Wednesday, March 3, 2010

picture day...

Okay so this morning, I forgot it was picture day for Rylan.
I knew it about two days ago, when it read the little yellow slipp in his back-pack.
And well, I have slept since then and got sidetracked and by today I flat out forgot.

That was until I got to the babysitters and one of the kids so politely remind me.
I looked at Rylan and cringed, I was not going to let him get his picture taken today lookn' like that. I packed him up and made him go home in change, which as usual came with its own emotions from my little almost 9 yr old.
Needless to say he was pissed off. flat out, down right mad at me.
I decided to eat it, well for about 5 minutes. Then I got mad back at him and started to pull out the 'if you don't get over it, I will take this away or that away.'
I know classy parenting.
I got my parenting skills off the back of a freakn' milk carton, what do you expect.
But for real, I just needed him to change his darn shirt and put a some gunk in his hair and we could go.
He didn't want to wear a shirt with a collar, it itches. OHH the moaning.
He didn't want to fix his hair, he HATES it spiky. *since when??? dude we were just spiking it 2 mths ago**
He put on a pullover sweater w/ a zipper/collar. He was huffy and dumpy, but did it.
Then we moved on to the hair. He sprayed the same spot in the back then though he was done.
Me 'NO dude, fix the front.'
He carefully pulls all of his hair towards the front and attempts to walk off.
I tell him to get back there and FIX the front, for gosh sakes.
So to show me, he fixed it alright - it looks like a fish fin on the top of his head.
At this point, I gave up the battle - which was half won.
And we packed up and headed back to the babysitters so he could catch the bus.
Whew. Who knew picture day could be such drama w/ a damn boy.
As I dropped him off, I honked at him as he was walking down the path. In an attempt to lighten the mood, I waved and smiled. He moped, barely raised his hand and didn't even give me a smirk. ugh.
Yeah, I get parent of the year for being totally classy today. That was the start of my day, I wonder if it is an indication on how the rest of it will go.

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Farrell said...

He'll forget all about it in a day or so:) don't beat yourself up!


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