Friday, August 15, 2008!

Oh MY GOD football has thrown my family into a fit these days. The past two weeks we have had 6 hours of practice a week. We meet three days a week for two hours at a time 6-8pm.

Our normal routine cannot stay in place. Try telling that to my husband. We have fought every night of practice this week. WHY? Because he refuses to give up his routine. I am about to lose my mind. I about to sock him, I am about have a knock out - drag-out fight with this man. I looked at him last night, on the way to practice and said 'this is not fun. No one in our family is having fun with this, and I am ready for it to stop.'

His response to me' then maybe you should just stay home.'

*mind you all the while Pyper is in the back seat crying (about god knows what?), Rylan has fallen asleep (because he is TIRED), and we are fighting.

I was too livid to even respond. I shot him the hairy-eyeball, gave him the shoulder shrug and let him know we would talk later.


Last night I get home at 5pm, we are expected to leave at 5:30. Lance has the table set, and has made steak, potatoes & spinach.

This is his expectation of what should happen in a 1/2 hours time:

We should all eat

I should clean the table

Put the dishes in the washer

Bath Pyper

Make sure homework is done

Get Rylan's gear on - He has a TON of gear

Get Pyper a bag packed (toys, diapers, ect)

Pack a cooler of drinks for the practice

Let me tell you what really happens in a 1/2 hour.

I immediately change my clothes (I am wearing a a skirt and heals - I AM changing).

I sit down and try to eat. I get maybe 15 minutes

I start to clean the table around everyone STILL eating

Luckily, Rylan does not have homework - but what if he did??

I clean up Lance's kitchen mess (which sucks!). This alone could take 15 minutes.

And we start to scramble to get out the door.

Pyper does NOT get a bath, but I change her diaper

Rylan loads up, but forgets his pads and mouth piece.

We drive off and forget the cooler.

And we fought the whole time.

Does anyone else see the issue???????????????

So on the drive I make the following recommendation:

'perhaps you should plan a few meals over the weekend. meals that we can just heat up and run. Secondly, any reason we cannot just have sandwiches and chips like everyone else?'

He is pissed off ' What you didn't like dinner?'

Me 'It is not that I didn't like it, but it was not enjoyable. No one got to eat, and you are sticking to our normal schedule like a damn Nazi. We cannot be expected to actually sit down all together and eat a 3 course meal on a practice night'

Him ' Hail Hitler'.


So there you have it folks, football sucks. Last night Lance was upset that Rylan forgot half of his gear. I looked at Lance and said 'he is 7, you cannot expect him to really be responsible for all of his pads and stuff. That is our job.'

Rylan chimes in ' I didn't forget all of it, I got my cup.'

I smile ' of course you do!'

So here is where I am at. The schedule MUST change, and Lance must let it all go. Or else we will not play football this year. And if Rylan's school work does suffer, then I am pulling plug on the sport as well.

*Dear god, how do parents really do this?????? We are about to kill each other. Plus Rylan is beat, he does not want to get up the next day, and Pyper well she sucks as usual. But we have totally thrown them off - and for what? So, Lance can live a pipe-dream?


Farrell said...

And I thought *I* needed a new routine!!
I don't know how parents do it, I really don't.

Jennifer said...

And that my dear is why I put my foot down and said no sports for the 7 year old. He is only in 2nd grade. It would be great but goodness the 16 year old couldn't handle cross country for two years without the grades dropping. I am having her do drama club this year instead of a sport so she can concentrate on school work.

Good luck, if you stick to it I would suggest the cook and freeze then reheat thing. Quick thing like lasagna etc. that you could just heat up and eat, if Lance would do that!


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