Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Weekend projects - half arse?

The weekend was rather productive.....I say rather because in true Lance form he started another project he cannot finish.
His two steps forward - he did help me move the rooms. Rylan is upstairs in his 'own' room. He is very excited to have his bed, dresser, desk and stuff in his own space. A space where he can close the door and do 7 yr old boy stuff. (scratch his butt, fart, burp, draw cars etc.)
Then we had to move the desk down stairs into the man lair. Now this room contains the desk, computer, a mini-fridge, a recliner a big screen TV, PS2, and a couch. It smells like feet and beer. Hence the man room.
We moved on to the guest bed, where we set up the bed, made the bed, only to have it covered with the clothes that needed to be put away. The clothes cannot be put away until we move the closets. It is Tuesday and the closets are still not organized. But the rooms are set up and more organized.
Lance's 5 steps BACK - while I packed up the kids and headed to church, Lance stayed home and found his destructive side. I walk in from church (which is only an hour), and find a piece of a wall on my kitchen table. The piece has markings (measurements) on it. I walk down stairs and Lance has decided to 'try' to run a gas line from the downstairs to the upstairs so he can install a gas stove.
*side barr - I bought Lance a gas stove at a yard sale this summer. A subdivision was bought out and the homeowners were selling everything. Lance always wanted a gas stove. I bought the stove after asking Lance if we had a gas line. He assured me that we did. He picked up the stove brought it in to the house only to discover 'viola' we don't have a gas line to the stove (only the dryer). Since summer he has been driving around with the stove in the back of his truck. Why, you may ask? It is a reminder of what a dumb-arse he is - ha!
So we have had this other stove for over 6 mths and NOW he decides that he is going to install it.
Back to Sunday......I go downstairs and find him surrounded by his saw a measuring tape and a beer. OMG. I ask him what is going on? He responds that he is going to install the gas line and hook up the stove. Two words that send me into a fright. Gas line and install. Lance works with wires, not gas. I tell him to call the gas company and have them do this install. He assures me that he CAN do this. He needs 6 ft of new line.
me - omg!
Then he will need to place a new value in the line blah, blah, blah. I have visions of us blowing up or inhaling gas and not being able to get out of our home. He assures me I am over-reacting.
So we stand there and talk long enough to decide we are both hungry and this project cannot be completed that afternoon. So once again two steps forward and five steps back. The rooms were moved, but now I have big hole in my laundry room. I can assure this hole will be here for the next 6 months, before he gets the urge to look at it again. He is classic for staring projects and never finishing them. This is why I don't have trim (we put down new floors), and I don't have thresholds (we put down new floors). We got the floors down but did not bother to finish the project.
Saturday I went to pick up movies, because it was cold on Sunday and I knew we would be huddled up inside. I picked up 3:10 to Yuma, thinking Lance and I could have movie night. I don't like westerns, but he does. After dinner we are watching the kid’s movie, and I ask Lance what does 3:10 to Yuma mean? What is this about? Before Lance can respond, my ever so smart 7 yr old - "310 is three 100's - duh mom. And 310 is just that 310.'
Lance and I glance at each other; half giggle and thank him for his insight. Duh!
Our movie night consisted of me listening to Lance snore while I watched a western. After the movie was over I informed him that I am no longer doing movie night with him...because he sucks. His response ' I saw the whole thing'. classic.

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Jeannette E. Spaghetti said...

Sounds like my kind of 'home improvement' projects. I have more half-fihished projects than I care to remember.


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