Friday, February 29, 2008

Call your doctor.

I have been swamped at work, I know I keep saying that but it is beyond true.

Trying to get adequate health insurance for employees is HARD, and very difficult. The process has sent my office into overdrive. Not to mention I think 'broker's are heartless, liers and scam artist. (am I bitter, yeah - just a little bit).

Here is a glimpse into my day- it started at 5am with Pyper in my bed, trying to find a strand of my hair so she could play (torture me) with it. She tried to find the side of my neck, which was nuzzled by my arm and her little finger made it's way into my ever so pleasant arm-pit. She dug her little finger around in my arm pit, for oh - 3 seconds and proclaimed - 'ICK'.

I shouted back at her, ' you think that is bad, you should feel my legs. Now get away from me'.

We got out of bed and i made my way to the shower; where I located a razor ;)

I was schedule to see my OB today - it has been two years, I thought it might be time. Alias, I started and had to cancel. However, I still needed to speak with her about my semi-depression. So I phoned her office, explained my situation and asked if she still wanted me to come in - so we could talk. She called me over the phone and had a list of questions for me......I have been thru this drill before, and NO I do not want to harm myself or anyone else. Actually, it is worse than that - I just want to go away. She feels I could be depressed and sleep deprived. Very perceptive doc! Thanks, now please call Walgreen's and help a gal out.

Rylan woke up with morning with his eye matted shut. UGH. I was torn between something weird and pink eye. I sent him to school anyway, and called the nurse to 'warn' her. She called me back and let me know that it was irrigated, and looked strange, but she too didn't KNOW if it was pink eye. Hence, he stayed all day. We will see how things look tonight.

Speaking of tonight, I will be keeping my sisters 4 kids - while she goes out. I love to have all of the kids together. So no big deal. A total of 6 kids tonight, and we have decided to feed them spaghetti.

So last night I go to the store, in preparation of 6 kids to feed I pick up the necessities...milk, donuts, beer, Bailey's, sausage, eggs, noodles, sauce, popcorn etc. I go into the store with just my ATM card, and my keys. I am shopping in my sweats and flip-flops, it is 10 pm at night and it is the store what else do people wear?

I go to check out and the lady says' May I see your ID'. I laugh out loud and say 'are you kidding me?' Any other time I would be flattered, but tonight I just wanted to get home - with my Bailey's. I look at her and state ' look at my eyes, see the wrinkles, wanna see my thighs and butt- they have stretch marks from my kids, wanna see the gray hair too, it is from my husband. Please don't make me go out to my car to have to come back in here just to check out. I am WAY over 21.' She seems taken aback and just asked me to state my b-day.

*Clearly something is wrong with me when I am not even happy to be carded, please bring me my meds - at least for a little bit.


Farrell said...

All I can say is next week is a whole new week. Also: i love my meds. AND alcohol. AND smokes. AND coffee. AND diet coke. AND girl scout cookies.
Whatever helps get through the day.
I have not slept in a week, as it is transition time for soph in her new bed and she has REFUSED to sleep before 10:30pm NO MATTER WHAT I DO OR HOW LONG I LAY WITH HER.

Farrell said...

except i kind of expected something like this. (re: my daughter's sleeping issues)


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