Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Note to self & others:

Good Morning self -

Nice to see you made it to work. Even though your head is pounding a slight fever seems to be creeping up, and you are feeling groggy. Someone's sickness is taking over your body.

Your choices are really limited, since you don't venture out much these days. Work, Starbucks or home.
  • Everyone at home, seems to be feeling fine. We would like to keep it that way.
  • Work, well they are dropping like flies. 15% of the work-force is out sick. There is not enough Lysol in the world to stop this place from being infested.
  • Starbucks, um- you did touch the counter. But think, think - did you touch your face, eyes or mouth after that? You could be the culprit.

Dear Husband, if you don't find a better way to communicate with me I am going to cut your tongue out. Teasing me and making fun of the way I do things is not considered a productive conversation.

Dear Rylan - if you keep whining over Webkins I will throw them all away, and delete your account. And 'no' your webkin won't die if you don't get the opportunity to log back on and put him (Kevin the lion) to bed. Homework comes first. I know you are mad, you can be angry; but you are not allowed to be UGLY.

Dear Pyper - Thank you for sleeping better. You woke up once last night. I stuck to my guns, and did not pamper you. You screamed and cried for about 2 minutes then you sounded so sad. I lay in bed hearing you call for me ' Momma, plse, momma' With each 'momma' that escaped your lips your voice got smaller and smaller, until alais you were back asleep. It broke my heart to hear you ask for me, while I lay in bed less than 3 feet away. But the results are undisputed. My running to your side everytime you woke up, just encouraged your actions. Plus we have a new friend at our house, Mr. Time out Chair. He is working wonders with your sassy 2 yr old attitude.

Dear Work - I have fat fingers and some of my numbers have been transposed. I will pay better attention. I promise. Hey boss man- leave me alone, you may lose this one.

Dear Miss Red Wine - thank you for arriving at my house last night in full force. I welcome your presence anytime. You see that smile that crosses my face around 7:30pm everynight, it is induced by your presence :) Next time you show up, can you bring our good friend Chocolate, I miss him too.

Dear Mr. Household - we are coming after you this weekend. Lance has his orders, he is not very happy about them. We are changing rooms, getting organized and going to tackle you arse. I refuse to keep fighting the disorganized mess.


A Buns Life said...

Oh, don't get sick!!!!
We are right there with you on the webkinz....Jake thinks it is his right to do his daily activities....of course if he doesn't get to do them.... I DO! :)

Farrell said...

The sleeping thing is so, so, so hard. Good for you for making it through a night.

Jeannette E. Spaghetti said...

"Dear Husband...Teasing me and making fun of the way I do things is not considered a productive conversation."

I'm not even sure what to say about this except BLOG ON! I can't really write this kind of stuff on my blog, so it's nice to read others' thoughts - specifically when they mirror my own.


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