Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Witty.....handsome are you out there?

So my son keeps asking for an animal....we have had a dog and a cat (years ago).

When my son was born we had a cat - Samson. He was awsome! Him and Rylan connected from the start. When Rylan would come home from surgery, Samson would lay at his feet, keeping close eye on him at all times. When Rylan learned to crawl, he would make his way to Samsons bowl and par-take in the cat food. Samson shared, and even let Rylan feed him - no problem. When we moved from our apt to our home 5 years ago, Samson wanted to be outside, and two weeks later he never came home. I have been heartbroken ever sense, so I won't go get another cat.

When Rylan was almost three I demanded a dog. I told Lance, either you pick one out - and go get it; or I will show up one day with one. Lance, knowing me oohh to well - knew I was not joking. He was afraid of what I might actually bring home, therefore he got off his butt and found Henry in the local paper. Him and Rylan took a day and drove to BFE to look at Henry, and brought him home to us when he was 6 weeks old. Henry was an old English Bulldog. He fit in just fine - he was lazy, snored and tore up my furntiure. We bought a bigger car, so we could fit Henry in the back seat with Rylan. He was part of our family. Here he is all dressed up for Halloween.

Anyway, bottom line over christmas we lost Henry. He was at my mom's farm, and ran onto HWY 21 and was hit by a car. We were devestated. Lance has been brokenhearted ever since, therefore we have not replaced Henry.

Rylan (7 yrs old), keeps drawing photo's at school of a house, family members and all of his drawings include Samson and Henry. He keeps asking for a pet, he wants SOMETHING.

I asked 'what about fish?'
Rylan 'naw'.
Me 'what about crabs?'
Rylan 'naw, how about a hamster or a gunie pig. We can name it Handsome, a combination of Samson and Henry.'

I had to smile - how witty. I am on the prowl for a Handsome....I don't know what it is just yet, but I need to get something as a pet. And he shall be deemed Handsome.


A Buns Life said...

Too cute. So sorry about losing your pup....

My vote would be for the g.p. they live longer than hamsters but the upkeep is about the same. Plus they are less fragile.....for those tiny hands that might like to squeeze.

cyndy said...

Handsome.....that is so sweet.


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