Monday, April 27, 2009

Bad Mojo....

Okay, so I need someone to come to my house and say a few prayers, spray the damn thing w/ holly water. There is some bad mo-jo happening in the DePew household.

I have been absent for several reasons...and after this you won't blame me.
We all know my stove has been out FOREVER!
So two weeks ago the facet started to move off its base, and then the bottom of the sink gave out, from an apparent rotten spot. So two weekends ago we spent HOURS searching for a faucet, a piece of wood (for the hole) and a stove. We brought our kids, which equals chaos. Word to the wise, don't bring kids appliance shopping. By the 4th store they sucked.
By the 4th store I was ready for a decision myself. So I asked Lance what his decision was - he gets to pick the stove out, he uses it the most. He points to a WHITE stove. I almost punched him the face right there.......I turned around and walked out. He stood there baffled stating 'what, what?'
Me ' didn't you just bring me home a stainless steal fridge? Don't you think our appliances should match?' *what a novel idea?*
Lance 'no. the white is cheaper, what do I care if they match.'
Me 'we are leaving, I am done.'
And with that we left the stove for another day.......................................
In the mean time my new fridge (that I did not need) works like crap. Yes folks it too is broken. Then this past Friday, we get in from playing outside, well into the evening and our TV is only showing 1/2 the picture. SWEAR.
At that very moment I hear god giggling up stairs at my life in appliance hell.
Count it up people
Fridge, stove, and now TV.
We made a list in April of how to spend our tax money and those items were NOT on it. At the top of it is a washer / dryer. Because that folks is on its last leg, but luckily still working, because everything else in my house sucks.
This past Saturday I got to American and get a damn stove. Lance must pick it up on Tuesday. Wanna bet how long it will take for Lance to actually install the stove????
This morning Lance called the repair guy for the fridge, yeap the fan is broken. hence, not cooling well, hence bad food. screw the swine flu crap going around, I am going to make my family sick by having a new fridge that does not work.
The repair guy is coming back on Wed - aGAiN.
Lance was suppose to go and get a new TV today. who the hell knows if that happened. And if it did, he had better remember we are on a budget. He gets man eyes when he walks in the TV section, he sees nothing but the blue ray disc players and expensive crap.
Any bets on what will happen tonight?????? I have bad mo-jo these days!


A Buns Life said...

So you did you talk him into the stainless one??? I"m sorry, when it rains, it pours. We have all been there.

Cheffie-Mom said...

I feel your pain - our refrigerator just went out. Oh, and pipes under the sink are leaking, too!

Farrell said...

Giirrrl, you need a drink!


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