Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dirty Thursday??? House of Rock - anyone?

It is not very often I get a FREE night, but tonight is FREE.
What does this mean, exactly?
Well, I am planning on going out after work - happy hour. Then going out after that....
That means not going home until - um, bar closing time (perhaps?).

Why, you may ask....even if not, I will tell you.
Tonight the local PD is going to be bus-boys at Tuckers Steak House in West Co., for the Special Olympics. I always attend this event - hence the happy-hour.
Well, it just happens to ALSO be Dirty Thursday at the house of Rock (S. County). This means that Joe Dirt and the Dirty Boys Band will be playing. Although they are not my favorite, they have proven to be a good time. What will make this time even better?? FAMILY.
My sister, my mother, my two aunts a few friends and we have a PARTY. It seems like they have all made arrangements to attend Dirty Thursday as well.

So, Lance decided that it would be best if I didn't come home between work and planned activities. *Don't tell him, but I didn't plan on it anyway.
But he decided that it would just put Pyper in a funk if I showed up for an hour, to get ready and then left. So, in an effort to help his night go smooth, he asked that I just not come home - until I was ready. What a novel idea!
I loaded my car full of stuff this morning - 5 changes of clothes, make-up, shoes - who knows what I will feel like wearing; and since I cannot go home - I must be prepared.
I am looking forward to tonight. Lance asked 'will you be home by midnight?' My answer 'I don't know. Prob not, if we are having a good time, then I will stay until the end and suffer tomorrow.'
*mind you he has baseball tickets for tomorrow, so he has a 'free' night tomorrow.
My sister in law called me last night, and I have yet to return her call. Pyper had a MAJOR melt-down last night. A two hour melt down - because I would not give her a sippy cup. I am making her drink out of a regular cup (a kid cup). A cup with out a nipple or a top. She threw a FIT. Therefore I did not take or make any phone calls for fear that child services would be called due to the screaming the back-round. She threw the cup, dumped the water all over the floor, followed me around and hit me, had time out more times than I can count. And after two hours she sat down and drank out of a cup. She drank out of a cup this morning. FIT over, and we are moving on. But damn, that girl is stubborn. There is not enough booze or ear-plugs in my house.
Follow-up to a few questions:
Which movies did I watch over the weekend?
Juno (cute) ; Charlie Wilson's War (not bad); Charlotte's Web; a scary move I forgot the name of. Plus I watched my TiVo versions of Grey, and my DVD collection of Sex In the City.

Have I called the Sleep Specialist for Pyper?
Yes and No.
Yes, I called and I left a message.
Have I followed up, no. I keep thinking I can manage this situation as well. Her big girl bed is helping - she is sleeping longer and more comfortable. But she got up twice last night. My downfall, is that I get up to comfort her and I end up falling asleep right next to her. UGH.
If anyone cares to joins us the evening at House of Rock and/or Tuckers we would love to see you!
I must admit I am a bit freaked out about have a FREE night. It is weird, but I am going to take full advantage of it!!!

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