Monday, June 10, 2013


So as we contine down this path of cleft discovery. Well it is discovery for me, all paths unknown. I am sure there is a rulebook or some handbook somewhere that I seemed to have overlooked as I sorted through the self help and funny novels. Today I took both kids, 12 and 7 to for their semi-annual check up and cleaning. And of course, Ry's mouth is a freakn' disaster. A chipped tooth, a tooth that is wSorapped in with his retainer that is failing miserably. The dentist talked about crowding in the mouth, teeth missing on the top and bottom. All genetic of course. OF COURSE! How to fill the spaces, what options we have and needing to get the game plan from the ortho in order to ensure they are on the same page. Because we would hate for the dentist to pull a damn tooth that was meant to be moved via braces to fill in a gap. HELLO! The midget did great! It was her first real cleaning and sealing. On the way down there, she told me she was nervous. Then fell asleep...ha! Gosh I wish I could sleep that good. The dentist also indicated that the midget would need braces, based upon crowding. REALLY! Thanks! Teeth are not really our friends. I had braces for 4 yrs, and I had 4 teeth pulled before I got them. UGH, hated that!! Back when braces were totally painful! The metal, the glue, the rubber bands - ugh!! Luck for us, Ry has already had one set of braces, we now have a built in retainer for palatte expansion. The retainer is built in becase we lost 3 retainers. Well the dog may have eate one, but the rest toast to a 10 yr old. We had ones that would glow in the dark, they had graphics, blah, blah, blah! Bottom line nothing lasted as long as this built in retainer. Hello god sent :). All in all a pretty succesful trip. However I am reminded once again at my short comings and failurs as they pertain to Ry. There are times when I am sad beyond words. Then there are times when this darn 12 yr old makes me want to strangle him!! So much luv for this kid and the manner in which he takes everything in stride. I have so much to learn from him..

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