Friday, April 17, 2009


The post is LATE, but what the hey. I have been distracted, and busy lately. I have been 'meaning' to post about Easter, and before I knew it, it was 'effing Friday. So, in my haste, here you go.

Let me start out by saying we had a rockn' time. Which is pretty usual when we spend time as a family, with my-side of the family. The only kid missing was my brother (and his family). My mother commented several times about how much she missed them.

I am sure their kids would have had a blast, these are the times my children will never forget and for that I am thankful.
The first photo is of our last day there - and all the kids surrounded the Easter Bunny. *one for the scrap-book. *

Here are my kids posing it up. Because clearly they are shy kids - NOT. And yes, before you even ask - Rylan is rockn' the mo-hawk again this year. And NO, I do not make him get it. Actually, I kind of cringe every time he request it - but what the hey, I do have to let him be an individual as well. So, on Good Friday while waiting in line for his hair cut, he said 'mom, can I get my mo-hawk? It is spring time...' My heart sort of sank, then I looked at him and thought who really gives a sh*t? If the can wear it and all the stares and looks that are associated with it, then more power to him. He was so excited to have it back, he practically burst. He could not wait to show his dad and his family at the lodge.

Here are the kids on the dock. They ran up and down this damn thing, creating things to look at, like 'the creature in the water'; then they would all run off the dock. They splashed the water and attempted to shove each other into the fridge water. And of course, Pyper actually fell in, along the shore. She was rather proud of herself. I personally luv this photo.

While the kids played, the adults played poker. We played inside, because the weather was rather chilly - and we are wimps. We would poke our heads out to do a head count every now and then.
Here, my father is teaching Misty how to play 5 card stud. She screeched like a girl on crack when she won her first round. My father and I agree that Misty is not good Vegas material - she sucks at poker, but she was good for a laugh or two.

Speaking of laughs. God bless, nana. During the afternoon, they had a face painter on site. Here are a few photos of their art work. My mother of course, was the Easter bunny. Misty and I went for a few low key swirls on our face. But in true mother form, she went all out and the kids luv'd it. Why does Rylan get a mo-hawk? For the same reason my mother walked around all day w/ her face painted - because they really are that cool!

Here are the kiddo's w/ fresh paint. Rylan the tiger and Pyper the butterfly. The face paint lasted all day, and the kids walked around like they were movie starr's.
To say that we had a good time, even with the crappy weather, would be an understatement. I know these are the things my children will remember, and that folks, makes it priceless.
We rode bikes, we fished, we hiked, we ate until we wanted to puke, we drank wine and beer at night, while playing cards. We hid eggs, found baskets, made one more memory - and connected as family one more time. I could not be more grateful for such great parents and family. Everyone should be so darn lucky!!!
for those of you still keeping count - no stove!


Farrell said...

love it! sounds like you had a fabulous weekend!

Funksauce Vintage Blog said...

Isn't big family time great! Loved hearing about it! And I think it's fantastic that your son is not afraid to be his own individual self--hopefully that will last with him later in life!


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