Monday, February 25, 2008

The kids table....

So we go out Saturday night, and prior to going out I am getting ready, trying on this backless shirt. Lance is excited, it thinks it is 'sexy', however my poor boobs look terrible in it. So I pull out these adhesive bras that you can buy at Target/Walmart etc. I put these things on that look like a band-aid on striods, Lance decides he likes the shirt better without anything underneth it. Me 'Of course you do, but I will not be comfortable'.

Lance ' well, those BIG band-aids look funny'.

As we are walking to the car, I sprint back in to my room and put on a normal shirt. I don't want to have boob drama all night long, so I opt for a v-neck shirt and a bra. And it is a good thing I did .

We arrive at the Steak House around 6:30, I didn't eat all day, because I was going to chow at dinner. We don't have a reservation, so we wait until a table has two available seats.

A BIG group walks in, a group with three couples and all of their kids, these kids range from 7 to 17. The couples get one big table and the kids sit at another table, and of course the kids table has two extra seats. The hostess tells us our table is ready, we round the corner and see our two seats are at the kids table. I laugh out loud...I tell Lance ' it feels like Christmas and there are not enough chairs at the adult table so we have to sit with the kids'.

He smiles, he doesn't mind. Don't get me wrong, it is not as if I 'really' mind....but if I had wanted to be surrounded by kids, I would have brought my own.

Secondly, I am thanking god that i changed my shirt, all I needed was to be sitting at the kid table either bra-less or with band-aids. ha!

Our big date night ended with us at home by 10pm.

I have decided that Lance and I go out differently...........I like to go to places, playing music with dancing. Lance prefers to sit and drink at a local hang out or at a place with video games. I had hoped we would do something else after dinner, but no such luck.

Therefore my urge to go out has not been tempered....I 'think' I may go out this week with my sister. I need to let off some steam, nothing a little booty shakn' won't cure.

Update on the stove.......

Lance spend all of yesterday working on switching out the stoves. He ran the gas line, cut more holes in my dry wall and the floor. We got prepared to move the new stove in, only to find out that the electrical outlet is not compatable. Dear god!! He assures me that he can switch that over, it is just a minor hurdle and as he reads his 'code' book, he assures me our home will still meet code. I have to find this funny, otherwise I would kill him.

So we will see if he can complete the project tonight, but for now we have two stoves and we cannot use either one of them.


A Buns Life said...

Bummer about your night out!!

I assume you will have the gas company come out and inspect the final product right? Not that I doubt Lance's workmanship, but I sure would hate to hear of a gas explosion..... It will be nice to have a gas stove. I had never had one until we moved into our old house and now I can't imagine going back to cooking over electric. :)

Farrell said...

they really sat you at someone else's table? Or just close/next to the kids' table?

I'm free wednesday, hint hint!!


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