Wednesday, December 3, 2008

No going back.

My heart is heavy, my emotions are on overload.
Will this EVER stop?
Yesterday, I spoke with an employment law attorney.
Today, I spoke with the EEOC to file a complaint.
This afternoon, I am being spoken to by some upper mngt, so they can provide me with the level of discipline action that has been set in place. um....
Discipline for what? We will soon find out.
Funny how when the meeting happened to discuss 'me' I was not allowed to attend.

Funny how when a male counter part was spoken too and disciplined, he was allowed to attend, speak and defend himself.

Funny how a special meeting was held off site in order to speak with a another male counter part in order to discuss with him how inappropriate his language was towards women during his senior staff meetings. The held the special meeting in order to avoid having an open discussion.

Funny how is am being disciplined less than 60 days after a formal complaint was filed against one of the men speaking to me today. Which by the way, he is still employed, still working and no discipline has been set in place for him.
So funny I am laughing my ARSE OFF.

I am tried of this. I am exhausted, I am feeling beat down - perhaps that is the point.
I will fight, I have to...but it is taking its toll. God give help me to be strong, couragous and wise.


A Buns Life said...

Stand Strong Girl!!! You have gone too far to back down now....stand up for what you believe is right, and don't allow yourself to be bullied around. I believe in you!

Farrell said...

I'm so sorry.

Jennifer said...

This stinks! Sorry you have to deal with all of this.
I will say a prayer!


Terra said...

Sending whatever reserve I can... Keep up the fight, I have to tell mine with the school district here soon, it is a post that requires more time than I have right now though...

Good luck :D

Kori said...

I'll be praying that everything works out for you. Sorry you're having a rough go of it.

Terra said...

You have been nominated for a butterfly award...


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