Monday, February 4, 2008

One eye open?

I am dragging today. Apparently I got dressed and it was either
a) dark
b) I was blind
c) I just didn't give a damn.
It is actually all three, which would explain why I am wearing mostly black my shoes are navy. go me. Secondly, it would explain why my black plants needed to be ironed, but are NOT, and they have several spots of fuzz. Apparently, somone (me) thru these particular pants in the wash with a towel or two.
*So if you see me walking down the street or the hall-way, save your pointing and laughing until I 'round the corner. Feel free to snicker, because the reality is I would laugh at you.
My lack of attention today is a clear indication of my weekend.

Friday was a snow day, well sort of. My children went to our care-giver and I drove my butt to work. My children had a blast playing in the snow, and for that I am grateful. Normally, we all play in the snow together. Technically, Lance plays in the snow, I watch thru the window switching out hats/gloves and offering up hot-coco.

Friday evening we packed up and headed to the country. Lance's brother was keeping our kids so we could par-take in the Mardi Gras event. We were at the party by 10am on Saturday. Our kids were safe in the country, and we were prepared to wade thru the streets of Soulard.

We bought our first drink at 10am - Idiot, that is what my body is saying to me today. IDIOT.
Okay, so I started drinking at 10am, I did pace my self, but I too old to party like a rock-star. Two important things, I do NOT flash ( they are not pretty, two kids later), I do not puke nor drink so much that I lose control. I am control a freak, therefore starting to drink at 10am was a bit shocking to my system. Even with out having to show the girls I caught a ton on beads. Why? Because I have the arms of a softball player and put my skills to good use ;)
Besides, if the mid-20's girl next to me was willing to give it up, in theory she could not continue to raise her shirt and catch the beads at the same time.
So being the good natured person that I am, I shared my loot with her. By the end of the day I am sure she looked like this

Luckily, we have friends in Soulard -so we had all of the warm makings of home. Early on Friday, Lance dropped off his Gumbo and a cooler of treats for us.

It was nice to have a place to go- get out of the cold, put our feet up and people watch. I am a people person, and I am amazed at how 'retarted' people start to act. Amazed and amused.
The people in the apartment were well beyond their 20's, so the apartment did not have alot of drama. Which was nice. But I was a bit shocked when one lady passed out on the bed and then two hours later her friend laid down next to her and puked on her. GROSS! Now that is true friendship....'hey, how about we share a drink and in a few hours I will puke on you.' ick.
Lance and I rented a room downtown, which was a good idea. We made our way to the room by 7:30, mainly because the tempture was beginning to drop. Another indication of me being old.

We made our way to the hotel bar ate and called it a night. Our big night ended by 9:30pm. We paced ourselves, and were up by 7am on Sunday.
We treked back down to the country (2hrs away), picked up our kids and made our way back to the city. The day after I always wonder if ALL of the driving was really worth it?

Our friends had a super-bowl party last night, so we made it home by 2pm only to be back out the door by 4pm. Lance rooted for the Giants and Rylan for the Patriots. Rylan was upset by the loss, but his emotions were tempered by the fact that it was a good game.
I can actually say it was a good game, because I watched most of it.

Step-back, I will say it again - I watched most of it. Who knew?
I wasn't the most enjoyable game, but the game was close enough to keep the viewers engaged. So I ate and watched football. We made it home by 9:30 and the kids were in bed by 10pm. this is past their bed time. This morning, everyone was dragging and my house looks like a tornado ran thru it. The house will have to wait until later this week. I am not an over-achiever, I know my limits. I should sleep first then clean.
Note to self: I should probably lay my clothes out for tomorrow, just to ensure I don't look like I do today.
Cheers to Mardi Gras and Superbowl.
Our next big weekend will be Monstertrucks on the 16th and the Blues game on the 17th. We should spend this coming weekend tending to our home.

Signing out Batman.

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