Monday, March 8, 2010

Glutten for punishment...

Holly hell batman, I think we have been drinking the 'crazy kool-aid'.
Over the weekend we bought an 11 wk old puppy - bulldog puppy.
We were not and STILL are not prepared.....what the hell is wrong with us??
March is here and I am gearing up for an audit, extra work since I've been assigned to two add'l committees, both my kids have birthdays this month, and well what the hell a new dog.
Oh, yeah almost forgot, one of the ladies in my office has decided to light at the end of the audit tunnel has now turned into HELL.
The reality of my payroll lady leaving has me a bit panicky.
Oh yeah, and we bought a dog. Tank, the bull dog. Tank, who sounds like 'tink' when Pyper tries to say it.
This morning had me swirling and whirling from trying to figure out how to fit this new puppy into my morning routine. Needless to say it did not go well.
We bought the dog a kennel, which still at this moment sits in my garage in the box it came in.
It would have been most helpful this morning IF the kennel was set up and ready for the dog to go into. Yeah, in hindsight that would have been REALLY helpful.
Instead I had to be creative and FIND a place to put the puppy. And the crying, OHH the crying from his sad soul. Which lead to my son and my daughter crying - because the puppy was sad.
And we were late.
I was standing out in the backyard this morning, right after my shower, hair wet ; cursing the dog that needed to go potty. But rather than go potty he wanted to play, or lick my wet leg. As I bend down to rub my leg, because it was gross from the licking, he decided to chew on my hair. Yeah, it was a freakn' zoo. God help any of my neighbors who could see the nonsense this morning. Tank was hopping around, wanting to play and I am begging him to just go potty.
We like most men, he only really responds to food or treats. But IF i give him a damn treat he will have to poop again. aye, aye, aye.
The dog IS a good idea, we just should have been a bit more prepared.
Which by the way we are and were Not. So in the mean time the dog will have to suffer until we can get his crap situated and find a schedule. Sort like with my kids, they are at the mercy of my learning curve. They will survive, we will just be discombobulated and cranky until we get there.
And much like my kids, it is a damn good thing he is so darn cute because he has me tired and a bit cranky.
We will be all good, in due time. The goal for tonight is to get the kennel set up and find a good spot for it. We will work on the schedule in due time. Yesterday we had to get food and dog bowls, that is how far behind the curve we were. I promise to post photos - which are in my camera on the counter top. Hopefully later this week, but not too much later...ha!
Wish us luck! proud new owners of a dog.


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