Monday, May 27, 2013

Lawn Mower MUST die!!!

Okay, so let me just say how much I HATE, HATE my lawn mower! Soo, with this whole Lance debacal, as it has fallen out - I got the house. Now don't go acting like it was an act of goodness by Lance; heck no. I got the house, because I can afford it on one income. In return he go my truck and I go his 91 Ford that was on its last leg - which still sits in my driveway as if it is a freakn' lawn statute. Lucky for me my parent had mercy on me and gave me a car, I proudly drive a 2001 Chevy Impala - with pleasure at this point. Im still trying to figure all this out and there are times when it suxs! I have yet to decide if I can really swing a car-payment. It frightens the hell out of me... So as I keep the house, I keep everything with the house!! WTF! Where was the damn disclaimer? I hate this! A few years ago Lance bought a damn commercial lawn mower. Our lawn is not that big!! So now I can hardly mow my lawn, the mower is cumbersome, heavy and hard to use! The mower and I are not friends! Hate would be a welcome relif for this damn device. So once a week, now that it is summer I find myself wrestling with this damn green machine of hate! I have had it up a tree, in the fence, hell I just let it go and watched it roll down the hill for shits n grinns! My back yard suxs to begin with - it is hill, it is not functional - so mowing it makes me wanna scream! I am to the point where I want to burn my back yard so I never have to mow it again! The work around the house never ends, I am so thinking about getting a condo. The other day we were watching the midget play softball and lance made a comment about my arms being burnt. I replied I had to mow the lawn. He replied 'ill mow if for you, if you pay me." OHH Hell NO! I'd rather stabb you in the eyeball then pay you a damn dime! BTW, Lance lives in an apartment (about 2 miles from me) - so he has no yard work, no maint in his place. We co-parent really well - that is a true story. But within the first 5 min of being in his space, I am reminded of why we cannot and will live together or ever get back together! And this lawn, how this bitch haunts me all summer... I have a total weird vibe about paying someone to mow my lawn - I know its an option. But I cannot go there either. I know I should down grade and get a normal push mower, like I had before; but I keep trying to wrestle this big green machine half ass outta spite to Lance and half ass to ensure the damn mower does not defeat me. I know, how crazy this sounds...I KNOW. I'll keep you posted on how this summer romance far it has caused blisters, sore muscles and won't even buy dinner! told you she was a bitch! :)

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