Wednesday, August 13, 2008

House Guest...

Well, we have a new house guest.
My sister has gone to Arkansas for the week and left her dog with us.
Sydney has made herself more than comfortable at our humble abode.

My children are enamored with her. Last night after football practice Lance laid of the floor with her and tried to use her as pillow. He quickly got up when she passed gas (ha!). It has been a long time since we have had dog farts, and dear god they can clear a room.
It is nice to have a dog in our home again, I 'think' my husband will get dog fever after Sydney goes home and perhaps let us get a new one. Our family has been sad since the death of our last dog last Christmas.
Like most people our dogs are not our pet's, they are part of our family. And when we lost Henry we lost a major part of our family. Well, it appears as if the presence of Sydney has helped us get over our sadness, and realize how much our family would enjoy the presence of a dog again. (keep our fingers crossed).

Those of you that have dogs know the following. The downside of having a dog in the house.
2) FARTS that can clear a room
3) Shedding, the hair is everywhere.
The upside -
1) my kids love her
2) my husband loves her
3) She is SO SWEET.
4) She is lazy and thinks she is a lap dog.
We welcome our new house guest with open arms.

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A Buns Life said...

she looks so sweet!! I have a dog or two you could have! :)


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