Monday, February 1, 2010

Earrings and more...

Well, things have been tough, tense and well just down right out of sorts.
Not sure where to start and frankly have gotten to the point where I just don't care.....frankly I don't mind being in this state of mind, which prob says something all in its self.
Lance and I got in a HUGE fight over my son requesting an earring for his 9th birthday. I mean HUGE, to the point of hanging up on each other and being um, not so nice. He says, no and I say it is prob okay. Not only does he say no, he says I am an irresponsible parent for even thinking that it is okay at the age of 9.
See me fly off the handle. Sure I am a lot of things and perhaps irresponsible a time or two, but over this issue - for real? Lets be frank folks, I have let my son wear a mo-hawk since he was 5, per his fathers encouragement and support. So the fact that I semi- support an earring does not seem off base to me. Mind you I did not encourage the latest request, but I don't see any huge harm in it either.
My son gets all A's, he is comfortable in his own skin and he thinks at this stage it is cool. My husband told him it was and I quote 'gay, and that only pirates and girls wear earrings.'
See me punch him in the face!! My son was almost in tears, totally deflated by his father and his latest approach. Mind you my husband has had a tongue piercing, eyebrow piercing and yes folks even his ears. So to deflate my son in one fail swoop sent me over the edge. I told Rylan to ask his dad, feeling that him and I would pretty much be on the same page w/ this issue. I could not have been more wrong nor more shocked.
Needless to say, huge fight ensued - I called got a few perspectives and the broached the subject again w/ dear ol' hubby. Trying to be sensible, well that approach ended in another screaming match. GAME ON.
So I had plans for Sat night, going out for Girlz nite out. But on Friday, around 7pm, I left the house as well. Friday morning and afternoon was the earring conversation, so for the sake of saving peace in the house -either he needed to go or I did. Well he clearly was not going out.
I called the ol' sister and out we went. I needed to decompress, I needed to relieve some stress.
On my way out the door I get the whole ' what about your kids' speech.
My kids are fine, their father can take care of them. Besides it was prob best that one of us left, for the sake of the kids so they did not have to hear us fight (again!).

A weekend of two nights out, is about to kick my butt. Well worth it all, I SO needed this type of a weekend. I laughed so hard I cried, I danced so much my legs hurt two days later, and I have such good friends I could burst. I did not drink too much, that was not the mission. But I did decompress, I did re-group, and I am still going to stand my ground.
I told Lance that I was going to let Rylan get an earring for his 9th birthday in March, like it or not. But IF he has anything to say about it, he had better take it out on me and not Rylan. We will see how this one pans be continued.

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Farrell said...

I'm glad you had fun and was able to get out!


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