Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jumping hurdles....

Dear god, if you can hear me please send me a vacation - a drink and a cabana boy.
I am trying REALLY hard crawl back in bed and pull the covers over my head.

Hurdle 1 and counting:
Around 4pm yesterday I get a phone call from Lance, which is not unusual. He usually calls to say he is on his way to pick up the kids and start dinner. Only this phone call was not typical, it started out with ' Michelle, I think I am broke down on the side of the road.'
Me - you think? What the hell does that mean, either you or you are not.

Lance 'Let me check things out and I will call you back, by the way I am at the Page extension. '
*(mind you we live by Fenton and it is 4pm, I work at 141 and Manchester - not Page extension). I sit by my phone trying not to take work phone calls for fear I will miss Lance's update. *sidebarr - prior to his call I was 'dealing' with the broker from work, about to lose my mind.

Lance calls back, I think I need a tow truck, the belt is off and I don't know what else is going on.
I start racking my brain, I tell him to sit tight and I will call him back with a number of a tow truck. Since I work for a city, that has a public works garage, I call them first.
For real, what the hell do I know about tow trucks - call someone who knows.

Hurdle #2 along with a headache.

They gave the number of a company, I call them only to find out that Page is out side of their AREA. Tow trucks have an AREA? ugh! I call the Dobbs by our house, hear the money leaving my bank account........Dobbs give me the number of another tow truck. I call Lance back AGAIN, and get him to call the tow truck.

In the mean time, I have words with the broker from work, pack up my stuff and head out to the Page extension at 4:10pm. Can we say RUSH Hour!

Hurdle #3 - kids
On the way to pick up Lance I call the baby sitter, we normally pick our kids up by 4pm- clearly, that will not be happening today. I am so lucky she is understanding and the kids can stay warm and safe while I drive around like a idiot.

Idiot man move #415,056, 503, 560, - but how is counting?

It must be noted the the several times I spoke with Lance I could hear people in the back round. Apparently a few people stopped to offer him help, which he declined. Several workers from his company stopped etc. Why would he decline? Why not hitch a ride to my work? That would be too easy, and we like to do things the hard way.

Hurdle #4 -Mr. Fix it (NOT).
I pick him up by 4:30, and mentally note that 270 is jammed packed. Lance calls to inform me that the tow truck will come, but it will be a few hours later. So he will just leave his truck on the side of the road and get a status check in the morning. He 'thinks his belt broke and his timing may be off. Okay, whatever (I think to myself), its not like you can fix it.

He says, 'perhaps I should have them tow the truck to our house.' I interject 'dear god NO. Tell me what happens when it arrives at 10pm and you cannot fix it. Then we will have to have a second guy tow the damn thing to a place that can really fix it. So lets cut out the middle guy (you) and just have it taken to Dobbs.' He half heartily agrees.

Weekend project #100 -gone wrong:

I remind him that our stove still does not work, so we may need to stop and pick up dinner.

We finally get off 270 and are headed to get our kids. We get home and scamper around like crazy people. Shower and baths, order dinner, attempt to do homework.

Hurdle #5 -the fat lip & video games

We are all in the kitchen when Pyper tripped on Lance's work boots and busted her bottom lip. Dear god! The screaming, the crying... Her lip bleeds, her heart is broken, and now she won't eat. Not that I blame her. I don't get to eat dinner because I am tending to a broken heart and a fat lip. Rylan gets up from dinner and request to play video games. I tell him no. It is too late. His 7 year old butt starts stomping and glaring at me. I tell him he has lost his video game privileges for tomorrow. Then he begins to cry. OMG. I get the mommy I am so sorry, please, please. I don't give in. We have a rule in our house, you can be mad, but you cannot be ugly!

And that was ugly. So now I have two kids crying, and I am starving. Did I mention PMS is creeping up on me. Everyone in my house should just run for cover.

Hurdle # 6 - If I cannot eat (no one should eat).
I am pushed over the edge to find Lance sitting at the table eating dinner. We have words. So now I have everyone in my house either crying or mad. Good times.

Hurdle #7 - alarm clock
Lance for the most part sleeps on the couch. He decides to make his way to bed at 3am. By this time Pyper is in my bed ( a whole different story). Lance starts messing with his alarm clock at 3am. (What the hell is wrong with people?) . Lance messes with his clock to the point that now he cannot turn the radio off. I tell him to turn the TV on, so he has a light and he can get the damn thing to go off. He turns the TV on, but the damn thing still will not shut off.

I grab it and throw it across the room. Hasty, I know - but it was 3am.

He gets up angry turns the light on to re-set his clock. Pyper wakes up disoriented and starts crying. (check mate). He sits quietly on the edge of the bed resetting the clock. Pyper is awake asking for milk. I tell her the milk is gone. She is hysterical at this point. She flips and flops until 4:15am. We are all up by 5:45am. I am cranky, bitchy and sleeply.

Hurdle #8 - whose damn keys are these?? (not mine)
Lance leaves at 6am, a co-w0rker picks him up. I get a phone call at 7am to inform me that he left his work keys at home. And he would like me to run to his work site today - past the Page Extension. Yes, of course dear - naw, those words never came out of my mouth. I a few choice 4 letter words and 1/2 a tank of gas later.

I have an appointment on Friday to see my doctor to discuss my stress, attitude and how to better cope. I have an idea - drinks and a cabna boy. My legs are tired from jumping the hurdles, and it is only 9:30. Who knows what the rest of the day will bring.


Farrell said...

WOW, what a week! I suggest we go OUT tomorrow night, maybe for Mexican and Margarita's. It's the LEAST Lance can do for you, considering he just ate like nothing happened, and that you've been driving your ass all over town for him!

Michelle said...

I would LUV too, but we are scheduled to 'try' to get our stove actually working.
Wish us luck (we will need it).
But ask me again in the near future - I had fun last time.


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