatoes, carrots, packet of onion soup mix, some water. 8 hours (or however long you're out of the house) on high.

On the weekend (or a night without practice) make a lasagna or spaghetti casserole, heat and eat on practice night.

Speaking of pasta, spaghetti or fettuchine with jarred sauce is pretty quick and easy for you (or Lance) to cook any night.


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