Friday, December 12, 2008


I apologize in advance if this post rambles or just does not make sense.
I was home yesterday, lying on the couch and visiting a doctor. An hour later I left with 3 prescriptions - so today, I am loaded up on the drugs.

My head is hazy, my eyes are twitchy - but the green gunk is gone.
I did file with the EEOC, they send the complaint directly to the city attorney - I am waiting on a response. The EEOC told me it would be after the first of the year before any further action is taken. um....nothing like waiting.
In the mean time I have fired up my resume and started sending it out, pressed my suites, and found my high heels. I may need them in the near future.
I figure the IRS will always need people, even in a recession. I am not looking to be the boss, just some job security.

This weekend, hubby and I are going to knock out our x-mas shopping. Which should be interesting - we NEVER shop together for x-mas. This will be our first year. My sister is going to keep my kids sat day / night, so we have no excuse not to get it done. My hubby will be mindful of his spending this year, which is also very unlike him. Last night he was talking about being worrying about the state of the economy. I looked at him like he had 3 heads - 'who is this man?' The only thing he has ever worried about is if he has beer and a recliner.
Anyway, he stated 'we will have to watch our pennies.'
I breathed a sigh of relief. I am 'always watching our pennies.' Him um, not so much. At least this year we will be on the same page.
Plus I am hoping after a long day of shopping we can do dinner.
A dinner with no kids, one I can actually eat before it gets cold, and I don't have to share. I could not be more happy.
Plus I am sure that a drink with my medication will make me GREAT company.
Here's to hoping we have a good weekend.

BTW - I don't have a tree up, nor do we have lights up.
Yeap, we suck. Perhaps we will get some of that done this weekend.

My brother is up from Ar-Kansas (insert twang), so hopefully I will get the chance to see him and his kids as well. I am really looking forward to going to my parents for x-mas. I so need to the energy my family / friends provide.
Oh another thing.....did your kids stop believeing in santa? I 'think' this maybe my last year with Rylan (sad :(.....). Last Sat, Lance came home VERY proud of himself, he found a Wii, and picked it up. That is the BIG present for this year. Four days later while sitting at dinner Rylan states that he needs to start his list to santa. I ask him 'what are you going to ask for?'
He states 'well alot of things, but not a Wii.'
I look cross-eyes - 'uh, What?'
Rylan 'yeah, no Wii, I want a Red IPOD.'
Me ' REALLY. '
Rylan 'Yeah, a kid can change his mind you know. BTW, does Santa ask mom & dad if he can get their presents?'
Me - deer in headlights look. In the back of my mind I am thinking 'hell if I know.'
Lance 'No, Santa does not ask mom & dad, he gets the list and decides if you have been naughty or nice.'
Me - still speechless. Now thinking ' What in the hell was that?'
By this time Rylan has moved on and is now downstairs playing the playstation II.
I look at Lance baffled. Then I state 'well, that is just too damn bad.'
He keeps asking alot of questions about our involvements as parents and Santa. I think he 'knows' but isn't really sure. He is trying to trick us in to slipping - it just might work!
Pyper is going to be GREAT this year. She already loves seeing the x-mas lights, and loves every commerical that comes on the TV. She has started singing jingle bells, but in her world it is 'tinker bells.' She is a princess in the making.
I hope you all have a great weekend. I think we are expecting ice /sleet / snow next week - UGH.

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Farrell said...

Go to Wal-Mart - good stuff on the cheap!
Kohl's is also having a big sale today - good for clothes.
good luck and have fun!


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