Thursday, August 7, 2008

Keep going.......

That motto keeps ringing in my mind these days....
Get out of bed - keep going
Go to work - keep going
Get up in the middle of the night - keep going
Go to Football practice - keep going
Get 7 yr old braces - keep going
Chiropractor wants you to agree to pay $1,000 up front - keep going (out the door).
I am about out of steam these days.

I am grateful for my job, my family and my life. But DAMN I feel stretched.
I have a suite case that has not been unpacked since my NYC trip, which I took in JULY. My suite case from Madison sits in the floor, on top of my NYC suite case. I have no idea what is in our fridge, what we need or when we will have time to go and get it. We replaced our vacuum only to have our washer making a funny noise. It does not sound too healthy, but I am going to push it until it dies.

Gas has fallen to $3.55 and my husband is singing the happy go lucky song. Are you kidding me? Wouldn't we prefer to see gas under $2.00. It is a sad day when were are happy for $3.55.

Lance is on my last every lovn' nerve. He went to the baseball game Tuesday night, he left at 6:30pm, he came home at 2am. How do I know that? I was up changing Pyper on the couch, because she had peed thru her diaper and I was changing her Pj's and diaper. As I have her butt in the air, diaper about on, my front door opens. In walks a man SURPRISED to see his wife on the couch eye-balling him. From the driveway I hear 'Hi, Beanie' - it is my dad and brother-in-law dropping off my husband. I don't bother to say hi. I get Pyper done and head off to bed.
Lance does, whatever it is he does and made his way to bed.

I woke him up at 7:30 am - to go to the dentist with me and Rylan. Rylan got braces yesterday in preparation for his bone graph. Lance was hung over and should have just stayed home. We got back home at 11 am, I ran Rylan to the sitters and headed off to work.

Lance walked over the couch and lied down. He said he was just going to sleep until noon. Well, apparently he NEVER got up to go to work around noon. His boss called him at 2:30 wondering where he was.
Rule #1 about going out.

*this is not Lance, but it is a good idea............- Don't go if you cannot get your ass up the next day and go to work!

* I am still giving him the cold shoulder. His boss said it was okay, but we all know that it is not. And of course last night I am ready for bed at 10pm, guess who is not. That' s right, Mr. I get to NAP all day.

My last grip for the day....well just for this post, I am sure I will find something else to grip about later. My son starts the 2nd grade, they start next Thursday. OMG. When did school start so early. August 14th, and school starts. I welcome the structured schedule that school provides, but the kid in me thinks that is a bummed deal for my son.


Farrell said...

school starts NEXT WEEK? Holy cow, that is a bum deal!
Girl, you are a working mother of two. No wonder you feel stretched! Hang in there!
(PS - Lance now owes you a free girls' night out and it just so happens I am free tomorrow night...hint hint...!)

A Buns Life said...

That's all you can do girl, that's all you can do. We start on Weds and I am stressing big time....

krissy said...

I got wrote on a couple of months ago from being so drunk. I am not a lush and cannot hold my alcohol.

And a few weeks ago I passed out in a wagon for cripes sakes. Go back and look through some of my posts. There are pictures.

All I need for you to do is take a picture of something that makes you feel sexy. Some girls did their high heels, or just a sweet sexy picture of themselves. Then either put it on your blog and link me and explain the challenge or email me at and explain why the picture makes you feel sexy. need pics.


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