Friday, November 21, 2008

All I ever wanted... VACATION

In my mind I keep replaying the go-go's song 'Vacation'
You know it, sing along 'vacation all I ever wanted, vacation HAVE to get away.'

We are leaving tomorrow for El Paso Texas, where it is 70 and sunny. We will be spending 6 nights and 7 days in Texas, visiting family. Hopefully we break away for a bit and actually just spend time, with our kids by ourselves.

We are planning a day or two in New Mexico as well, with a hotel and a pool. My kids should have a blast, and hopefully have fond memories of getting away. My son loves to visit Texas, we go every year to El Paso, and he has a great love for his Aunts and Uncles there. Pyper on the other hand, has been too little to remember any part of her trips to El Paso. She still maybe too little, but they will be amazed at how much she has grown since last year.

While brushing his teeth this morning, Rylan beams at me 'mom, aren't you just SO excited about going to Texas?'
Me ' sure buddy, by this time tomorrow we will be headed to the airport to get on our plane.'
Rylan 'wow, that sure is early.'
Me with a small laugh ' yeah, the earlier we leave STL, the earlier we get to Texas.'
That answer seems to satify him, and we move on about our morning.

We will need to be at the airport by 8(ish). We are taking Lance's dad with us on this trip. This will be our first trip with Lance's dad, and Pyper who will need her own seat. Lance's dad will need a wheelchair to get around, and Pyper may not sit still, or be quite for the trip. We will take it all in stride - a few drugs may help as well.

Work has been brutal this week. Too much going on to really go into right now. To say that I am frustrated would be an understatement. To say that this place is starting to effect me, would be an understatement. I almost welcome a pink slip, it has gotten so bad. I am puking after each meal from the stress, I am not sleeping from the stress. I will take this next week to re-group, work on my resume and network. Either he goes, or I go............
I had a phone interview this past Thursday, and a lunch meeting yesterday. Wheels are in motion for movement, but what a BAD time to start looking for a job. UGH.

I am getting off track, no more talk about work, stress or this damn place.
I am going on VACATION, my family deserves my undivided attention. I deserve the chance to get away, enjoy the sun and let go of it all of a bit.
I will be gone for a week, and prob will not post while I am gone. I will take lot's of photos and I am sure I will have alot of stories upon my return.

I guess if I was thinking ahead of time, I would have asked a few people to guest write for me.......maybe next time. This time I suck.

Have a great thanksgiving and hopefully you will get to spend it with your family and friends.

*I will not get to see my family, which is weird for me. Actually, it makes me sad. We are always together for the holidays. I know it is Lance's family, which is fine, but I will miss the comfortable atmosphere going home gives me. Tonight I am going to see my sister, and spend a little time before we depart for our week long trip. I am not even gone, and I already miss sitting around my parents table eating turkey.


Farrell said...

I am jealous! You deserve a relaxing time away from that stress-pit called "work."
Do you have a portable DVD player? Because if you don't you NEED ONE (for Pyper) because it will SAVE YOUR SANITY.
I have one. Email me if you need it.

Raising Z said...

Have a great time and enjoy the nice warm weather (we had snowflakes today in New England)! Make sure you relax, enjoy the family and leave your work in STL!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!


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