Tuesday, January 12, 2010

finding others...

When I went to Europe and live in a flat with 12 other students I met a girl from Tulsa OK. Both being home grown and corn feed we migrated towards each other. I found her to be striking, she had bright blue eyes, naturally curly hair and cheeks that were naturally blushed.
I luv'd that...on top of that she was easy to talk too, we had a lot in common, including our new found European adventure.
During our stint in Europe we would take classes Mon-Wed and Wed afternoon hop on the train with our Euro-rail pass in hand and ride. Sometimes we would have destination in mind, other times not so much. The Euro-rail was like a ticket to travel heaven. So Wed - Sat or Sunday we would travel from country to country. Not knowing the language, not knowing how to read most of the signs and not knowing how to order off a menu - we were for all intensive purposes 'winging it.'
We found ourselves in a hairy situation or two - and how we managed to survive and walk away with a good story and smile still amazes me. We met SO many people, saw so many places - some touristy, and some off the beaten path. Back then it felt like we would stay friends forever, never lose touch. Once we got back state-side. I went to see her in OK, she came here and this went on for a few years. Then somehow we lost each other while living life - you know, getting married, getting careers, having kids etc.
There are moments when I am struck by a situation with her and I feel the urge to find her. Which is SO darn easy these days, I just had to get off my butt and get it done. So two days ago, on Facebook I found her. See sunshine and care-bears surround me. Facebook what a wonderful and terrible invention all wrapped up in one place. Wonderful - because I luv being able to keep up with people and stay in touch w/ family and friends. Wonderful because it totally rocks my world. Terrible for the same reasons, it is distracting to me. For as each moment passes I wonder who has posted, what are they doing - anything exciting, anything better than what ever task i am attempting to accomplish? Ohh how there are times it haunts me, because I just want to know - and know it all.
Such a girl!
I guess after I think about, it is like one big gossip site with photos and everything. Luv it!
I found her, I reached out to her - she is in Hawaii. Yeah, can we say plan ticket and road trip?
Its funny to me how people just sort of pop back in to one's life and how the ones you thought would stay close forever seem to fade away so easily. Bottom line I am stoked to have found her, to see her face in her profile made me gasp. Yeah! I live for moments like this....you know the good ones. So as I play catch up with a dear friend know that I am forever and grateful and haunted by facebook -ha!!! Ohh the curse...sometimes the shame, ha!
Although it is proving to lead to good things, great friends and a few good laughs. whoo-hoo.

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