Thursday, May 15, 2008

Random Thursday...

Getting ready to head out the door. The kids are ready to go!

'Me and Pyper this morning! SMILE. Photo by Rylan, who loves the camera

************************************************************************************* FLASH......this is Pyper before leaving in the morning. She WAS dressed - and when I turn my back, she is unclothed. Nudist in the making...

Yellow is BRIGHT....
My husband has had the last 3 days off work, and he decided to paint. He choose YELLOW and here are the results.

It was a nice bathroom blue, very soothing. He is very proud of himself, so I am going to tolerate it. Now, when I get up to get a show, I wear sunglasses. ;O)



A Buns Life said...

Does the picture not do it justice? Otherwise I'm saying that I like it.....don't hate me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Beenie

I like the Bathroom, I think it looks good. I hope to see you this weekend if you are coming down. I am glad that you guys showed up for mothers day at the farm, it was good to see everyone and I know Grandma Shirley, Your mom, Aunt Deb & family, Uncle Mark & family, Jane & Tim all called and said what a good time and day it turn out to be.

Love Ya
Aunt Di.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I like the yellow bathroom. But then, I'm weird.
I'm glad the root canal went well!


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