Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snowy day

Well this weekend has come and went just like the wind that blows strong today.
And here in STL winter has taken a strong hold today.....
Friday night I went out with some friends from college. We met down town had dinner and then moved on to Shiver. One of the guys bought dinner, on his corporate card, we all paid for own drinks. Here is the kicker, I was surrounded by mostly Russians and I found myself attempting to enjoy a glass of red wine with dinner only to have them order rounds of vodka shots.
I'm not a shot girl. Let alone before my dinner even arrives.
Apparently they do vodka shots with everything and anywhere. Then the follow it up with a pickle. I know - a PICKLE.
We went to shiver - a dance club with a room made out of ICE. Very trendy. And the first round of drinks - you guessed it shots of vodka. OMG. Give me some water already.
I've decided that I cannot hang with the Russians.
Saturday the family went to make ginger bread houses at a friends house. It was a lovely affair - until 10 pm rolled around and I am still waiting on Lance to show up so we can take the kidz home and let the dog out of the kennel. Mind you we left the house 12:30 in the afternoon. Then we get home to a dog that has pooped and puked in his kennel. Two kids dead tired, and a dog that needs some attention stat!! Nothing like cleaning dog poop at 11pm.
Sunday was designed to be a lazy day. I had plans to FINALLY get my tree up and attempt to address the house the clean fairy has neglected. Then I look outside and what do I see - SNOW. Not that I had planned to go outside today, and now that there is snow outside that has sealed the deal. I am going to turn up my heat to 86 degrees and act like I live in FL.
As the kids get super excited, I start trying to find their snow suites, gloves and hats.
I guess today it really is time to put away my summer clothes. Awww rats!
So since it is slick as snot outside I've decided to take a few photos, and even publish a blog post.
Have a great sunday!!

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