Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Moving n shaking..

Well, Lance has been gone for for approx. 4 plus weeks.
The first two weeks I was luving the single parent gig, well definitely enjoying my time alone in the house without the stress. Then reality kicked in and the taxi service, the maid, mom mode, working mode and everything in between. To say that I am worn out would be an understatement. We have football every Tues/Wed/ Thurs from 6-8pm, which requires that I leave work at 4 to get my kids from my sisters, go home let the dog out, get the gear, grab the cooler, grab some snacks, change my clothes and GO. Mind you just because it is over at 8pm does not mean that we get home anywhere close to 8. It is normally closer to 9pm. At which time both kids must take a shower and after the shower they want to eat. So I am making anything from ham n' eggs to tacos at 9ish at night. Then comes the bedtime adventure with Pyper. I am still working on putting her in her own big girl room. Making her go to sleep on her own. This my friends has been a process. She gets out of bed like a million times. Or I go into her room a million times to cover her up, bring her a drink or just because she called me. Normally by 10 pm everyone is asleep and by then I am half asleep on the couch. Only to be woken up by the dog at 2am. Like clock work, 2am folks!! OMG. He is licking my elbow so I can let him out. This might be easier to take in stride if I wasn't already leaving my house 30 to 45 min early to get my kidz to my sisters. Since I have lost my sitter, my sister has been keeping my kidz. Which requires that i get them up early and attempt to drag my arse out of bed early as well. By week 4 the series of events are wearing on me.
So, in a change of events I am SO ready for Lance to come home. *gasp* I know i said it out loud. Plez, plez come home.......plez help!!
So last night I left work early to get the kidz so we could make open house between 3-6pm. On the way home from my sisters Pyper fell asleep and normally I would just let her nap a bit then put her in the shower. But since as usual we had somewhere to be I had to wake her up. We grab the supplies, the check book and head off to school. It is the twelfth hour and I STILL don't know what I am going to do with Rylan and the school bus situation. So while at the school i picked up some info regarding before and after school care. *cringe, cringe* It is that or let him get on and off the bus by himself, which does not sit well with me. So starting tomorrow I have a new wrench in my routine. Before care for Rylan.....
We have not done alot this summer, yet if feels like i have been run over by a truck ;)
So as I beg n plead for Lance to wrap up the job, it feels like a double edge sword. Please come home but find some work. Not sure I can have it both ways. I am sure in a week or two I will begging him to go back on the road. There really is no pleasing me, I know this.
However in his absence I think we have both gotten back to a point of loosing our anger towards each other and found a space of wanting to work on 'us' a bit more. That my folks is a silver lining in this debacle of a summer.
Last week my FIL had a stroke n' heart attack. I was the only one around. I was Lance's life line to his father. So me n the kids spent hours at the hospital keeping grandpa company and waiting for him to get out of surgery. Once lance's sister arrived I let her take control and once again got back on track. Ever tried to take two kids to a hospital, let alone have them around when an elderly person gets out of surgery? Well, we were there for 6 hours and I would have to say it was not ideal but my kidz did a great job. I packed color books, and a puzzle. We spent two hours putting together a puzzle. And I am happy to report that grandpa is doing well, all things considered.
So last night was open house, tonight is football practice, tomorrow morning is the first day of school the football tomorrow night and so on.....
Somewhere in all that I am shopping for food, making dinner, dishes, laundry and trying to luv them without shouting. I only get one shot at this mom gig, so I am taking it in stride but I have come to realize that another set of hands is helpful. And yes, there are times when i truly miss the support. So to all you single mothers out there - whether you are single, your spouse is away or you are just doing alone. I commend you!
So Lance, once you return, just know that I will be happy you are back. It maybe short lived, our lives only continue to get busier.....onward and upward.

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Farrell said...

Oh wow - so sorry to hear about your FIL.
And yes, single-motherhood is one tough gig.


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