Friday, August 29, 2008


I have a long list of blogs in my favorites, I look at them everyday....okay, sometimes twice a day. Because there are days when I really need a distraction.
Then while reading a blog, I glance over at 'their' blog roll - I figure these people must be reading some pretty witty stuff as well. Before I know it I am overwhelmed with trying to keep up with every one's lives or stories. It can be very overwhelming. And at the same time, very creepy. I feel as if I am peeping tom - peering in to a small window of these peoples lives. It is weird, I feel close to them without even knowing them. I feel bonded to them just by their words. I find that very weird, but addictive non-the-less.

Then there is the whole process of writing your own blog. Well, for some it is a process. Apparently, people blog for an audience. I did not get that memo during blogger 101. Oh, that's right, I did not take blogger 101. I started this blog, for me...just little ol'me, and my hair-brain stories, neortice non-sense, and dysfunction but loving family. I am sure you have notice, that my post are pretty much all over the place, a lot like how I talk and think. I do not think about what to post, if there is a flow, if my punctuation is okay or if my spelling is correct. *as I am sure most of you have noticed. I do not feel pressure to post everyday. I do not temper my post wondering who might be reading it. (well, maybe just once or twice - when I was writing about my sister). I do not take the comments to heart, or get all jazzed if I have 5 comments or none.

But apparently some do. Who knew? It seems like a alot of work to me. Work that some people luv. um...not me, not so much. Apparently, there are some bloggers out there who actually make money at this.....what a great gig. But not for me. I am not a writer, as you can tell. I write for my sake, sanity and release. I never knew i would find it so therapeutic and meet some really cool people along the way.

What i have noticed along the way is that some of my blog favorites are either shutting down, posting less, or moving to 'private'. They feel beat-up, less inspired, or have started curving the way the write due to comments they have heard in real life. Dude, frankly, that sucks. What will I do with my time? Something productive? I really felt reading about everyone was productive. It helps me feel less alone in this journey of being a working mom of two. Misery loves company and a glass of wine.

I am not going anywhere, and I hope I never reach the point where this small little glimpse into my life feels like a chore rather than a release. I beg you people keep posting, I will keep reading. Stop counting new traffic and feed the friends you have...we need the coffee and cake along with the back-packs and kid drama. It feeds my soul. I am so surprised at how much it feeds my soul. I read about new mom's, family's with children all grown up, divorced women, a few dads, young mom's, working professionals, college students, - the post are endless. I hope I never reach the point where I feel less important due to the amount of traffic my site gets. I guess when you never set out to do anything other than just be around, it is pretty hard to fail. I am not going anywhere anytime soon. I have grown to luv this gig, and everyone elses.
Here are a few I totally dig daily:

Bun - I have met her in real life. She post about everything from family, friends, work. She is a must read.

Debbie - who has over-cooked her family. She has a site that is inspired by cooking, family and friends. My mother would like her ( I think).

Jeannettee - I luv her photo's, music and quirky post.

Dana from Mamlogues - basically the goddess of blogging. She is a wonderful writer. A must read everyday.

Midwestern mommy - she has a softness, and warmness about her blog post. She welcomes you with open arms, and shares her moments with such class.

My favorite snarky blogger. LUV her in real-life and via the blog. Her ex SUCKS, her daughter rocks and her parents drive her nuts. Could it get any more exciting?

This mommy recently lost her two children. A state trooper was driving to fast and killer her girls. She is picking up the pieces, one day at a time, one event at a time and taking us along for the journey.

This women ROCKS. She works at Target and sells sex toys on the side. She is blunt, witty, snarky. She takes you along on her emotional journey, and provides sex tips along the way. If she lived close to STL, her and my mother would be best friends.

A mom all of us can relate to, or hope to be one day. For real she just posted about stair sliding with her kids. She drives them to school in her pj's and lets into her life one post at a time.

The Wise old black women. She is a poet, baker, mom, wife, and photographer. View the site, read the post and become part of her life, it is well worth the time.

This is a small sample of what I enjoy reading. I have 20 more that I view, but ran out of time. Get your coffee, comfy chair and enjoy the ride. Rocking the world one blog post at a time. These thoughts may not be important in the whole scope of life, they keep me going one day at a time.


slackermommy said...

Dude, thanks for the love.

You are so right. You have to blog for yourself and try not to get wrapped up in stats. I've been guilty of it. In particular back when my blog was getting a lot of traffic and every post had 40 comments. I had to take a break. I couldn't handle the pressure and I didn't like feeling that everything I posted needed to entertain, be witty, or poetic. My blog is my history and a timeline that has helped me document my daughter's Tourettes. And that is just going to have to be good enough.

A Buns Life said...

I read every single one of those blogs except for one...and I agree. There are times I write for the audience, but honestly, I was going to write about the topic anyway, so I just spin my words to be more entertaining if I have the energy. You know what I mean?

Michelle said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. And you are excellent at what you do. Keep it up.

Farrell said...

Thanks for the shout out:)


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