Monday, July 23, 2007

Where did the Weekend go..

I woke up this morning cursing Monday's as usual. My weekends are NEVER long enough. Our weekends are packed full of traveling 2 hours one way, alot of extended family time and not a enough time at home. It seems like the only thing we get accomplished is keeping the gas tax funded. We travel 85 miles one least twice a month.

So, Rylan stayed with my mother and his 5 cousins this weekend. He was pooped by the time we finally made it home. Pyper only stayed one night with my mother and she too was exhausted. My mother had 8 kids (12-1yr) at her house this past weekend. She took all of them swimming - god love her :).

Lance and I went floating and aside from tipping 6 times it was a great day. Yes, we rented a canoe. The river was packed!! Teenagers as far as the eye could was a great day for the park patrol. They handed out tickets like they were candy, at the same time they packed up the beer and other beverages. Poor kids. I remember the days when you could actually be under age and drink on the river. Lance and I were half insulted that the ranger did not ask us for ID. ha! I guess our gray hair, saddle bags and wrinkles gave us away.

On the up-side, we did get to keep our beverages and continue to enjoy our float trip.

So now, we support the gas tax and AB.

My son started Day Camp today, he was really nervous. Luckly, it is at my work, so I can go and see him through out the day.

I needed one more day to recover......perhaps I will feel a bit better tomorrow. Nurse the hang-over and treat the sunburn.

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