Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend update...

Whew, I am GLAD this weekend is over.
It is a bit of a blurr...I have a TON of photos to share later (I have to find the damn camera cable to go into the computer).
Anyway, we packed up and went to the country to attend the Ozark Mountain Music Festival and watch the tractor parade. Yes, it was a parade of tractors (if you can believe that).
On top of it all my sister came down with her kids and all of the kids (girls mainly) got gussied up in old time clothes. They wore big dresses, gloves, hats - the whole nine yards. I PROMISE to post photos soon.
They had a good time, walking around looking at booths...which included the deer head booth, the cowboy hat booth, the root-beer stand (sold in a wine bottle), the John Deer booth, and of course all the crafts and quilts your little heart could desire.
It was a wonderful weekend to spread out some blankets on the court house lawn, and watch the kids play. We ate from the local booths, and my only grip is that they were lacking the funnel cake...grrr.
The sunshine and family were good for my soul. Did I mention that my mother also got dressed up - I know photo's to come soon. I on the other hand settled for my tank top, jeans (not wranglers ) and flip-flops.
My sister brought down a girl friend of hers who I caught asking ' people REALLY do have court-house festivals and tractor parades?' My sister laughed - 'yeah. and this is the only parade that you won't find 50 horses bringing up the end of the parade.'
My son continued to receive stares, as he walked around in his flame shirt and his mo-hawk. But he 'spanked' the pants off all the kids during the sack races, so he was glowing with small time pride. He raced three times and beat them all by a long shot. Then he spent the rest of the afternoon driving his grandpa's lawn-mower around. Yeap - Hoosier!
Last night we were at dinner and Rylan asked ' mom, what kind of foods do you NOT like?'
Me -' Onions, Tomatoes, and green olives.
Rylan 'What kind of foods do you like, what is your favorite food - steak?'
Me 'No, I eat alot of steak, because that is what your dad makes. But I would prefer chicken or fish. What about you, what is your favorite food?'
Rylan without hesitation ' Paper!'.
Me, I almost fall over ' WHAT, did you just say Paper?'
Rylan 'Yeah, paper then steak.'
I look horrified at Lance ' Paper, when do you eat paper?'
Rylan 'Well, I have never actually eaten it, but it looks good.'
I laugh out loud. Then inform him ' don't eat paper or glue - it is bad for your stomach.'
Paper - this kids never ceases to amaze me.
Lance and I got into a MAJOR fight over the weekend. I am sleeping in the guest room until he bucks up and apologizes. We stayed with his father over the weekend, and I am totally frustrated with the lack of responsibility Lance and his family are taking. His father needs HELP, with his house, his yard, his medicine etc. Plus, Lance's brother irks the living CRAP out of me. I cannot keep it in any we had a blow up, at grandpa's house (for which I feel bad). I mowed grandpa's lawn this weekend, it took me 2 hours ; then I did 6 loads of laundry, changed all 4 beds, swept floors, mopped floors and cleaned windows. Not that I mind, but Lance's brother lives next door - why is he not helping? Grandpa is 77 almost 78 years old, get him a house cleaner and a lawn boy. I don't mind helping him, I love him - but for godssake, he has 6 kids who need to make some decisions.
I would never let my dad or mom live like that, and I cannot believe that they are.... he had eggs in fridge since March, and sour cream with mold, and cheese with mold and mouse dropping in his bread box. He cannot see them, so he eats it. He was even trying to do his own medication when we arrived. STOP the MADNESS.
So prior to the fight with lance my weekend went well.
We are expected to go back down this weekend to attend a graduation ceremony. I told Lance this morning that I was not going IF we did not get things straightened out, and if things did not change for Grandpa. He nodded. (I don't think he nodded in agreement, I think he was just recognizing that I was speaking to him).
We will see. One thing that is very clear about me, there really is no gray area - I am a wide open book, and I am a stubborn BITCH when I need to be. I am not going to meet half way on this one.
Enjoy ...

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