Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas photo - really?

Dear heavens I bet I have 40258354575673 photos of crap.......

We had pouting, we had crying, I tried to bribe her, we had milk, I even offered to paint nails. PLEASE just one freakn' photo. For christmas, I mean for gosh sakes I even got a tree. That's right see the tree in the back, I got a pre-lit one on sale (half off), and stuck that baby up in an hour. I am sprinting for the finish line and of course the kids won't cooperate. Well, Rylan will - he always does. So in true form Pyper will not.

Did I mention that I put the tree up and put ordnament's on it, well a few anyway. Only to have Miss Pyper take them all off, then she started to cry 'chsssmas was all gone. why mommy, why?'

I look at her like she has three heads, all the while a red star is attached to the leg of her pajamas. In my mind I am thinking 'hey crack-head, you are the reason Christmas is all gone. Leave them alone and it will look like Christmas.'

But rather I stated, 'you should probably put them back on the tree, so Christmas can come back.'

She woke up this morning and was upset the lights were off. She wanted them turned on RIGHT NOW. Well, that will get you NO WHERE with me in the morning. Needless to say we did not turn them on, we moved on to bigger and better obstacles.

Like trucking down 270 to West County to see the ENT. That is another story for another day. For new enjoy the few photos that look half way presentable of my kids and my tree.

*see self pat self on back. kudos to me for getting a damn tree and not stuffing Pyper in it like an ornament. Enjoy.

***One last thing 'Terra' ( gave me an award that I have not thanked her for, nor have I posted. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU. My first award, and I am honored. I am not sure why anyone reads this, but thank you. I apologize for the delay in getting out there, I have been a bit lost lately.

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