Friday, February 15, 2008

In a FUNK....

I have been swamped at work dealing with urgent issues; therefore everything else in my life has suffered. This includes but is not limited to my thoughts, family, desk and emotions.

I know enough about myself to know when I am not good, and right now I am not in a good place. I am short tempered, stressed and testy - basically I suck.

I should wear a disclaimer across my forehead - speak at your own risk, cannot be held accountable for the words that fly out of my mouth. I am sorry, before I even begin.

On the flip side I ask that those close to me should give me a damn break.

HELLO - I am testy and give me a damn break!

Since I have recognized that I have an issue, I am also setting up an appt to speak with my doctor. I know I am off kilter....

Perhaps if we slowed down it might is a brief history of our weekend.

Work all day Friday - get home at 4:30 to pack up kids and head to the country (2hrs away). Arrive in the country with two cranky kids at 7:30pm. We are staying with Grandpa who is less tolerant of kids the passing of his dear wife Nancy. The kids and I are in bed by 10pm. I get up to pee at 3:15 and notice Lance is still up with this brother. They have entered 'drunk' talk. I inform him to get his butt to bed.
Saturday, I go see my mom (also in the country), get my taxes done, go to the bank and grab some lunch. We pack up around 1pm and head back home on Saturday (less than 24 hrs later). Because we have Monster truck tickets for Sat night. We are not taking the testy 2 yr old; she is going to my sisters. So we arrive home by 2:30(ish), to sh*t, shower and shave. We pack up at 4:30 and head to drop Pyper off; on our way we get a call that Misty's house has the flu. So we backtrack to drop off me & Pyper, because now I am staying home while the boys take in the event. The boys make it home by midnight.
Sunday, we go to church (which was like pulling teeth), go to lunch and by 3:10 Rylan and I are out the door to go to a hockey game. We go to the hockey a bunch of junk, watch a fight or two and head home.
Monday, we have a play date at Bounce U. Lance has work, I am off due to Presidents day and I am glutton for punishment. We spend over an hour at Bounce U....bouncing, climbing and sliding. I was in and out of every obstacle there at least 20 times. Pyper and Rylan LOVED it...afterwards we went to a friend’s house for lunch and then trucked on home. Once home we made Jell-O and a cake. Lance got home and asked 'where's dinner?' I responded ' I am not an overachiever - just cake'. Last night I was up listening to Lance cough, Pyper cry and pee thru her diaper and Rylan get up at 4am to pee and FINALLY we were all up at 5:30 this morning.
KILL me now.
Did I mention I have a meeting tonight - yeap. I am working all day, and then I go home for two hours. Bath my kids, do homework, have dinner and then come back to work. Only to be here bright and early tomorrow..........
To say that I am stressed is a bit of a stretch.
Did I mention Pyper turns 2 in two weeks, then Rylan turns 7 two weeks after that then, Lance has a b-day two weeks after that. Oh yeah, in between all of that I have an Audit at work and I am in the process of negotiating health insurance for the city staff.
Keep the good times rolling...........


A Buns Life said...

Ok, you need to SLOW down. All this driving back and forth and multiple things going on each and every day.....there is NO WAY I could do it. I'm crabby and testy and everything and we don't do half the stuff you all have going on. Take some time for YOURSELF if at all possible, or just say no to going to the country one weekend soon and stay home and have a lazy weekend.....just my assvice. :)

Farrell said...

I'm sorry you had such a rough weekend/rough week. I hope that this coming weekend is better.
Maybe have Lance take both kids for a few hours this weekend so you can have some alone time?


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