Monday, April 6, 2009


I had a good and bad weekend, all at the same time.

-the weather was nice.
- the kids were good.
- we dyed Easter eggs

- husband
- husband (again!).
- husband.....slept on the bottom bunk bed in our son's room.
- night out w/ sister = drama.

*Really too much to go into; bottom line. I could not be more disappointed in him and his actions. Perhaps I am a bit disappointed in myself for not punching his lights out. We will survive the marriage by being equal partners, or else we will not survive. In case he has not noticed, I am NOT someone who he can treat badly.
I am his wife, and the reality of it is, he should have a better level of respect for me. If he does not, or can not; then we will be no longer. I will compromise on this one......not today & not tomorrow.
There are times when 'sorry' is not enough. Actions must change, the manner in which he speaks to me MUST change. There are times when he shows complete strangers more respect than he gives me. BTW- I don't care if you were mad. Being mad is not an excuse for bad behavior.
Secondly, I went out with my sister for another Joe Dirt night. Please remind me the next time I 'think' that is a good idea that it really is not. As much as I needed a night out, I should have known better. It was not the good time or release I was looking for. The opinions and emotions of everyone else in our group were overwhelming to me on Sat night. It got to the point that it just made me angry, I just wanted to get the hell out of there. First Lance, then this - really too much drama for me for one day. Her and I did have a good drive home - just her and I discussing the events of the day. Which were weird in nature and so off base at times. It is good to have a sister in times likes these.
Will I ever learn, perhaps not. The highlight(s) of my weekend were all over shadowed by the drama. I, by the way, hate drama..........
Update - our stove still does NOT work; for those of you keeping up with us. We are going on week 3. And now our NEW fridge does seems to be cooling very well. *not my problem!*
How are we eating???? We are using the grill.
Lance turns 36 this week. Do you think he is acting out because he feels old? He said he is now closer to 40 than ever. Do men get freak'd about their age?


Funksauce Vintage Blog said...

As a man I can't say that I am getting freaked out about my age, just the physical deterioration associated with it. I don't think my friends are either, if that helps. I will say that reading about your reaction to Lance sure sounds a lot like my wife does sometimes. Marriage is hard, as you know, and things get worked out, usually slowly but surely and with work. I think men are just selfish and less emotionally attached to things, and is a big part of the problem probably for a lot of marriages in general, or at least on my end :)

Farrell said...

men totally freak out about their age.
hang in there. if you want to go out for a drama-FREE drink, let me know...i'm free the next 2 weekends.


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