Friday, August 22, 2008

In the rain?

Well, it is Friday, and all of my days seem to run together.
I HATE it when that happens. I have had something to do every day/night this week, and it will roll into our weekend as well.
It has gotten so bad that last night our son is in bed telling his father that 'I just want a day off. I want a down day to do nothing.' *his nothing is code: for play video games. But his words continue to ring in my head today. I too want a day off, a day take a breath and not rush around. I don't see any of those days in the near future. *sigh.
Even when we schedule fun things to do, it is still a chore sticking to the schedule. Like this evening. Work is having an employee picnic; we all get off at 3pm rather than 4:30. They have opened the pool for employees and their families and they will feed us well. But in order to get there I have to run home, change, get my kids, pack them a few items (half the house), load up and return back to work. And after last night, our 4th day in a row of having plans, I am spent!

A brief glimpse into events last night:
Prior to departing for football practice last night I watched the weather, and checked for updates on the web-site like a teenage boy eyeballing a centerfold. You could not keep me away. Where in the hell is the damn storm warning, I kept saying under my breath. I just KNEW they would cancel practice. Boy was I wrong. We parked in the mud, we walked thru the mud, only to sit in the sporadic rain. These football people are HARD CORE. While walking thru the mud pit, I glanced over at another mom, and stated ' I really thought they would cancel tonight.'
She smirked (with that oh, you silly girl smirk) 'They never cancel. N.E.V.E.R'
Football last night was awful. Lance could not go because he worked two shifts, which is good for us, since he missed two days this week, but BAD for mamma because she had to do football practice all by her self. OHHH the DRAMA. Only this time the drama was not from little ms. drama queen, it was from my normally well mannered son. He was blubbering like an idiot, he was stomping around, not going on to the field and finding any small thing to complain about. I even had to pull out the 'I am calling your dad' card. *This normally works like a charm, but not last night. He called my bluff, so I called Lance and he got an earful of the 7 yr old blubbering idiot. I get the phone back to be informed that we should just leave.
This was music to my son's ears. He so wanted to leave.
I dug my heels in and first started out angry, half ass yelling at my already crying son. (I am a classy parent at times). I got a few of the 'looks' from the nearby parents. Then I changed my strategy, I bribed him. I told him IF he played then I would get him ice-cream, actually two ice-creams. Once he calmed down he was agreeable. Twenty minutes later he was not only agreeable, he was having a great time at practice. I kept my end of the bargin and drove thru dairy queen explaining to our son another life lesson. 'Sometimes we have to do things even when we don't want too.'
His response to me ' mom, I get enough lessons at school, so you should just stop trying on your end.'
I looked in the rear view mirror and smiled. That damn kid, even when I want to ring his neck, he makes me smile and laugh. Tell me that he'gets enough lessons at school'. *hump, little do you know little man, you are just beginning.

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