Monday, April 27, 2009

Bad Mojo....

Okay, so I need someone to come to my house and say a few prayers, spray the damn thing w/ holly water. There is some bad mo-jo happening in the DePew household.

I have been absent for several reasons...and after this you won't blame me.
We all know my stove has been out FOREVER!
So two weeks ago the facet started to move off its base, and then the bottom of the sink gave out, from an apparent rotten spot. So two weekends ago we spent HOURS searching for a faucet, a piece of wood (for the hole) and a stove. We brought our kids, which equals chaos. Word to the wise, don't bring kids appliance shopping. By the 4th store they sucked.
By the 4th store I was ready for a decision myself. So I asked Lance what his decision was - he gets to pick the stove out, he uses it the most. He points to a WHITE stove. I almost punched him the face right there.......I turned around and walked out. He stood there baffled stating 'what, what?'
Me ' didn't you just bring me home a stainless steal fridge? Don't you think our appliances should match?' *what a novel idea?*
Lance 'no. the white is cheaper, what do I care if they match.'
Me 'we are leaving, I am done.'
And with that we left the stove for another day.......................................
In the mean time my new fridge (that I did not need) works like crap. Yes folks it too is broken. Then this past Friday, we get in from playing outside, well into the evening and our TV is only showing 1/2 the picture. SWEAR.
At that very moment I hear god giggling up stairs at my life in appliance hell.
Count it up people
Fridge, stove, and now TV.
We made a list in April of how to spend our tax money and those items were NOT on it. At the top of it is a washer / dryer. Because that folks is on its last leg, but luckily still working, because everything else in my house sucks.
This past Saturday I got to American and get a damn stove. Lance must pick it up on Tuesday. Wanna bet how long it will take for Lance to actually install the stove????
This morning Lance called the repair guy for the fridge, yeap the fan is broken. hence, not cooling well, hence bad food. screw the swine flu crap going around, I am going to make my family sick by having a new fridge that does not work.
The repair guy is coming back on Wed - aGAiN.
Lance was suppose to go and get a new TV today. who the hell knows if that happened. And if it did, he had better remember we are on a budget. He gets man eyes when he walks in the TV section, he sees nothing but the blue ray disc players and expensive crap.
Any bets on what will happen tonight?????? I have bad mo-jo these days!

Friday, April 17, 2009


The post is LATE, but what the hey. I have been distracted, and busy lately. I have been 'meaning' to post about Easter, and before I knew it, it was 'effing Friday. So, in my haste, here you go.

Let me start out by saying we had a rockn' time. Which is pretty usual when we spend time as a family, with my-side of the family. The only kid missing was my brother (and his family). My mother commented several times about how much she missed them.

I am sure their kids would have had a blast, these are the times my children will never forget and for that I am thankful.
The first photo is of our last day there - and all the kids surrounded the Easter Bunny. *one for the scrap-book. *

Here are my kids posing it up. Because clearly they are shy kids - NOT. And yes, before you even ask - Rylan is rockn' the mo-hawk again this year. And NO, I do not make him get it. Actually, I kind of cringe every time he request it - but what the hey, I do have to let him be an individual as well. So, on Good Friday while waiting in line for his hair cut, he said 'mom, can I get my mo-hawk? It is spring time...' My heart sort of sank, then I looked at him and thought who really gives a sh*t? If the can wear it and all the stares and looks that are associated with it, then more power to him. He was so excited to have it back, he practically burst. He could not wait to show his dad and his family at the lodge.

Here are the kids on the dock. They ran up and down this damn thing, creating things to look at, like 'the creature in the water'; then they would all run off the dock. They splashed the water and attempted to shove each other into the fridge water. And of course, Pyper actually fell in, along the shore. She was rather proud of herself. I personally luv this photo.

While the kids played, the adults played poker. We played inside, because the weather was rather chilly - and we are wimps. We would poke our heads out to do a head count every now and then.
Here, my father is teaching Misty how to play 5 card stud. She screeched like a girl on crack when she won her first round. My father and I agree that Misty is not good Vegas material - she sucks at poker, but she was good for a laugh or two.

Speaking of laughs. God bless, nana. During the afternoon, they had a face painter on site. Here are a few photos of their art work. My mother of course, was the Easter bunny. Misty and I went for a few low key swirls on our face. But in true mother form, she went all out and the kids luv'd it. Why does Rylan get a mo-hawk? For the same reason my mother walked around all day w/ her face painted - because they really are that cool!

Here are the kiddo's w/ fresh paint. Rylan the tiger and Pyper the butterfly. The face paint lasted all day, and the kids walked around like they were movie starr's.
To say that we had a good time, even with the crappy weather, would be an understatement. I know these are the things my children will remember, and that folks, makes it priceless.
We rode bikes, we fished, we hiked, we ate until we wanted to puke, we drank wine and beer at night, while playing cards. We hid eggs, found baskets, made one more memory - and connected as family one more time. I could not be more grateful for such great parents and family. Everyone should be so darn lucky!!!
for those of you still keeping count - no stove!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Add another, ol'man.

As I have said MANY, MANY times, Lance and I have been together FOREVER. And this folks, proves it beyond all sense of the imagination, that we were hanging out in the 1990's.
I am almost embarrassed to post this picture, but then again - not so much. It is part of our history. Here we are in 1990 at his Senior Prom. Yes, he is sporting the 'stash' and greasy looking hair ; and I am wearing big hair - which is a sign of the times. It makes me laugh out loud every time I see this photo.....I refer to it as his 'Rico suave' look. A look that I loved from the start.....god help me too. We were teenagers, and living life to its fullest. Our stint of being together was just that - a 5 yr stint. We had a fall out once I went to college, and he took a job on the road. We meet up a few years later, at home over x-mas. The attraction is undeniable....damn our hormones. But then again, I never dated a guy, that I didn't ultimately wish was him.

Moving on to the next stage in our life together. Our wedding can sense a level of dedication just by viewing the photo. His manly hands wrapped around my face, heads tilted, and the kiss for all to see. Yeap, life long commitment in the making. We were on a wing and a prayer at this stage in our lives. Both in our 20's, and starting a family. I am not sure we saw beyond the tip of our nose. We had not plan, no real idea - but really didn't care. We had each other, and so it began. Him at 28 and me at 26.
Here we are 8 yrs later, him turning 36 today and I give you a glimpse of where the years have taken us. Bad hair, bad breath, bad decisions and a great life in the end. Every decision we have made, either alone or together always lead us to the same place. Back to each other, to build our life one stepping stone at a time. Really to this day, no major plan. Just taking it one day at a time. Hoping that we remain happy and healthy. Now hoping that we remain healthy enough to see our kids grow up. Because, they have become an important extension of who we are, and who we want to be in the future. But as our kids get older, so do we.
The bittersweet extension of is so sweet to watch them grow; but so sad to notice each wrinkle and gray hair associated with our age as well. For every year they are older, so are we.
We now find ourselves saying things like 'remember when, or those were the days.' A clear indication of our age....yeap that age that puts us closer to 40. In our 20's, we thought 40 was OLD, and now that it is looming over us - I think we were right. It is old, but we would like to consider ourselves a cooler version of the almost 40 crowd. And my kids and nieces/nephews will be a reminder that we in fact are NOT cool, and yes, 40 is old. In our little humble abode, we will snicker and laugh at them......because we can. We will start to try to protect them from 'our' childhood mistakes. Because our age has taught us SO much.....ha!!!
One thing that age has taught me is that to love unconditionally takes alot out of a person, and makes you question your own thought foundation. It is one thing to say it, but another to live it. If you are going to love your kids unconditionally, then you had better be prepared to love your spouse in the same manner. Because in the end your kids will LEAVE you, and if you don't watch it your spouse will too. We are trying to not get lost in the mix of keeping up with Jones, or being so busy that we lose site of loving each other. It is a struggle at times.....but it seems to all go back to the 'stash and greasy hair look'. I want to be with him just as much now as I did then, if not more. Our roots and connection is strong and as he turns 36 today, we share a life and level of love that even surprises us. We love our little life, our little house, and our kids. We are living the American dream, together and creating our own little version of history.
You can mark this morning as a day in our history book. Lance was asleep this morning as the kids trampled down stairs like a heard of horses to give him his card and gift. He is working nights, and was sound asleep, as Pyper giggles her way to the bed and shoves a card up his nose. He abrupt awakening is softened by seeing his kids glowing with anticipation.
They cannot wait for him to open their card - it has sound. Pyper cannot wait, she about to burst, and Rylan is giggling just thinking about it. The card is opened and Lance see's Timmy from Southpark on the front - he opens the card and Timmy squeals something about 'money and tacos' I mean for real, Timmy from Southpark for him turning 36. Well, the smiles on the kids faces was contagious as we listened to the card 50 more times. Each time encouraged more and more giggles from the kids, which made us smile from ear to ear.
We had a small family moment, laughter filled the air, and his birthday was official. And we will pack that way with the rest of our family memories. Welcome to turning 36 with Timmy from Southpark. Because that is the way we roll...
Happy 36th Birthday, we luv you!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Color me ALL Grown up.

This blogger thing is a 'funny' little monster. In that you put things out there and in hind site you can never take back. Which is just fine with me, because I don't really want to.

Blogging is good for me; I carry so many emotions that without a release I feel like I would burst sometimes. Despite most of my entries, I feel a sense of relief just by getting it out there...

Which leads me to yesterdays' post. Prob not my best post, you can file with the rest of the BS that I have put on this site. After my post, I did not feel better; actually I felt more frustrated then when I started. Out of all of the people in my life, the last person I want to fight with on a consistent basis is Lance. The last person I want to be disappointed in, is Lance.

As we called each other yesterday, we continued the charade of being civil to each other; without being loving. This charade pissed me I packed up my stuff, told my office I had an errand to run and I went home. Yeap, in the middle of the day and stormed in side. We were going to lay this crap on the table and have it out. I was not going to spend my week tip-toeing around it all like the big elephant in the room.

He was surprised to see me, then we began talking.
Well, screaming at first.......................
Here is what we agreed upon:
- We have a communication issue; this goes both ways.
As a result of our Saturday spat, I was not planning on coming home at all Sat night. I was in the 'i'll show you mode.' Only, I could not see spending $300.00 on a room at the Casino, so I went home at 2:30am instead. And woke everyone in my house up.
  • Not my most mature moment. Which is sort of the point of this. I realized when I speaking 'at' Lance (YES, I speak 'at' him; he is not allowed a word edge-wise until I am done) that he may have made some mistakes on Saturday; but so did I. Not my most grown-up moment. And yes, I was thinking out of spite.

- We will attempt to respect each other. I say attempt, because we are still 12 at heart, and with both of us being as stubborn as mules, neither one of us will give in or be humiliated.

  • So as he humiliated me on Saturday, I set out to give him a taste of his own medicine. Because I am classy like that. I know that it drives him nuts when I go out with my sister. Not that it is her; as much as it is that we see no one other than Joe Dirt. And he hears all of the 'stories' of bad behavior that he hates the image that is left in his head when I leave. This is not a trust issue - he totally trust me; he just hates it. *which by the way I get. And earlier that day I told him that I didn't think I was going to go, because I know the drama attached to it all. So he was surprised when I jumped in the car and left at 6pm. Surprised would put it lightly - he was pissed. Hence the fight.........
As we wade thru this marriage......we agree on the following: We don't want to do this 'marriage' thing with anyone else; nor do we want to live alone. *So, since we have nothing else going on - we might as well stick it out a few more years - ha!!! The last sentence is a joke.*

The other night made me realize that I miss my close group of friends. I miss having a girlfriend to call on the fly; rather than being stuck at the mercy of a Joe Dirt night. Did I really want a night out SO bad that I would subject myself to the drama that is attached to Joe Dirt again - that answer is YES. I wanted a night out. I needed it, and regardless of the parameters - I took it.

As I explained to Lance, I actually spent an hour or two gambling by myself. Because the dynamics between my sister and her group were too much for me to put up with as well. I spend all week being a single parent; because he is working nights. That I could not see beyond getting out of the house. Couple that with his afternoon attitude and you can color me a damn brat.

And three days later, i put on my big girl panties and cleared it all up. Given our stubborn streak, we could have stayed mad forever. Cheers to not being mad, and to growing up one fight at a time.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I had a good and bad weekend, all at the same time.

-the weather was nice.
- the kids were good.
- we dyed Easter eggs

- husband
- husband (again!).
- husband.....slept on the bottom bunk bed in our son's room.
- night out w/ sister = drama.

*Really too much to go into; bottom line. I could not be more disappointed in him and his actions. Perhaps I am a bit disappointed in myself for not punching his lights out. We will survive the marriage by being equal partners, or else we will not survive. In case he has not noticed, I am NOT someone who he can treat badly.
I am his wife, and the reality of it is, he should have a better level of respect for me. If he does not, or can not; then we will be no longer. I will compromise on this one......not today & not tomorrow.
There are times when 'sorry' is not enough. Actions must change, the manner in which he speaks to me MUST change. There are times when he shows complete strangers more respect than he gives me. BTW- I don't care if you were mad. Being mad is not an excuse for bad behavior.
Secondly, I went out with my sister for another Joe Dirt night. Please remind me the next time I 'think' that is a good idea that it really is not. As much as I needed a night out, I should have known better. It was not the good time or release I was looking for. The opinions and emotions of everyone else in our group were overwhelming to me on Sat night. It got to the point that it just made me angry, I just wanted to get the hell out of there. First Lance, then this - really too much drama for me for one day. Her and I did have a good drive home - just her and I discussing the events of the day. Which were weird in nature and so off base at times. It is good to have a sister in times likes these.
Will I ever learn, perhaps not. The highlight(s) of my weekend were all over shadowed by the drama. I, by the way, hate drama..........
Update - our stove still does NOT work; for those of you keeping up with us. We are going on week 3. And now our NEW fridge does seems to be cooling very well. *not my problem!*
How are we eating???? We are using the grill.
Lance turns 36 this week. Do you think he is acting out because he feels old? He said he is now closer to 40 than ever. Do men get freak'd about their age?


Nieces & Nephews and Kids...