Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sick child..

I had high hopes of getting things done today....needless to say, I had to cancel everything.

Pyper is really sick today, and I am afraid IF I cannot get her to keep anything down by early evening then I will pack her up and take her to urgent care - just to make sure she is not dehydrated. I kept her with me yesterday, she had a mild fever and a loose stool. I didn't figure any of the other parents at the child care would appreciate any of their kids being around a kid that 'might' be sick. So early yesterday, Rylan had an Ortho appt, so I packed up the two kids and headed down by the Galleria (which is a MESS). Pyper semi-puked before we even hit 270. So I pulled over at the gas-station and changed her clothes, and we moved on.
The next 4 hours she seemed okay. I took her to work with me, we went to the pool area, which is to open this week. I met with the managers, trained them on the credit card machine, and walked around the park with Pyper.
We made our way back to my office where I fed her lunch and settled in for a conference call. Pyper fell asleep in my lap while I held two conference calls and completed two reports. I keep a blanket, pillow and crafts at my work - just in case. The pillow and cover came in handy yesterday. Her fever subsided early evening yesterday, and she kept dinner down. I figured we were on the up-hill swing. I figured wrong. This morning she looked fine, no fever and was ready to get dressed and go. So we did.

*I got ready for a FULL day of meetings, conference calls etc. My day was jameed packed of what I figured to be important work stuff.

I got a call at 10am - you know the one that makes your heart drop. As soon as I saw the caller ID, I knew.

So I packed up what I could, canceled what I could, rescheduled what I could and left the rest to deal with later. Pyper had puked 3 times at the sitters and had two messy diapers - between 7:30 and 10am. I was there by 10:30 and since we have been home (2 +hours) she has thrown up everything she has tried to eat / drink. Her eyes are sinking into her sockets, and her color is not great. She is asleep right now, as I continue to monitor her. She has a bug that is kicking her butt and making me feel bad for even trying to send her today. I know it was a boarder line call this morning, but I really thought she was on the up hill swing.

Nothing will make you feel more helpless than not being able to make your child feel better.
She is clingy, so I let her be. She has puked me, the couch and 4 covers thus far - but my patience will not wear thin - it is just part of the process today.

It is not a day to care about wearing suite or what shoes to wear, it is a day to be a mom in a t-shirt and boxers with a soothing voice, open arms, and a warm chest to lie against. She will fall asleep to the sound of my heart beat, and I will spend my time caressing her face taking in the fact that she still fits in my lap. For tomorrow she will be 13 sick in her bed, not wanting me to be around. But today, I get to be a source of comfort and a mom.

Everything else will have to wait....tomorrow is another day. Pyper won't remember if I closed a deal, finished an important project or won an award. She will remember if I held her when she was sick, showed up at her games, helped her shop for prom and was around. I maybe a working mom, and I struggle with that from time to time - but I am a mom, and my kids come first.
I pray she feels better soon, today I miss her smile the most.


Lisa said...

Hope she starts feeling better soon! Poor little girl!

A Buns Life said...

poor bunny! try some pedialite frozen pops.....

Jennifer M. said...

Poor thing! Hope she feels better soon. I hope she knows what a wonderful Mama she has :)

Farrell said...

poor pumpkin - how is she feeling now?


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