Thursday, March 30, 2017

Stand back the tall one is 16!!!!!

Note to myself 16 years ago, you were dumb for being so scared! You wasted so much time an energy being frightened and fearful of the unknown! If you could have seen the future you would know that this child ROCKS!! You would have even seen his clefting as a blessing. Dumb, dumb girl. Ohh the lessons this tall one was going to teach you.
Then god gave you a second child and a girl, just to make sure he covered all of the necessary hardships of raising kids.
Then he sprinkled a little bit of your stubbornness, sense of adventure, and their fathers fearlessness.
Yeah, you are WELCOME world.
YEP, here you go dumb girl - wing this one!!

I sit back and I feel like this time has FLOWN by!!! I know people say it all the time, blah, blah. There are days where I have cursed, driving to work, turning around to drop lunch money, only to leave by 3:30 to make a practice or a game. Or getting up at 3 am because they are sick, getting to bed at 5 (maybe) to be up by 6 for a full day - and cursing the day. Wondering will they ever GROW UP? Because honestly there are days when it feels like it takes forever.
Well damn, not today.
Today, I feel old and my son - this tiny little one that walks around with my heart on his sleeve, towers over me, shaves his face and drives. Did you hear me people, he drives!!
We are looking at colleges, we are making future plans, he has less than two years in my house. No, the house I have built around his growth and spirit.
It was just yesterday he had to have a step stool to brush his teeth, he would fit in the crook of my arm, and I would just beg for one more hour of sleep.
UGH. I am becoming my mother...yes people, just roll me in the pasture n shoot me. I use to make fun of my mom for this crap, hell I still do. Damn, damn, damn. If I start crying, I am serious, just shoot me. All these feels are NOT normal....

Ry makes being his mom easy. He is a pretty easy going kid. You can see his soul in his eyes. You can see his soft, you can feel his lion heart. Dont mess with the people in his space, he has strength in there he has yet to discover. As with the midget we share just about everything from - Frustrations, tears, joy, fears and even an occasional dislike for each other on a day or two. And perhaps being a single mom I expect a bit more out of him. I try not to make him take on the "men" roles in my house - but there are things you ARE going to are going to mow the lawn, you are going to change the light bulbs, learn how to ignite the water heater, clean the gutters, take out the trash and light a damn grill. No girl wants to date a guy that does not have any man skills. And on the days when I have stumbled and the world has been way to much, he has always been there to just tell me its okay and hug me - and right then and there I believe it.

Recently we had a few issues with the midget, we are working through them. We needed to go see family, we hopped in the car and began our adventure. An hour into our adventure my car quit working!! Trasmission quit - car shut down. Car has been in shop 3 times over this, it had a warranty less than 1,000 miles ago and now it is out!! I had a moment of falling from grace. Wanting to just crawl on the floor in the fetal position and cry. I have two scared kids in the car, I don't want to adult any more and I honestly have no idea what to do next. And for a split second, I don't want to figure it out, I want to CRY, I want to be mad at the world and talk about how god has a terrible sense of humor right now. We make it to a safe spot, I still don't want to parent. And in my stubborness I don't want to ask for help. I don't want to ask anyone. I call my sister, I cry. I call my mom and dad, I cry. They rally and of course we are okay. I have a village as much as I don't want to lean on them- I have a great village. As we wait for my sister to come get us, I sit in disbelief that THIS has become my life and what in the hell am I going to do???? Ry walks over and just huggs me. And THERE in that moment I am reminded that it is all okay. I don't know how or where or why - but as with everything we are going to be okay. We are going to re-group and get through this. I see the fear in his eyes and I let him know "we are going to do this! we are going to figure it out and keep moving on. its what we do, its who we are. so I am going to have my melt down moment and then i will be fierce."
I don't share every hardship with my kids - they don't need that type of pressure. But by the same token, I am dead set on not raising entitled assholes. If we don't have the money to do something I say so. I am all about adventures and pretty game for any good road trip, so if we can take off and go we do. We will go more now that Ry can help drive....hehe.

Being 16 this child is gone more than he is home. He is going 5am football training, afterschool volleyball and well just hanging with kids.
I went to drop him the other night at the high school. 4 boys in a red jeep, they all get out, say hi mom to me and away they go. Only it is my worst nightmare, they are driving like nut heads out of the parking lot. In that moment I wanted to call him tell him to get his butt back to the lot, he was coming home and I was going to put him in a bubble in his room. Ohh dear gawd, I just sent him out in this world, on purpose. What in the hell am i doing !@!!
The next morning we sort of joke about it, he mentioned his head hurt, he hit it on the side of the jeep sloshing side to side. PUKE!! I mention that I saw them driving like NUTS, he laughed and said one of the kids said "WE should have waited until Ry's mom was at least out of the parking lot!!"
But I know....I did this. I wonder at times how in the hell did I survive? I have to let him go, but who knew it would stabb me right in the FEELS every darn time.

We talk about drugs, sex, fighting, things I know nothing about- snapchat, some football website where all of his games are, people I've never heard of, drugs I've never heard of and random stupid boy stuff. Because believe me with boys you can expect the random and soo darn stupid!!!

The other night watching some show, he was in his room, the midget asleep and I was watching a show where the ladies kids changed her Siri to call her "butt licker". I sear I laughed so hard, I cried. I called Ry into the living room. This poor lady was lost and Siri responds "Im sorry butt licker but I do not know." "Butt Licker you are lost". And here is how clever those kids were, they changed licker to LIQUOR. I mean really, like it or not, darn clever! And being the mom of a 16 yr old, this I found totally entertaining!!! Like belly laugh, call him in the room and watch it 3 times.

16 years turn parents brains to mush....terrible music, never ending snapchat, dumb, dumb jokes, but the best group of darn kids I have been around. These boys care about each other, like for real care. They've got each others back. They are solid. These are kids that will be around for a lifetime in some capacity with each other. It is so very cool to watch.
He is creating his own village and so far I am impressed. Do I think they are doing dumb boy things - YES. Dumb 16 yr old things and perhaps some grown up things - YES. But I think this group of kids has a great support system in parents, siblings and others.
I have been VERY clear to Ry- if your at a party and drinking and need a ride call me. He has asked me a few times'are you serious?' More than you ever know.
Will I be happy that your drinking? NO. Are you going to drink - yeah, prob. Do I need you or anyone else driving - NO. Call me.

This child makes me smile, he freaking makes me laugh like no other. He can get under my skin n pinch a nerve like no other, but darn if he doesn't just make me smile. Daily we say our prayers, we list the items we are grateful for, never gets off the phone without telling me he loves me, he never leaves the house without hugging and kissing me - actually he never gets out of the car without a hug and a kiss. At 16 I value that....

At every game he does an eye scan to see if I am in the bleachers. I do my best to make most of the games. Now I have been known to be a bit loud, vocal per say....but that moment of eye contact is small, safe, and ours. On the football field he may even head nodd just a bit. I am super proud of this kid. To this day I have no idea what position(s) he plays of football, I have no idea what the rules are, you can hear me asking "what, what, what the heck did that mean?" I am the mom that may stand up and yell "GO RY, GO RY - TURN N BURN!!" Yes, I am that mom. I hold my breath, stand up, sit down, stand up....yell at Lance behind me, hit whomever maybe next to me - yeah, it can be a bit much. But it is ours, and right now this is our chapter of life and I am your biggest fan.

I have no idea where you are headed on this road of life, but I can assure that it is a pleasure being your mom. I have enjoyed every stage of this darn journey and cannot wait to see what you do with this big bad world. It is yours, take it and make it your B*%#H. We have talked you want to go to a D1 school, and I really have no idea what that means. But I have told you and other kids this.....AIM BIG. Have plan A,B,C - but go after A. The work is yours to do. If you want it, go after it. We can road trip to as many schools as it takes, the road ahead is yours - sports, grades, manners, and now DRIVING. I will follow you anywhere....well im not moving and all that jazz, but I will be your mom and cheer for you regardless of your path. Unless you fall into drugs, then Im just gonna beat your arse and send you to the country (try me!!). As life hands you your lessons, take them. Embrace them. If you world tells you no, feel free to say YES. If there looks like there is no way through or around, then go up and over my son.....just like you did here.

This is life is yours, and I cannot wait to see what it has in store for you. Love you always and forever - your mom.
Happy 16th Birthday, thank you for letting me be part of your journey, it has been an honor my son.

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