Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

I have been absent lately, and several reasons have contributed to just too much muck in my head. Second, still swamped at work, which has me totally run down, which ultimately got me SICK. Last week i was dragging ass, a total walking zombie. It took all I had to get up everyday and dragg my butt to work. I felt like crap and looked like crap. I thought I was treating an over the counter cold, well the cold turned into an infection which suddenly began to whip my ass. By Friday I drug my butt into the local doc-n-the-box only to find out that I had an ear infection, sore throat and sinus infection - no wonder I felt like HELL.
They gave me some souped up antibiotics and sent me on my way. Well aside from some darn good medicine I need some really good rest. I need to sleep and sleep some more.
I had to work again Sat morning, so not rest that morning.
After the meeting Saturday I drove to the country to see my mother and my kids - which came down to the country on Friday night. Once I arrived the house was empty, so I found the closest bed, crawled under the covers and began to take a nap..awww the much needed nap. Well this nap was the mac-daddy kind. This nap lasted from 1pm to 5 pm - holy hell batman. I missed the entire day, because I was under some covers with the intention of just closing my eyes for a bit. And I still slept all night -dude I totally needed some rest.
That is one thing about coming home for me, it still feels like I home. I rest like a darn rockstarr at my mom's house. And in true mom fashion she took care of me......she let me just sleep n' sleep some more. Then once I got up she fed me and all the other little hungry faces..ha!
Even in my almost 35 years of life, my mother still 'mothers' me - and at time it drives me totally bonkers, and there are times like then - when I didn't realize how run down I was that it is totally comforting. Mostly drives me bonkers!! But for those small brief moments, I relish the comfort aspect. No one hoovers and comforts like a mom. I see it in my kids eyes when they need a hug or snug from me and even at my age have the same feeling for my mom.
So this mothers day tell you mom how much you luv and appreciate them......and for those of you that may have lost your mother this very special day say a quick pray of thanks and think about your most special moment.
Have a great one, I plan to stay in my pajamas and hang around the farm watching my kids play and my mother play her best role ever - mother n' grandma.
Much luv.

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Farrell said...

When I'm sick, I too always want my mommy:)


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