Friday, February 8, 2008

Flag at half staff..

In honor of Kirkwood, the city I work for has placed their flag at half staff.
This shooting hits really close to home. I was glued to the TV last night, and I have been fielding phone calls from family and loved ones.
I do not work for Kirkwood, I work for a city in West County. But the paramaters are the same. Every month I have to attend two nightly meetings, it is an open meeting with very few security safe-guards. This very easily could have been our city hall.
Given my position I work very closely with each department that helps support the a city - public works, park & recreation, police, administrative etc. I know alot of officers and their spouses. I go to happy hour with officers from surrounding cities, we have become friends. I know their wifes and children. I am heart wrenched over what happened last thoughts and prayers go out to the community, the staff, and the loved ones affected by the chain of events.
Our City is currently in a state of transition, we are in the middle of a new development. This development has an underground swelling of opposition. There have been outcries for it to stop. There has also been supports, who realize that a change is needed. Cars in the parking lot have been keyed, meetings have become heated, and tempers have flaired. For the most part our meetings are pretty tame, but from the looks of last night - it just takes one angry person.


A Buns Life said...

I worry every time anything like this happens... my uncle is the lieutenant
that you saw in the background of all the news conferences. It's a little easier now that he is in charge of the investigations instead always being out there, but you just never know....

Farrell said...

The whole thing is very, very terrifying. I just don't UNDERSTAND what it is that makes a seemingly "normal" person "snap."

Come to the blogger event tonight to get your mind off of it.
6:30 Growlers pub in Creve Coeur


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