Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Team Sports...

Well, it is official, my son is going to play football.
It is SO official. How come? He was able to buy his first cup.
*giggle, giggle

Saturday we stand in line, to pick up his equipment. And by 'we', I mean all of us. We get issued a helmet, shoulder pads, leg pads and pants. I figured we were done. They did not issue a uniform list. You know a list of must have items, therefore in my female mind I figured we were done.

In the car on the way to the country the conversation between father & son.
*note son has put on his foot ball pants and decides to ride in them.

Son - "Hey, dad..that was pretty cool. uh.'
Dad - 'Yeah, bud you have most of your stuff to get ready to play.'
Son - ' Yeah, I need cleats and a cup'.
* mom suddenly looks cross-eyed. WTF? I am thinking a 'water cup' - not a protection cup.
Dear god, he is ONLY 7.

Dad - ' right on. We will go Monday and pick up your shoes, a cup and a mouth piece.
Son - sits back and smiles.
Two minutes later...............
Son - 'Hey mom'
Mom ' What buddy.'
Son - 'Isn't it cool I get a cup. My first one too.'
Mom - 'Yeah, really cool.'
Before I really put any thought into the question I posed the following question to my husband
Me - 'Why didn't they just issue him a cup and a mouth piece?'

HS - ' GROSS, are you kidding me.'
Me- thinking to self - you men are all gross......so no, not really kidding.
Tonight is our FIRST football practice. This is not tag and/ or flag football. As a mother I am stressed out. As a competitor, I hope he kicks butt and likes it.
Let's hope it has enough going on to keep Pyper's attention, otherwise I will be running up and down the field chasing my two year old.
Who, by the way, is potty training. Ahh, the wine money I will have when I don't have to buy diapers. *joking.

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Farrell said...

good to hear from you again! good luck with the potty training!


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