Monday, July 5, 2010

twisty n' some..

I have been absent lately. I have been out of sorts, stressed and in a freaky funk.
As I begin to write this I am not sure what to share and what to keep wrapped up in the funk.
A few highlights since we last got together......oh my, we got together in May, last.
In the mean time I turned 35 in June; which was for the most part pretty uneventful. I am not totally rocked by my 30's; just yet. I seem pretty comfortable in my own skin and don't mind the character builders that seem to be showing up daily. Actually I am pretty okay with it all. And now that I think about it, at this stage in my life, there really isn't anything that I 'wish' I would have done by now. I have all in all pretty much accomplished most of my goals, which means that in the near future i need to set new ones. Having a goal or two seems to keep me in gear and part on track. Without them I find myself a bit Topsy-turfy.
um.what else has happened that maybe funny or interesting??
um....can you hear that grinding n' turning that is the rusty gears in my brain.
The kids are well, Rylan decided not to finish summer school, since his father has been laid off work. So now i have two rather lazy dudes in my house, which for the most part is about to drive me bonkers. If they don't get my deck fixed and a few bedrooms painted, they are going to get one flying elbow - WWE style. ha!
Pyper is getting really big n' sassy. At the end of July I she will be in transition, our baby sitter will no longer be watching kids. Which takes my breath away....I really need to put some energy in to figuring out what I am going to do with Pyper n' Rylan. During school, Rylan will get on and off the bus at her house, this folks is a totally big deal in my world; one that I am not ready to tackle just yet; but I am running out of time. This one breaks my heart, and leaves me struggling with where to turn next.
Lance is still not working, his unemployment is running out - this is his last week and STILL he insist on waiting on the list at the union hall. This unemployment gig has begun to take a toll on ''us''. To say that I am frustrated would be putting lightly. I am sure he is as well, but we are taking to different methods in trying to handles this unemployment issue and we are not meeting in the middle very well. We are part of the American economy that has been hit hard by the recession, the construction industry, the car industry ect.
I thank god I have a job that pays our bills, we won't be losing our car or home anytime soon; but our lifestyle has had to change. And the emotional toll being unemployed for a long period time takes on a person is unbelievable. This has left us in an abyss of emotions, not all good, and some a bit blurry. So I will remain a bit twisty n' some for a bit until a few items get settled - babysitter, unemployment etc...

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Farrell said...

HUGS BIG HUGS and I don't even know what else to say or do but email me or call me if you need to chat or let's meet for drinks or...whatever you need basically.


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